The Shield

Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 18, 2004 on FX

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  • The most shocking ending. Ever.

    Strays has one of the most shocking endings ever in TV history. But before we get to it...

    the episode had plenty of plots; but the most interesting was, without a doubt, the granny raper's storyline. Dutch interregates him, but it's not just another interregation.

    'Granny raper' admints everything, however, he wants to be understood: why he did it. He wants to know the reason. Dutch thinks he knows, but he doesn't. And... then there's the ending. Dutch obviously isn't a killer. But to understand killers, you need to kill. The ending scene is a very critical moment of The Shield: many turned away from the show because of this: I had doubts too, but in the end, in The Shield, nobody's good or bad: everyone's IS good AND bad. Some people are more good than bad, some are....

    Anyway, the ending. Dutch chokes a cat. 'Just' a cat? No, it wasn't 'just' a cat. The scene was so detailed, it made my heart stop: the cat fighting for it's life, Dutch looking deep into it's eyes.... and then it dies. Certainly, I eliminate animal cruelty. But since no animal was harmed, I'm safe to say: it was all worth it for the shock value. The other parts of the episode were pretty weak: The Strike Team is in trouble as usual, the money is wounding their friendship; Shane's girlfriend is a pain in the ass; no big plot advancement, except for Dutch of course.