The Shield

Season 7 Episode 12

Possible Kill Screen

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 18, 2008 on FX

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  • Great great episode

    With that famous confession scene.

    And Olivia, a bit out of mind, asking "Do you have any idea what you've done to me?" I mean, after what he said, do you really think you're the biggest victim here? Ahah.
  • Meet Victor Samuel Mackey

    Last stop before the big series finale of one of the most defining TV shows ever as we meet Vic Samuel Mackey...not that we didn`t know him but some of his decisions in here makes him more controversial than ever.
    This episode was one hell of a ride. The tension is overwhelming...literally bringing an uneasy atmosphere. The impact of this episode is huge.
    Now Vic refusing to sign the deal without Ronnie`s on it was not surprising. Vic is controversial but has always protected his boys as much as he can. But when Corrine got arrested, Vic take one hell of a decision....he sacrificed Ronnie, the guy who has always been loyal to him and very ironically the one who is supposed to be smartest guy of the former strike team. It was disappointing in sense and shocking to see Vic just turn of Ronnie. The scenes where Vic confessed everything he did is huge....Michael Chiklis did a perfect job. Had me realize Vic is quite a bad guy lol. Vic deciding to turn on Ronnie reminded of another decision, taken that time by Shane. I`m talking of Shane killing Lem of course. He did it to cover his back....and for the team. Vic`s decision is as self centered than Shane`s decision. He is not killing Ronnie but still, in sense he is. I`ve hated Shane since he killed Lem but well I still think Vic kicks ass. :D Yet, it`s all very ironic. Shane once said to Vic they are very much alike...turns out to be true in the end. Well I still hope Vic has something in store to save Ronnie.
    The opener with Shane and Mara was typical cold blooded Shield. Shane`s situation is desperate.. everything is coming full circle for him. He don`t have many issues...I even felt sorry for him since a very long time.

    Other than that, Claudette`s break down was superb.... brilliant acting.. Dutch is still in for that Teenage serial killer. While it`s completely overshadowed by the other storylines in the show, I still find it quite interesting.

    Possible Kill Screen was a classic, very defining episode. Parracide and Lem & Mice are still the two best shield episode ever. But this is in the top 5 for sure and I`m hopeful the series finale join it.
  • Legendary, my final episode, the rest is only the conclusion.

    After being a fan of this show for so long, after this episode I had de need to share this. This episode was beyond words, whereas the previous episode builded op the level of excitment beyond that what is takeable. In this episode vick sells his soul to save his family (by selling out his teammate), and by doing so he realises he's no better than shane, who killed lem to save his. This episode has touched me as most as the finale of season 4, where's shane and vick get into the argument after lem burned the money train stash.

    My utmost admiration for the writers/actors of this show, for the best tv ever to be broadcasted on tv (in my case internet, because in holland it got cancelled...).

    My finale is this episode, the last one is just the conclusion to the best show ever to hit the screen.

    This show deserves a final emmy. Not to forget micheal chicklis, my hero actor, no one better.
  • You should take this episode, put it in a frame and put it in the hall of fame of best episodes ever!!!

    Wow! I can't find the words to describe how good this episode is. It looks like the creators of this show knew from day one how this show is going to end. They built the characters so good till you started to have feeling towards them: some of them you hate (although they are good people), some of them you pity (although they are scum) and some of them you love (although you really shouldn't). And here comes this episode where all those characters plays the part they were built from day one to play, and to tell you the truth, there were parts in this episode that took my breath away.
    Bottom line: perfect screen-writing, perfect plot planning and one of the best episodes I have ever seen on TV.
  • Fearing what's ahead.

    Petty Cash was a bit calm, time to relax and catch our breath and now the show is back to taking my breath away. In short

    Painful times and the dreaful ending is coming too soon, Mara and Shane are worst than ever, Beltran is speeding things up, decisions have to be made sooner and there is a good feeling here that everything is wrapping up rather quickly, which is scary. I think were all agreed here that Vic's conversation with Olivia is moving and powerful. Victor Samuel Mackey tells it all and Claudette's explosive anger at what she hears is moving as well, making her fight that much harder. Kudos to Michelle Hicks, were shown Mara desperate, weak and scared. I was a bit pissed long whiles ago that she wasn't in the show much between seasons 4-5, but Shane's actions destory many people around him and seeing Mara like this is something I would never have expected. Her cries of pain make the impending finale that much scarier.

    Dutch is involved once again with Lyod and this was a right move as I once said before it ought to be Dutch's last case for the show. (sorry for feeling so good because I feel so right). Danni comes back and I'm glad for that of course, what obstacles will be here for her recent return I don't know... her son Lee however is still another matter that I hope can be resolved come this final Tuesday.

    This 10 does not mean it's perfect like the ohters but simply that this show is heading the right way and this episode is as good as it could ever be.
  • After 7 years this episode was simply amazing. The finale is well and truly set to be explosive.

    One of the best episodes of a TV show in recent memory. The climax of this episode where Vic confesses his myriad of sins had me on the edge of my seat. The reactions of the ICE officers and then finally of Claudette as she bust in were priceless. The beauty of this show is how it has managed to keep us caring for this evil man for so long, as he has managed to show glimpses of humanity through it all. In this episode he crossed over the final line as he sold out his true friend Ronnie and almost gloated in his life of crime with the classic final line "I've done worse!".

    How will it all end. I can hardly wait for the final episode to arrive. I know it will be gutwrenching and will provide a fitting climax to what has been an amazing journey with these characters over the past few years.
  • Excellent episode

    This was a super episode with all previous seasons coming to a final ending with next week's 90-minute show. Will Vic survive ! Will Shane get shot! How will Ronnie take Vic's screwing him; Will Vic die ? Will Vic be able to continue his "new" fed police job........Will Calp C and Dutch come to terms....
    This will be THE episode to watch, tape and re-watch!!!!!!!! Surprised they didn't bring back the IAD Lt to hear his federal confession.....He really told it all. It's going to be a real final FINAL !!!!
    What an enjoyable 7 year ride. And from a retired police lieutenant....
  • There are few moments in television history that can match up against Vic's final scenes in which he confesses all of his crimes over the course of this incredible show.

    When Olivia, now disgusted by the man she once liked (we finally hear her admit it), for that amiability to drop so quickly into pure disgust, that was an amazing scene. Vic's extremely long pause before he began to confess to all of his crimes he has tried so hard to cover up for the past 7 seasons was incredible to watch. At one point I almost thought he couldn't do it, and would say 'I have nothing to confess.' While recounting his acts, Vic seems to think to himself that maybe he's not the great man he thought he was. And now, he has burned his last friend to secure immunity for him and Corrine. I can only imagine how angry he will be when he learns that Corrine had been working against him all along. The last line of the episode was just chilling. It was almost spitting in Olivia's face, delivered by Vic in a cold, emotionless way. "Do you have any idea what you've done to me?"" said Olivia almost in tears. "I've done worse." Chilling.
  • Painful to watch - 'cause it's a statement: how bad some other series are constructed you only can see if you can hold this perfect layer on top of those. It's a pain - retrospectively - how those other series have wasted some time for no good.

    The Shield - the cracked LAPD-badge is the perfect insignia on this series. Unexpectedly moving like the San Andreas' fault it pictures all the cuts and breaks in a society, blurry, in that huge assembly of all those Angelitos. All the human parts are stressed out, non-humans too. A continuing story from the first episode on, a development to a final cumulation is sketched and shaken shot. Visually as well as story-wise this series is milestone in modern episodical TV-tales. It fit's no ad, it fits reality. Or at least: how reality is perceived. So let's wait for the series' final episode and let us escort those 'heroes' on their final walk. Let them rest in peace as this great series dies, there is no final peace in reality but the big one will come and shake all loose again.
  • Vic finally gets his immunity deal after tricking and decieving everyone he has ever met. Following a seamingly noble response in defending ronnie being left out of the deal Vic then stabs him in the back in the most evil way possible!

    I will start of by saying after watching this episode i registered on just to review it. I watch ALOT of TV and movies and i can honestly say that this episode of the shield is the best episode of any TV show i have ever seen!
    The build up over the last 6 years to Vic confessing to the crimes he has committed has been worth the wait, in this episode the build up of tension and desperation is the a text book example of nerve wracking film. There is at one point about a minute long buildup of close-up/silence and thought all except a ticking clock building up to Vics few hour long confession. This scene is easily on par with the infamous Godfather restraunt scene. possibly only because we know the character so well.
    And as for Shane? forced to take drugs, almost murdered, witnesses to a serious injury on his pregnant wife and almost aprehended by the hottest rookie in is he not as bald as Vic yet from the stress of it all?? After seeing how Vic has driven his boss to insanity, betrayed everyone he loves (except his wife, this time!) and successfully tricked the federal goverment into giving him a pass, i have come to believe there can only be one fitting end to the Mackey saga...betrayal by everyone he cares for and revenge for all he has crossed...could we see Claudete or a Ronny + Shane partnership putting a bullet in Vic?
    Vic has walked a fine line between good and Evil for 7 years but it this episode he puts both feet firmly over the line and possibly into his own grave! Simply? The BEST TV episode i have ever seen!
  • Two words: holy crap.

    And you thought Vic couldn't get any worse...

    Vic sent Ronnie to life in prison to protect himself and his wife who is just playing him.

    This episode lined up and explosive finish for this awesome series.

    Shane and his wife are giving up hope, Vic has immunity to anything Ronnie or Shane could get him on, and Ronnie is a sheep to the slaughter.

    Vic is a sick and sadistic character and as shown he's willing to rat out Ronnie to save himself.

    I've been watching since the beginning and The Shield will finally come to an end the same way it began: Twisted and dirty.
  • Wymms and Dutch's chase for Vic mackey came to and end. Vic became a member of ICE. Ronney and Shane's fates are grim. The series is ready for the final show down.

    WOW just WOW. the episode began with Shane AKA "Trap" AKA "Cletus Van Damme" seriously where does he come up with the aliases... attemption to rob some gamblers. Mayra comes in and shoots the place hurting herself legally and physically. Vic and ronny attempt to get ICE badges, unfortuntately only vic gets a deal, ronny has to wait a week, but Vic trades Ronnie for Corinne his wife, she got "arrested" by wymms and Dutch. The meat of this episode is the decision VIC made, Victor Samuel Mackey takes the deal alone, he saves corrine and he confesses to ICE everything he has done fromt he beginning of the series. Terry's murder, dope dealing, Armenians, Lem, Guardo, Shane. The worst part is that Ronnie was gonna get caught for aiding and abbetting by dutch and wymms now he will get life in a federal prison for what Vic said. Ronnie doesn't suspect a thing, and will walk into a fed Raid after they catch Beltran. Beltran will move the drugs in the next episode. Vic and ronnie will be in play. so the penultimate episode begins with a bang and ends with a shocker. Vic gave Ronnie up for Corrine, unknown to him that she is in with the Wymms. Wymms and Dutch feel like garbage, they saw vic get Federal immunity of everything. He is untouchable, Ronnie and Shane are 8th place Ribbons compared to the 1st place trophy that was Vic. Danny is back... i guess

    the unimportant stuff was Dutch and billings bickering about the lawsuit. just thought i throw that in there. 11/10- speechless, i'm watching this episode again. the acting is superb and the end will not come soon enough... so many questions, only 90 minutes to go...

    favorite quote

    "How much memory that thing got"
    Vic regarding the recorded confession

    Second Favorite

    "you have any idea what u did to me" Olivia
    "i've done worse" VIC
    Vic and Olivia after Vic's confession
  • Set-up episode for the final episode of the long, great series

    wow! i can't believe there's only one more episode. this was really a great episode, as this whole season has been the best show on tv right now. The scene with Vic in the ICE office about to spill the beans on every single sin he has committed, classic. I only wish that they had kept the camera on for the whole scene, with Vic letting the entire series unfold from his perspective. I am really gonna miss this show after it is gone. Every off season, I kind of forget about it until the commercials start up again, but it was really been riveting television since the opening scene of the opening episode. As a side note in this episode, I can't remember anytime someone called Vic "Victor" until he stated his name for the microphone. pretty cool