The Shield

Season 7 Episode 11

Petty Cash

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 11, 2008 on FX

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  • This episode does not continue the all-round nail-biting suspense and brutal action. However, definitely still a great run of events.

    The previous few episodes really turned up the heat to the max. This episode does not continue the all-round nail-biting suspense and brutal action. However, definitely still a great run of events.

    Vic is still using all the tricks up his sleeve playing all sides in an sometimes unbelievable attempt to get the light at the end of the tunnel shining. Hard fact of the matter: it seems like he is pulling it off. As long as the different parties are kept oblivious of the dealings, he'll be OK.

    Meanwhile Claudette is closer than ever to catching Vic. She is getting more frustrated as she time and time again runs into a brick wall trying to secure his arrest. However, she is too determined to make a bad judgment call.

    As if a calm before the storm, this episode undoubtedly sets the scene for more unseen action, deceit, heroism and full-blown tension between everyone to come.

    One's ideas are yet again tested - who's really bad and who's not? Who is doing a dark deed to accomplish a greater good...or is this merely one of many impulsive bad deeds?

    Although not so action-packed, this is still an episode to remind us why we watch this excellent show.
  • As frustrated as Claudette.

    What began here that had me completely by my private parts lost it's hold this episode. It served almost like an hour of relief or calm before all hell arrives as no major events heavily changed any characters and we left waiting again another week for true action to follow.

    There's good in it, I see that if there wasn't this would be a whole different thing. Let's begin with the good, Julien and Ronnie are paired to investigate the murder of a football player who Julien had known well. We see a lot of Julien in Petty Cash, this is great to see him emotionally involved in something instead of being simply muscle. Vic's involvements with ICE and Beltran continue to play out rather greatly and is well made, the future of Acevada as this character continues to intrigue and should only become better in the next 2 episodes. Ever since David came to Vic about what was going to be happening to Farmington we know that it should amount to something big for David, Vic and LA, that feeling returns.

    That's about all, the entire deal with the 100k in cash wouldn't have worked out and we once again see a chance to take Vic down destroyed, we see Ronnie in this but Claudette seems to have no intention on forcing him into a spot where he can't help Vic, nothing of that sorts. No decisions were made that would further bring down Vic, or jeopardize Shane and Mara's life. We also never get any opinion from Claudette about Mara, she was given a chance and she blew it.

    It's nice to hear more on Danni, sad to see nothing with Lloyd and even worse I feel a lot missing from characters and these stories. Some might disagree but this episode didn't do a lot for me. More waiting, more anticipation, more more more, from when Shane was on the run till this ep there were moments that fueled my excitement, kept the action going, intensity prolonged, last night though was just some steady calmness.