The Shield

Season 6 Episode 8

The Math of the Wrath

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 22, 2007 on FX

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  • Well, it had to happen sooner or later- an episode that's just ok. It's still The Shield, so I watched it, but, come on, why would you need a filler episode in a season that's only 10 eps long?

    I had no idea that the show would miss Lem this badly. I was honestly getting tired of his constant handwringing and moralizing, but I now realize the value his conscience brought to the narrative. Now it seems the writers are scrambling in search of an interesting storyline and failing miserably. Let me help you out guys- lose Hernan! And have him take the Armenian chick out the door with him. Uh, and could I care any less about the stupid San Marcos murders? Shane in his bad boy mode is mildly interesting, but it's been done before. And poor Ronnie- he finally gets a couple of lines, and he comes across blander than milk and saltines. The only way you could make it any worse is to give Cassidy her own Very Special Episode- that would have me, for the first time, running for the exits. Please, folks, bring back my Shield...
  • I can't believe the season is almost done! Only 2 episodes left and everything is up in the air right now!

    Shane is getting himself into the same trouble that he did in season 4. It seems he's learned from his mistakes as it appears he's got an upper hand with the armenians.

    Most interesting scenes of this episode is Shane being at the barn and actually working with Vic on Hernan. That makes things very complicated for everyone at the barn. Plus Shane talking to Claudette about why they aren't working together; you can see Vic getting nervous for he knows Shane has collateral on him.

    Ronnie stepped up in this episode which I liked. The scene he has with Vic about Terry's death had me glued to the screen for you didn't know if Ronnie would turn on Vic or help him.

    Finally, it seems Vic is really going to be gone from the barn but I wouldn't count on that. He'll find someway to get his forced retirement appeal dropped.

    The episode is setting up something huge for the season finale. It sucks we have to wait another whole week for the next episode!