The Silver Brumby

ABC1 (ended 1999)




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The Silver Brumby

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Based on Elyne Mitchell's classic The Silver Brumby, The Silver Brumby follows the adventures of the mythical ghost horse Thowra. But Thowra is very far from that. He lives in the High Country with his brothers: Storm and Arrow, and he runs free with Boon Boon (the Brolger's daughter) and with a few other foals, who have been lost. But he is not left in peace. His father was the mighty Yarraman, King of all the Cascade Brumbies, but that title was taken away from him when The Brolger challenged him to a fight. The Brolger won, and he became king. But now he fears that Thowra will come and take back his fathers title, but Thowra knows that he is not ready, instead he runs as fast as the wind in order to get away. Another danger is man. The Man rides a black horse called Echo, and he is always trying to catch Thowra for his light creamy coat and for his silvery mane and tale. But being as fast as the wind Thowra always escapes capture. But then The Man brings up his own Silver Brumby, this time a filly. Her name is Golden, and Thowra falls in love at the very sight of her. How far will Thowra go to keep Golden from being recaptured?moreless