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  • A Favorite of Mine

    im a HUGE david Spade Fan and the reason i became of fan was because of this show, i love this show so uch i just wish they would bring it back on cause i havent seen it in a while and i miss it, my favorite part is when david plays with his dolls, cause its just so funny. my favorite scene ever is either when he renacted the anna nicole court sence or when he talked about ipods, you can watch those sences on comedy central website.
    this is a great and funny show, i would say 100% watch the first chace you get.
  • funnyest show EVER

    bottem line funnyest show EVER!
    david spade is awsume and by far mabey the funniest person alive just thinking of that show makes me laugh he should do a movie it would be great worth the money ... or do longer shows that would be cool too ... but i dont watch this show that much any more [ i should ]
  • This show Gives me hope that hell still be on tv for eve if this show stay funny!!!!

    Ok lemme Bring Out the Bre--ak Down Edition Spade

    Ok so when he was dating heather locklear...there was a joke on the roast of will shatner it was _________(Its On The Site) Now That joke was offnesive so david reportedly broke it off with heather a week later now its not that big of a deal. realy but..... welll kinda anyways this show is a realy great show check it out comedy central this thursdaY! on comedy central And his new show rules of engagement... with a reported 7.8 rating should stay Out of the fire and stay on the air but lets hope so unfortenetally im not giving no personal opinions cAUSE I have never seen anything \i watch 24.
  • This show is like the daily show of entertainment to night ,David spade at his funniest

    The show is back for a new season and funnier than ever. I love the way how they caught up to everything that has happened since the show was on their long break by using the pictures and dave says in one or two words to tell what happened to each celebrity. anyway the show is just like the daily show but spoofs on et extra and inside edition and other celebrity shows. I hope the show stays on for longer because it is one of the funnier shows that are on tv right now.

    The showbiz show is so funny just watching all the funny things David Spade does and how he makes fun of shows, movies, and actors or actrees and how he makes all this things in the shows like that commrical skit about which commrical is not so great and how he makes the commricals funny.
  • This is an awesome show! FOR ME TO POOP ON!

    This show is boring and not incredibly funny. David Spade bores me with his teleprompter reading. He loses his funny that way. I like it better when he improvises, but the reading thing sucks. And his corrospondents or whatever are so lame and suck at comedy. They really sound like they are putting forth no effort. They just memorized their lines, showed up, and delivered them limp and raw. I like David Spade and all that, but this show is too set up and confining for him. I can't stand it and I thus give it a mediocre rating.
  • who thought of this?

    who on earth thought that giving david spade his own show was a good idea? i have watched this quite a few times and have laughed only seldom. i guess it does not have to be that good since it is on comedy central, but i really do not understand how it made it to air in the first place.
  • This show is a complete waste of time.

    Now don't patronize me right off the bat here ok. Don't get me wrong I like David Spade. I think he is a wonderful comedian and one great actor. But I have given this show one to many chances and enough is enough. I liked it to start off with but it got so......boaring. I mean I don't blame David for any of this though because he doesn't write his own stuff. So I hold nothing against him. The writers on the other hand are a different story. They make the material so dry. There is nothing dareing about this show at all and I don't know why it's still on the air. Do you? And hello he made fun of Larry the Cable Guy. I think he should do us all, well me, a favor and get off te air.
  • Definitely the right place for a comic like David Spade. His sardonic comments are usually well timed and right on the mark (which makes sensitive viewers nervous). If you like Lindsy Lohan and worship Nicole Richie then you'll hate this show.

    Look, if you're overly sensitive or concerned with political correctness, skip this show. However, if you think Brittney Spears is worthless until she gets naked, you'll love it.
    Reasons the other morons are wrong:
    1. The correspondants are stand up comedians, it's not their fault you don't get the jokes. They're NOT ACTORS.
    2. The seemingly uncomfotable atmosphere is part of the humor
    3. Just because you don't understand it, doesn't make it bad TV
    4. The "correspondant battles" are part of the show..and funny
    5. They sometimes make you uncomfortable...that's the point of going too far (See: Saw, Hostel, Momma's Boy, Freddie Got Fingered, etc)
    6. They don't pull punches...if seeing Sean Connery mocked hurts your feelings, get over it. Nobody is "too good" to be made fun of.
    7. In the beginning of the show, the kid who says "Here's my Dad" IS ACTUALLY DAVID'S SON!!!!
    8. The sketches skewer everything...and are funny (especially if you're on Ny-Quil).

    It got a second season...if you don't like it, don't mock it. If Comedy Central wants your feedback, they'll call you (they, like the US government, have your number)
  • This is what David Spade is meant to be doing.

    Of all the things I have seen David Spade do over the years I think this type of comedy is what he is best at. From the begining his strength has been in making fun of the rich and famous. He did it on Saturday Night Live in his brief segment on the Weekend Update and he is back doing it again on the Showbiz Show on comedy central. Everything from his tone of voice, his hand gestures, his funny faces, and of course the words coming out of his mouth are perfect. I am now a loyal viewer of his show and it takes a lot to get me to make an effort to watch a show week after week at the same time. I love it. I give it two thumbs up. I hope it lasts a really long time because I believe there will always be material available for the show. Someday I would love to write for the show. That\'s all. David Spade rules.
  • Its not the best, but it is pretty good.

    This show is actually pretty funny. I didn't know what to think of it at first, but I like it now. David Spade is great in this show. I would definatly recommend it to fans of shows like "The Daily Show". Watch it. You probably will like this show. And if not, don't blame me, blame the makers of this show!
  • The Showbiz Show is what the Daily Show used to be...funny.

    Fantastic show. This is what the Daily Show used to be back in the days of Kilborn, in other words, it's genuinely funny. With Jon Stewart trying to be the next Dan Rather these days, Comedy Central needed to introduce a show like the Showbiz Show, which has no other agenda than to be make fun of famous people and make you laugh. If you liked Spade's Hollywood Minute segments on SNL, you'll love this. Same thing, just longer.
  • Thjis show is just not funny. Too bad Dave Spade is very funny in his movies.

    This show just is not funny. Adam carolla is about equal to Showbiz show(not a complament). The whole show is filled with bad acting and terrible sketches. I did expect a little more from David since I loved his movies. This just didn't work out for him. I saw this coming even though he is a funny guy. This is the list of problems with the show:

    1. The corasopdents are bad actors and make the show seem fake.
    2. The interaction between David and that ugly girl with the glasses is just ood and uncomfurtible.
    3. Some of the things they talk about I have never heard of and frankly i don't care about.
    4. The interaction between coraspondents is basicly a battle instead of facts and being funny at the same time.
    5. They sometimes go to far(one corasponet kissed an 80 year old woman that flashed him).
    6. They make fun of great stars that don't diserve to be made fun of.
    7. the begginning of the show where the kid says here is my dad I think is getting very very very old.
    8. the sketches are like a gallon of Nyquil down you throat.

    I hope this doesn't get a second season. Please NO second season. That would be too much. I do hope however that David spade either fixes the show or gets a better one. Or better another movie.
  • The Showbiz Show: one other reason NOT to watch The Soup or Best Week Ever

    So David Spade is back in the celebrity bashing biz! I myself couldn't be happier! However, I don't see why people are already badmouthing this show! Thursday's premiere episode did have a couple flaws, but overall seemed good, and i have a good feeling that it'll get better! Just wait a while

    And even if it does bomb, i'll treasure this show
  • The Showbiz Show with David Spade is not a very good show... David spade is only good for 3 minutes at a time...

    This just shows how Americans only cair about what the media tells the to cair about. Hollywood should be ashamed. I heared some of the other people compair this show to "Too Late With Adam Carolla" and there is not compairison, Too Late, just kicks this show out of the water. The whole show david spade look like he is going to fall asleep, and his timing is very far off compaired to him in the past. It's a good thing that this is only once a week, I can only hope that they dont show reruns, and it gets cancled soon.
  • wow this show is actually preety good

    these are some preety good, funny jokes about hollywood, unlike the crap from adam corrolla's show: Too Late. The host dont sutter that much, everything's on cue. its weird to actually see a show as good as this. Live studio audience, everything u could ever want, talkin about modern times and celebrities.