The Shield

Season 7 Episode 10

Party Line

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 04, 2008 on FX

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  • The end is...near.

    pffff. This show is going to kill me......seriously can`t believe my heart beat rate while watching this but hey, it means the show is doing great.
    Season 7 started rather slowly and was just good. But since they got rid of Rezian and his whole Armenian gang...the show has been on a roll, focusing strictly on the downfall of the now former strike team.
    One thing for sure, the feeling that the end is near is definitely present. I love this much developments, tension, intensity, drama and suspense.
    Vic and Ronnie are hitting the bottom, nearly trapped. Same for Shane and family. Looks like a long dark tunnel for everybody. And there`s a single plot, no side plot..all the focus is on Vic and gang. The only side plot recently on the show is that teen who Dutch think is a potential serial killer..and it is an interesting side plot. Gota love the shield.
  • Corrine decides to go to Claudette and Dutch instead of Vic in regards to Shane and Mara. Vic does what he can in his pursuit of Shane and Mara and working with ICE. An unexpected predicament forces Shane and Mara to contact Vic.

    "The Shield" continues to get better as it nears its conclusion. This season alone shows why this show is one of the best crime dramas in recent years. The scripts deliver the right amount of drama and suspense to make this episode work on all levels. Seeing how Shane and Mara manage to elude Vic as well as Claudette and Dutch is a treat in and of itself. Walton Goggins continues his run of excellence on the show and Michelle Hicks has never been better as Mara. "The Shield" is definitely on its way to a fantastic conclusion. Gret stuff.
  • It's okay, says Shane.

    The week has passed by us again (with important history too) and I'm back writing again with a review and predictions for the next episode, the wait will definitely keep me excited all week.

    I won't bother with everything that happened and now lets get into my thoughts.

    There's no wrong here, it does not let down because of a few good reasons. The gripping hold it has with this story doesn't let up, Corrine speaks with Dutch and Claudette very early in the episode instead of the very end as the main hook to keep us with the show (as if we weren't already). Too soon are we seeing her phone calls becoming monitored and completely against her past husband. Ronnie is in deeper now despite some effort to get out and I'm feeling now that he the least terrible of the two men will face punishment. The monumental challenge for Vic at the end and a choice for Mara will which decide so much for her and this story.

    Shane and Mara have some very sweet moment together that feel a bit like Bonnie and Clyde, two on the run but their love for each other won't stop, there is more Shakespearian elements in their scenes that is before all their money is stolen.

    Vic hires some connections to get Shane as he would offer them 10K, well it happens and then it doesn't, the men walk off with Shane and Mara's money and now this presents an even larger problem for Vic, one of his last few, 2 great intense scenes these were. The last one for this episode comes when Claudette speaks to Mara while she was speaking to Corrine, Mara is offered the convincing last chance out.

    I predict the next episode will be surely be the one in which Mara will decide what should happen, will Shane's only support flee or will her love prevail which will ruin her life, Jackson's and this child unaware of this crisis.
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