The Shot

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 2

Aired Unknown Nov 12, 2007 on VH1

Episode Recap

Nine contestants remain in the second episode of the season. The first challenge for these aspiring photographers is to shoot a model with either a camel, a tarantula, or a monkey in only fifteen minutes. The contestants drew cards to determine which animal they would be shooting with. Maria, who did not want to work with the monkey, drew the monkey card. Piper, who is scared of tarantulas, drew the tarantula card. The monkey caused some problems for its shoot, as it was hard to control, and refused to stay still. Piper, who spent most of her time fixing the lighting on the shoot, failed to get a single shot of the tarantula during the allotted fifteen minutes.
For the team assignments, Dean, Maria, and Greg were chosen to be team leaders, as their animal pictures were the best. The group assignment was to shoot five models for a three-page editorial spread, in which each model was to appear in every shot. The photographers spent their day thinking up themes for the shoot; most were racy, with plenty of sexual innuendo. They soon found out, however, that the models for their shoot would be five preschoolers. The racy themes were quickly disposed of. The new theme for Maria's group was to photograph the children with a dog in a wading pool. For Dean's group, they created a theme of a sleepover and spaghetti dinner party. Greg's group decided on a teacher-less art class theme. Piper and Dean argued about the lighting and positioning of the models.
At judging, Greg's photos were seen as "scattered and unfocused", and Dean's spread was without a clear storyline. Maria's spread was chosen as the winner, keeping her and Robin safe. Jason was chosen as having the best shot of the week, keeping him safe as well. Dean's shoot was declared as the worst out of the three. John, Airic, Bree, and Dean were declared safe as well, landing Piper and Ivan in the bottom two. Ivan was sent home.