The Shield

Season 4 Episode 9

String Theory

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 17, 2005 on FX
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Monica orders her units to turn the streets of Farmington inside-out when two officers mysteriously disappear after answering a 911 call. Shane tries to make amends with his old crew after Vic agrees to help him get out from under Antwon, but things don't work out as planned. Dutch and Claudette convince Monica to let them take active roles in the case of the missing officers, but soon find themselves at a dead end with the only witness being clinically insane.moreless

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  • I have read a couple of reviews that characterized this as a filler episode- I respectfully disagree. While I am as impatient as anyone for the inevitable showdown with Antwon to happen, this installment felt was not a placeholder- it was classic Shield.moreless

    From the riveting opening of two missing (and feared dead) cops to the anxiety-laden ending, with Antwon about to be interrogated, this episode had me. The Shield excels at giving us a view of the camaraderie that exists among police officers, and the premise of this episode allowed it to do just that. This viewer really felt the urgency of the characters as they tried to find their comrades.

    The noose continues to tighten on Shane and Army, as the heat comes down on Antwon. Will he implicate them? Monica makes a fateful decision to implicate an innocent man as the cop killer in order to quiet down the streets. You can bet this one is going to come back to bite her. Oh, and Wyms gets righteously indignant about it-what else is new?

    Great, tension-filled episode.moreless
  • This episode was a C. It was obviously a transition ep that got us to the interrogation of Antoine and all the stuff about the dead girl coming out. Of course the cops end up dead. Only on the Shield would there be no happy ending.moreless

    This episode was a C. It was obviously a transition ep that got us to the interrogation of Antoine and all the stuff about the dead girl coming out. Of course the cops end up dead. Only on the Shield would there be no happy ending. I'm just upset they didn't establish those characters throughout the season so we could have *some* emotional attachment to them. Killing off two random cops is no different than "Yeoman Johnson" beaming down to Omicron Persei 8 with Spock, McCoy and Kirk. Nonetheless, seeing those bodies was still kinda disturbing. Next week it looks like it's going to pop off though.moreless
  • Just like old times, the boys unites but this time to put Antwon down.

    So Vic accepts to help Shane and along with Ronny and Lem (who does not really agree) they`re on to stop Antwon. I somehow wanted Vic to refuse to help Shane but I`m not unhappy either, it`s still very interesting.

    Two cops are killed, seen that before but still good to see everyone uniting for the cause....even Aceveda ;) It`s me or this character is going absolutely nowhere...jealous that the b*tch he is literally raping has another client,back on the streets and getting punched...the tip he gave to Rawling may be the best thing he has done this season. (That chick he`s getting is frustration on is still hot tho)

    I was afraid we would get yet another annoying Claudette moral stuff when told to lie.

    So overall there was some aspect that I did not really like but still the episode was highly enjoyable. I like the cliffhanger..had the "took you long enough" feeling.moreless
  • Another decent transitional episode.

    This and the previous episode of the Shield are transitional episodes.

    They establish the storylines , connect them, develop the characters, so it can all lead up to an amazing finale.

    Now that Shane's back in the team, Vic comes up with a plan to make everything right.

    Meanwhile, two missing cops are reported. Unfortunately, both found that. The main suspect is Antwon, who's later picked up by Vic and Shane. However, he denies the deaths, which is interesting, because he seemed to be honest about it.

    The ending is great, Vic and Shane made a deal with Antwon, however, Monica has different plans with him...The episode ends with a medium cliffhanger, right at the start of the interrogation which is led by Monica.

    Overally, a bit slow at parts, but that's what transitional episodes are about. I'm sure the upcoming episodes will be much faster paced.moreless
CCH Pounder

CCH Pounder

Detective Claudette Wyms

Michael Chiklis

Michael Chiklis

Detective Vic Mackey

Jay Karnes

Jay Karnes

Detective Holland "Dutch" Wagenbach

Glenn Close

Glenn Close

Captain Monica Rawling

Michael Jace

Michael Jace

Officer Julien Lowe

Walton Goggins

Walton Goggins

Detective Shane Vendrell

Joel Stoffer

Joel Stoffer

Roger Pruitt

Guest Star

Laurence Mason

Laurence Mason

Halpern White

Recurring Role

Michael Pena

Michael Pena

Armando "Army" Renta

Recurring Role

David Marciano

David Marciano

Detective Steve Billings

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Vic and his team arrive at the crime scene, a microphone can be seen at the top of the screen, shortly before Monica starts talking to them.

    • Dutch doesn't give Roger a real badge. He gives him one made by a security company.

    • When the officers attack the small shop and bust the door open, check out the time it takes for the door to shut and for the officer to break the glass. The footage of the door closing has been sped up, followed by a jump cut to the officer holding his stick.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Roger: May I see a badge number? (Dutch shows him his, he fake writes it down on the table without a pencil.)
      Claudette: Did you see the officers come out of the building?
      Roger: I'm going to need one of those, (Pointing to the badge) before I can be debriefed in the category.
      Claudette: Civilians don't have badges.
      Roger: When I get my badge, all things will be made known. Peace officer to peace officer. (Moving back and forth)

    • Monica: Anything?
      Danny: Canvassed the whole area, there's nothing.
      Monica: Ohh shit.
      Julien: Went knocking, half the people weren't answering their door, the other half were sleeping.
      Monica: Let me use your radio. (Danny hands her the radio) Staff, Nine-Tango, I'm Code 6 on Alexandria Circle. Be advised, we have two officers unaccounted for, requesting Attack Alert. All watches will be held over.
      Operator: Copy that.
      Julien: We should notify the families.
      (Monica looks around the street in a worried panic.)

  • NOTES (1)

    • This episode aired two weeks after the previous one, due to FX scheduling the film "Independence Day" to air twice in one night.