The Shield

Season 7 Episode 12

Possible Kill Screen

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 18, 2008 on FX

Episode Recap

The episode begins at an illegal gambling club. Shane goes in looking to rob someone of their winnings while Mara waits in the car outside with a gun. He runs into two guys who know him as Trap while he was undercover as a vice cop. They invite him back to their place to catch up. He agrees as one of them had just won a lot of money. At their house they make him do cocaine and speed. They then confront him about being a cop and it turns out he had arrested the brother of one of them. A struggle breaks out and Mara walks in with the gun. She accidentally shoots and kills a woman in the house and wounds one of the other guys. She also gets knocked down and breaks her collar bone. Shane manages to subdue the other guy and they take off with the money.

The police arrive at the scene and Shane and Mara are identified as the assailants. Their car - a red T-bird - is also identified.

Vic and Ronnie hear about the incident and realize they need to make the bust for ICE quickly in order to secure their immunities before Shane gets caught. The meet with Beltran and tell him that he should move up his drug shipment to the next day because the police had received word that a major drug shipment was due in 3 days. Also, on the same day the presidential motorcade would tie up a lot of cops. He tells them than the drugs are already in LA but he needs the customs official working for him to be on duty the next day if he is to move them earlier. Vic tells him that he will make sure that the person scheduled to work would call in sick.

Back at the barn, Danny is back to work for Claudette. Billings also asks Dutch to sign a statement confirming that his work has been getting worse ever since the so called "head injury" as he was being counter-sued by the department. However, Dutch refuses. He also asks Claudette for a new partner. She detects than there is a problem and gets him to open up. He tells her about the sex-offender Billings had North Hollywood Detectives plant evidence on to move him out of his ex-wife and daughter's neighborhood. Claudette is furious and tells Dutch to fix the matter before she steps in and he would be in a lot of trouble.

Meanwhile, Dutch keeps getting phone calls followed by hang ups from Rita. He tells Billings to get the North Hollywood detectives to release the sex-offender or else Claudette would report him.

Corinne calls Dutch and he goes to meet her at the hospital. She is scared and asks him when they plan on arresting Vic. Realizing that she might not be able to keep it together for long, Dutch makes her try to set up Vic again. She tells him that she got a call from Mara who demanded that she leave a car with the $100,000 at a certain location. Vic calms her down and tells her to meet him at a park to give him the money. Meanwhile, he goes and gets a car.

Vic meets with Olivia at ICE. He tells her than Beltran moved up the delivery and that he has a meeting with him at midnight to discuss specifics. He asks for his immunity deal before he meets with Beltran. Olivia refuses and in turn, Vic tells her that he will cut his ties with Beltran. She isn't shaken by this move and tells Vic that the federal government is patient and that sooner or later they would get Beltran. Vic goes to Aceveda and tells him that he got burned by ICE and if he didn't do something he would be next.

Aceveda meets with Olivia and tries to convince her how valuable Vic is on the inside. When she doesn't seem convinced, he tells her that if Vic walks away he would too.

Vic gets a call from Olivia who tells him that his immunity deal and job are ready and that he should come down to sign the paperwork. He meets with Ronnie and gives him the good news. Ronnie also tells him that he tracked down the person who was supposed to be working the next day at customs.

Vic and Ronnie go to ICE, Olivia and her boss are surprised that Ronnie is there and tell Vic that the deal was only for him. He refuses to sign unless Ronnie gets the same deal and they leave.

Dutch goes to Rita's to try and make sense of the phone calls he keeps getting. She denies making the calls and warns him to stay away from her.

Meanwhile, Shane rips off a drug dealer for some pain killers for Mara. He goes into a restaurant to get some food when his car is spotted by Tina and Julian. He spots them by the car and goes out the back. He sneaks up on Tina and takes her gun. She tries to convince him to turn himself in but he leaves.

At the park, a sting is set up to arrest Vic when he comes to meet Corinne. However, he spots some cops and calls Corinne and tells her to leave the money and walk away. Dutch tells the officers to move in and pretend to arrest Corinne.

Shane gets back to Mara and gives her the pain killers but was unable to get any food.

Vic goes to Olivia and tells her than he wants his deal in exchange for immunity for his wife on the aiding a fugitive charges she would likely face. He tells her that Ronnie's deal can wait till after the bust.

Back at the barn, Corinne remains in the cage to keep up appearances. Dutch gives Billings a statement he feels comfortable with, but Billings thinks it's BS.

At ICE, Olivia explains to Vic the details of his deal. He must work for ICE for 3 years and assist with the Beltran investigation. Also, he will be granted full immunity for all truthful statements he makes. Should any of those statements turn out to be false or incomplete his deal would be void. Vic signs the document and begins confessing all of his deeds.

He starts by confessing to planning the murder of Terry Crowley. He confesses to dirty dealings by the strike team including stealing drugs and selling them for profit using their ties to local gangs. He also confesses to ripping off the money train and framing O'Brien to mislead the feds. He mentions killing Margos. He also mentions that Shane killed Lem and implicates Ronnie in a lot of his crimes. Finally, he tells her that he was bringing a car and the money he ripped off from Beltran's dealer to Corinne to deliver to Shane.

During Vic's confession, Claudette and Dutch walk into an adjacent room where Olivia's boss is. He tells them that he has just been granted immunity. Claudette hears some of Vic's confessions and becomes enraged. She lets her anger loose on Dutch, she tries to calm her down. Instead she fires him for writing the statement for Billings. He responds by telling her that she's not herself and she breaks down and cries.

Meanwhile, Mara can't handle the pain of her injury and begs Shane to take her home. He tries to comfort her and asks her to be strong.

Olivia is shaken by Vic's statement and calls him a sick twisted man. She also warns him that if the drug bust wasn't the biggest in ICE history his deal would be void. At the end she asks him if he has any idea what he'd done to her. He replies, "I've done worse."