The Shield

Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2006 on FX

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  • I was all set to label this a filler episode. After all, nothing epochal happens. Ah, but you see, this is where The Shield shines. All of the grace notes that lesser shows skimp on are are what make this one so consistently and addictively satisfying.

    So this question bears asking- at the end of the day is this a story about one man's redemption, or one man's willing descent into the pits of hell? The war for Vic Mackey's soul was never more evident than in this episode. The guy is so hard to get a bead on. He lies with a perfectly straight face to the brother of the man he murdered in one breath, then in the next breath offers to sacrifice himself for his crew. He is livid when he finds out Kavanaugh has made a deal with Antwon, but doesn't think twice about making his own deal with a scumbag to raise bail money for Lem. This glorious bastard may be the most complicated, conflicted character ever committed to film. It's hard not to compare him to Tony Soprano. And, like Soprano, you wonder if the only route to redemption for him now is death. It will be interesting to see how they eventually end his story. Just please, I'm beggin' ya- in the finale, no Journey song, and no black screen...
  • The Shield does it again.

    Every season, The Shield makes me crazy late in the season, as story arcs build and the tension increases. This season is no different: Lem is in jail, the strike team is pulling shenanigans, and the 'villian' of the story is upping the ante.
    HOWEVER....This season has a unique feel to it, The world that the Shield resides in is just a little off right now.
    I can't explain why, it's just the feeling and vibe that this season has produced.
    It could be the presence of Kavenaugh, who looks down on the bullpen of detectives and others with such a hard eye.
    It could be that the threat that the ST faces is more dangerous than ever.
    It could be that that that threat is within their own walls.
    Whatever it is, it's not allowing me to get my feet under me for the season, and i am constantly reeling from storyline swings. It's unnerving, and I feel that at anytime, anything could happen.
    It's the vibe that Shawn Ryan wanted to capture by killing Terry in the first episode...knocking us back off our comfortable assumptions.
    It's what makes the Shield SO, SO, SO, good.
  • Lem gets out of Jail because Vic gets Shane and Ronnie to steal the money and gets Smitty to get him out. Ms. Mackey confronts Danny about the baby. Everyone should know by now it's Vics. The rookie cop fails to look for the color of the day, jepordizes e

    Lem finally gets out of Jail. Will Antwon get his dream of getting the Strike Team into Long Poke so he can have them killed. I think someone is going to jail but I don\\\\\\\'t think it will be Lem or Vic. This episode was great. The season finale Vic will find out that he is the father of Danny\\\\\\\'s baby, Shane will mostlikely go to jail for what happened last season with that little girl getting killed. Kavenaugh has another trick up his sleeve. What I got from the ending is Acevada will join Vic against IAD, But Vic is going to come clean to him!!!!
  • White Knuckle TV

    I don't give out '10's very often, but this came close. (I'm sorry, and I know it's not The Shield's fault, but there's a .5 aggravation deduction for those insufferable "Black and White" promos). This episode took all of the principles a level deeper, and the intersecting storylines and escalating pace were particularly well-handled here. Chiklis is never bad, never even mediocre, but there are some episodes that really give him the opportunity to shine - everything that shocks us and attracts us about the character was on the table last night.
    I've said it before and I'll say it again - there is not a better ensemble cast on TV. And I will even go out on a limb and say that a film like "Crash" owes a lot of its success to the fact that "The Shield" paved the way.
  • Vic once again breaks the rules in order to bail out Lemmy out of his heroin jam. Kavannaugh turns up the heat, while Tina is the subject of some sexual perverts at the division.

    We'll this episode surprised me and didn't surprised.

    Once again Vic shows us the true hypocrite and dirty cop he really is. Since Kavannaugh froze his assets consisting of dirty money that came from the Armenian mafia, Vic makes a deal with a drug pusher to bail out Lem.

    Mrs. Mackey, or Corinne lays a tongue lashing
    on Danny that is very memorable.

    Aceveda comes in like a bat out of hell trying
    to push around Kav and resign but Kavannaugh
    sees this as what it is, an "acting job" so
    the dirty politician can weasel himself out
    of an investigation. HIlarious.

    Ok episode, good but not surprising.

    Dutch by this point seems to be the only clean
    cop at the division.

    An ok episode.