The Shield

Season 7 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 09, 2008 on FX

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  • Good episode but nothing extraordinary

    The Shield
    Season 7
    Episode 2 Synopsis

    Vic is driving with Shane to the location where he killed Guardo. Shane recognizes the abandoned building with mixed feelings. Vic shows Shane Luis Ambules, the Mexican that worked for Pezuela and who Vic took all of the political blackmailing from in last seasons finale. He is tied up in the same area that Guardo was kept and tortured. Shane wants to know what they are doing with him. Vic says he wants Luis to have safe passage back to Mexico because Vic is going to tell Pezuela that Luis is selling Pezuela's blackmail to the Armenians and his (Luis') life won't be worth anything once that happens, so he wants to get him out of the country.

    Vic sees Pezuela the next day. Pezuela tells him that Rezian has been greenlit and will be killed in prison. Vic tells Shane to warn Rezian of the coming assassination attempt. Shane does that but Rezian tells him that if he is indeed murdered in prison then both Vic and Shanes families will be killed. Shane goes to see the witness that will be testifying against Rezian (his former bookkeeper) and makes him believe that testifying is a great thing but to fear the reprisals on his life and his family as well if he does so. This convinces the witness not to testify against Rezian

    A P.R. nightmare consumes the Barn as the Mayor's office has put out a list of the 10 worst gangs in the Farmington area. This escalates the violence and crime rate as this is seeing as a rating system and new gangs want to raise their credibility so begin to shoot innocent bystanders to make the list. Vic enlists the help of the 19'er gang leader to stop the hit on Rezian in exchange for finding out out which gang has been responsible for the rash of new violence in Farmington.

    Billings and Dutch investigate the death of a young white woman who was killed in a Mexican neighborhood when a cinder block was dropped from a rooftop on her head. Witnesses are gathered but no one is talking. Dutch becomes upset with Billings lack of help with the case and has all 100 witnesses brought into the barn for questioning.After some coaxing Billings figures out it was the buildings maintenance man and landlord that did it and everyone is protecting him. It was an accident.

    A witness comes forward in one of the new unsolved shootings. She says that it was two boys that did the shooting no older than 13 years old. The shootings are blamed on a gang called "Spook Street" The Strike team arrests the kid that did the shooting and he couldn't be prouder of his accomplishment. This bothers Claudette to no end to see a young African American being happy about the violence he has caused and says he is a poor excuse for a black person. This gets her reprimanded by the D.A. of course.

    Vic is still playing a pivotal role in the soon to happen war between the Mexicans and Armenians. He again meets up with Pezuela to get his job reinstated with tenure and 10,000 dollars per week as payment for his services. Pezuala rebuffs this but Vic convinces him it would be in his business' best interest to do so and assures him that 10 thousand dollars per week will get the results he wants.
    Vic is playing a game of chess with ther Armenians and Mexicans. Who will get checkmate first?