The Simple Life

E! (ended 2007)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • Hollywood Ending
      Hollywood Ending
      Episode 10
      The finale draws the girls time at Camp Shawnee to a close. They end their time a Camp Shawnee with 'Paris and Nicole The Musical and a surprise for camp director Ed.
    • Almost Fame-Less
      Almost Fame-Less
      Episode 9
      Acting camp begins at Camp Shawnee. Paris and Hunter develop their relationship. Sally Kirkland joins Camp Shawnee and has some interesting teaching techniques and lessons to share with the campers. Nicole and Paris have a few run-in's with Sally.
    • Babes in the Woods
      Paris and Nicole's 'survival' skills are put to the test when they become lost in the woods. Survival camp draws to a close and the campers and Myke have an interesting send off.
    • Say Hello to Myke Hawke
      Survivalist camp begins at Camp Shawnee, and Paris and Nicole must learn how to rough it in the wilderness. The campers are put to the test by eating bugs, using knives and starting their own fires. Survivalist camp proves too hard for one camper and another develops a crush on Myke Hawke.moreless
    • Committed
      Episode 6
      As the couples camp draws to a close Paris and Nicole help the camp couples to undergo re-commitment ceremonies. Paris helps a camper with his commitment issues. Someone is playing practical jokes on the girls, but it is not who they suspected. They also must face their own issues with love.moreless
    • Flirting With Disaster
      A couples therapy camp begins and the girls get a visit from Paris's mom, Kathy Hilton. Paris and Nicoles romance skills get put to the test and Paris and Hunter's relationship takes a major turn.
    • Showstoppers
      Episode 4
      Paris and Nicole prepare the campers and their moms for the pageant. With an unexpected turn of events, the mom's are made to do the pageant and their daughters prepare them.
    • Pageant Girls Just Want to Have Fun
      Paris and Nicole cause mischief when they try to council a group of girls and their moms for a pageant. Paris helps Joey, the camp directors son with his first date. Nicole has to break the news to Hunter that Paris only likes him as a friend.
    • Big Primpin
      Big Primpin
      Episode 2
      Paris and Nicole try to help the campers of Camp Shawnee get into shape. They show the female campers how to loose weight 'their' way and the girl and boy campers go into competition on who can loose the most weight. Nicole gives Hunter tips on impressing Paris. Hunter later finds out that Paris doesn't impress easily.moreless
    • Welcome to Camp Shawnee
      Paris and Nicole are finally back together after their long fight and Malibu's Camp Shawnee gets the pleasure of meeting them. Paris and Nicole are introduced to the campers interested in losing weight. The girls try and help the hungry campers by retrieving their junk food.
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