The Sideshow

ABC1 (ended 2007)





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  • This Small Screen Performance is amazing and entertaining, showing sets of comedy, music, circus and other live entertainment.

    The Sideshow allows both the audience present at the recording and those at home to experience these amazing acts. It is a great way to reintroduce some of the older acts to a new audience; and to allow those that haven't seen them before to watch these acts with out the fear that they will waste their money on tickets that they won’t enjoy!
    This is not the case with The Sideshow; you are guaranteed a performance with antics and humor for everyone. It’s not just the potty humor that people have come to expect from comedians, they are witty with political quips and topical anecdotes. Not to mention the brilliant voices that many of the recurring partakers in The Sideshow exhibit, for example, Paul McDermott, Tripod, The Bearded Ladies. This said there is always a live band that performs as well as their house band The Bearded Ladies. And these are not bands that they have pulled out of the pubs around the corner they are contemporary or well known bands with brilliant musical talent.

    It’s a brilliant concept that should be explored to its full extent; it allows performers to reach a wider audience, always a good thing.

    Being in the audience, something that I have experienced is a full frontal rush of fun. There are quips and jokes thrown all over the small sound stage that the show is recorded in. Having the audience that close to a performer really allows you to get right into the action and create an atmosphere that would not be as well read on the small screen if the audience was not visible in the shots.

    Having said all that technical jargon about how good the show is … I would advise that more people watch it!! A brilliant and entertaining ride on the small screen sideshow!
    Not to be missed!!