The Short Films of David Lynch

David Lynch Premiered Jan 01, 2002 Unknown


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  • Specials
    • Six Men Getting Sick
      Lynch's very first film is a one-minute loop created as an extension of an art installation. The short was originally projected over a sculpture, and its title is as accurate a description of its content as one will likely ever find.
    • Lumiere
      Episode 5
      Lynch's contribution to the Lumiére et compagnie anthology is a stylized micro-epic shot in narrow confines -- a 52-second, silent single-take filmed on Auguste and Louis Lumiére's original Cinématographe, the cutting edge film technology of 1895.
    • The Grandmother
      The Grandmother
      Episode 4
      In this surreal and somewhat tragic fable, a lonely young boy receives little love and nurturing from his cruel parents, so he decides to grow himself a grandmother from a single seed. The boy gets his wish -- at least for a little while.
    • The Cowboy and The Frenchman
      This comic oddity, produced for French television, plops a ludicrously stereotypical Frenchman, complete with beret, wine and snails, down on a ranch in the American West, with hilarious results. Lynch favorite Harry Dean Stanton stars.
    • The Amputee
      The Amputee
      Episode 2
      This absurd little black comedy stars Catherine E. Coulson as a double amputee and Lynch himself as her hapless nurse. The nurse's effort to clean her wounds becomes a comedy of errors as the amputee remains coolly oblivious.
    • The Alphabet
      The Alphabet
      Episode 1
      This five-minute short, which Lynch describes as an illustration of "the fear of learning," blends live-action, animation and copious amounts of bodily fluids, as the familiar letters of the alphabet are born right before our eyes.