The Shield

Season 7 Episode 12

Possible Kill Screen

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 18, 2008 on FX

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  • Fearing what's ahead.

    Petty Cash was a bit calm, time to relax and catch our breath and now the show is back to taking my breath away. In short

    Painful times and the dreaful ending is coming too soon, Mara and Shane are worst than ever, Beltran is speeding things up, decisions have to be made sooner and there is a good feeling here that everything is wrapping up rather quickly, which is scary. I think were all agreed here that Vic's conversation with Olivia is moving and powerful. Victor Samuel Mackey tells it all and Claudette's explosive anger at what she hears is moving as well, making her fight that much harder. Kudos to Michelle Hicks, were shown Mara desperate, weak and scared. I was a bit pissed long whiles ago that she wasn't in the show much between seasons 4-5, but Shane's actions destory many people around him and seeing Mara like this is something I would never have expected. Her cries of pain make the impending finale that much scarier.

    Dutch is involved once again with Lyod and this was a right move as I once said before it ought to be Dutch's last case for the show. (sorry for feeling so good because I feel so right). Danni comes back and I'm glad for that of course, what obstacles will be here for her recent return I don't know... her son Lee however is still another matter that I hope can be resolved come this final Tuesday.

    This 10 does not mean it's perfect like the ohters but simply that this show is heading the right way and this episode is as good as it could ever be.