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  • The British drama that had a chance at being great

    I found the ensemble cast inspired when I decided to stream this

    British many familiar faces :). The storyline was intriguing

    and fresh, which is what got me to watch it in the first place. Going

    through the episodes, I found a lot to love, even the circuitous route

    the plot was taking. However, once you get into the final episode, you

    are left with the decided impression you have been set up, and not in a

    good way.

    I appreciate good storytelling, in fact I prefer it to insipid and

    clich meanderings that are rampant and clog up the tele on both sides

    of the pond. I do not however, appreciate the multitude of hanging

    threads that are in dire need of snipping in the end. Whether this was

    the intent, laziness, or simply a segway to inspire a further episodic

    endeavor (never to ultimately materialize), the end, which is not an

    end, leaves you with something of a bitter taste and feeling a bit

    betrayed. I guess there are suckers born every minute and this serves

    as a rather unsubtle reminder. It ruins what could otherwise make it a

    great series, hence my 7 rating.

    There are a multitude of twists and interesting plot points throughout,

    hinting at the serpentine conspiracy to cover up corruption and murder.

    So many guilty parties outside the primary two that sit at its each tantalizing tidbit that hints at other key players is

    sadly left to dangle. I am fabulous at just because I

    can see the angles and conspirators, doesn't mean they shouldn't be fact the story demands it. DI Edwards is awash in a sea

    of conspirators in his own department, in superiors, in the drug the writers never take the time to fully develop them.

    There is a great story here dying to be spun conspiracy of

    corruption so serpentine it aches to be it seems the

    interest was not there or it wouldn't have been quashed at four

    episodes. What a waste, a sad, sad waste of a talented cast and

    potential at great drama.

    Just watched this on Netflix ... I understand wanting to be artistic & subtle, leave things to the viewer's imagination etc, but that was fucking a ridiculous ending - way too many loose ends left undone.

    Unlike the reviewer below I WILL give it away - after 4 hrs invested we still don't know how it ends - will Mac & Lee be arrested? Will Professional Standards believe Jim? What will Rocky do? Will Jim's son escape the drugs charges? Will his other son be tested for ***ation? For fuck's sake. Soooo good, then they just gave up. What a bunch of ***s. Gave it 5 out of 10 ... which is an average of 10 for the build up & zero for the ending.
  • An engaging mini series - should have been longer!

    The beauty of the BBC HD channel! Buried amongst its collection of simulcasts of other BBC programmes from BBC2-4, are repeats of quality drama from the last couple of years.

    Which is how i came across The Silence.

    I don't remember it being on the first time back in 2010 (I was probably still annoyed with ITV for cancelling The Bill) but I thought I would give this ago second time around.

    Genevieve Barr makes a brilliant acting debut in this series as the deaf Amelia (Barr is deaf in real life) and stands up well with the other actors including veterans Hugh Bonneville and Douglas Henshall.

    The use of sound (or lack of it) to help portray Amelia's condition and position in many scenes helps to add depth and realism to the story. Although we know fairly early on who commited the murder, the writing and pacing keeps you wanting more - will Jim protect his family and Amelia from the culprit(s)? will he finally put his family first instead of his career? can anyone be trusted? Will Amelia make amends with her parents?

    As well as the usual police procedural elements, the series adds a touch of family drama as Amelia moves in with her cousins preferring to live with them rather than her drab and slightly dull parents and her dealing with relationships and her hearing issues. This helps not only in drawing the drama out into four parts but also in adding depth to the characters in what could have been a collection of two dimensional cardboard characters.

    My only gripe would be with the ending - I won't give it away but it definately felt like there should have been a fifth part and the series would have been a lot better for it.