The Shield

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 18, 2004 on FX

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  • Dutch finds himself out of his depth as he interviews the "Cuddler." A Strike Team bust sets up a major sting operation and Dani goes undercover for the first time. Shane feels he may be dead weight and persona non grata re: the Strike Team.

    The insightfulness of the writing on this series never ceases to amaze me. Jay Karnes is superb as the smarty-pants Dutchster gets in way over his head, trying to neatly classify the "Cuddler," who refuses to be easily branded.
    The final scene, when Dutch reacts in rage to the cat's hissing and scratching, will stay etched on my mind for quite a while.

    The shifting moral compass of the various members of the Strike Team is absolutely fascinating. Shane veers from rage at Mara from having stolen from him to protective "daddy" as he feels Vic has disrespected her. Lem, while exasperated with Shane for having essentially created the mess, is nevertheless concerned that Vic just might make Shane's fears come true. And Vic, apalled as he is at Mara's duplicity and subsequent presumptiousness, can still not bring himself to break ties with Shane.

    I am simply mesmerized by the quality of the storytelling in this series. I believe this is the best American dramatic series ever produced, far superior to The Sopranos.
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