The Shield

Season 7 Episode 12

Possible Kill Screen

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 18, 2008 on FX

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  • Meet Victor Samuel Mackey

    Last stop before the big series finale of one of the most defining TV shows ever as we meet Vic Samuel Mackey...not that we didn`t know him but some of his decisions in here makes him more controversial than ever.
    This episode was one hell of a ride. The tension is overwhelming...literally bringing an uneasy atmosphere. The impact of this episode is huge.
    Now Vic refusing to sign the deal without Ronnie`s on it was not surprising. Vic is controversial but has always protected his boys as much as he can. But when Corrine got arrested, Vic take one hell of a decision....he sacrificed Ronnie, the guy who has always been loyal to him and very ironically the one who is supposed to be smartest guy of the former strike team. It was disappointing in sense and shocking to see Vic just turn of Ronnie. The scenes where Vic confessed everything he did is huge....Michael Chiklis did a perfect job. Had me realize Vic is quite a bad guy lol. Vic deciding to turn on Ronnie reminded of another decision, taken that time by Shane. I`m talking of Shane killing Lem of course. He did it to cover his back....and for the team. Vic`s decision is as self centered than Shane`s decision. He is not killing Ronnie but still, in sense he is. I`ve hated Shane since he killed Lem but well I still think Vic kicks ass. :D Yet, it`s all very ironic. Shane once said to Vic they are very much alike...turns out to be true in the end. Well I still hope Vic has something in store to save Ronnie.
    The opener with Shane and Mara was typical cold blooded Shield. Shane`s situation is desperate.. everything is coming full circle for him. He don`t have many issues...I even felt sorry for him since a very long time.

    Other than that, Claudette`s break down was superb.... brilliant acting.. Dutch is still in for that Teenage serial killer. While it`s completely overshadowed by the other storylines in the show, I still find it quite interesting.

    Possible Kill Screen was a classic, very defining episode. Parracide and Lem & Mice are still the two best shield episode ever. But this is in the top 5 for sure and I`m hopeful the series finale join it.