The Shift - Season 2

Sunday 10:00 PM on Investigation Discovery Premiered Dec 21, 2008 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Loose Cannon
    Episode 13
    Detective Christine Mannina investigates the brutal shooting of a woman hit by stray gunfire on a neighborhood street. The suspect is on the run and threatening to commit suicide. Can detectives they apprehend him before he hurts himself or anyone else?
  • Bad Moon
    Episode 12
    On Halloween night, Detective Mannina finds a 24 year old male shot to death outside an apartment building. Mannina must dig deep to uncover the events leading up to the shooting. Is the suspect she finds a murderer, or a victim acting in self defense?
  • Secrets of the Dead
    Episode 11
    Two females are shot in their car in the parking lot of a nice apartment complex on Indy's North side. Sgt. Breedlove learns that the 911 caller may have been dating one of the victims. Was he trying to cover himself by reporting the murder?
  • A Tryst of Fate
    Episode 10
    A 36-year old father is brutally shot in Indy's east side. Lead detective Lesia Moore takes the case. Through an eyewitness, Moore gets a lead involving a man associated with the victim's girlfriend.
  • Cast of Thousands
    Episode 9
    A 27 year old mother of three is murdered at home and Detective Tom Tudor must get to the bottom of this horrific crime. Their only lead is a surveillance tape recorded by a neighbor. Will this tape give detectives a chance to reveal the killers identity?
  • The Fixer
    Episode 8
    After a search for a body in a river turns up nothing, IMPD shift detectives come across a real crime. A man is shot and killed in a northern Indianapolis. Upon hearing two differing accounts, Det. Tom Tudor must get to the truth to make an arrest.
  • Bloodlines
    Episode 8
    Investigating the robbery and murder of a retired factory worker in his home, Sergeant Breedlove questions the family and gets some shocking answers.
  • Boiling Point
    Episode 7
    Detectives must complete their investigation of a shootout in a Hispanic section of the city before the perpetrators manage to escape to Mexico.
  • Sketched
    Episode 6
    A murdered man's girlfriend provides useful information to Detective Tudor until she suddenly gets a call from an unknown source saying "I hope you're keeping your mouth shut."
  • 10/28/09
    When a man is found shot to death in his car, Detective Beavers suspects a drug connection and traces the records of the two cell phones to suspects who give conflicting testimonies. Can they sort through the lies to find the killer?
  • Roll of the Dice
    Episode 4
    Dets. Lesia Moore and Todd Lappin work the murder of 21-year-old college student Jerrell Bullock, a good kid who found himself in a bad situation. Jerrell was shot outside a friend's house after an argument over a craps game the night before. Jerrell's friends aren't talking, and their only witness cannot identify the shooter. After a tip sends them in the right direction, Moore and Lappin brilliantly play one suspect off another to elicit dramatic confessions. Then, in a shocking conclusion, a jailhouse phone conversation changes everything.moreless
  • Burnt
    Episode 3
    A body is found in a wooded area, so badly burned that there are few clues. When a tentative identification is finally made, and the victim turns out to be a known criminal with many enemies, how can Detective Mannina determine which one might be the killer?
  • Swift Justice
    Episode 2
    Swift Justice is episode 2 of season 2 from the Discovery Channel intriguing homicide detective series The Shift. This episode originally aired on October 7, 2009 and featured the investigation into the death of a local teen. The whole neighborhood watches as Detective Moore investigates the drug-related shooting and a search warrant brings some unexpected results.moreless
  • Bloodlines
    Episode 1
    Bloodlines is the first episode of the second season of Discovery Channels homicide investigation series The Shift. This episode originally aired on September 30, 2009 and follows Sgt. Jeff Breedlove as he investigates the death of a retired man. The mystery begins at a grizzly crime scene and continues along the trail left by the killer to a shocking end.moreless