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  • LUV THIS SHOW such a guilty pleasure.

    I really dislike Paris but i just can't help it! IT is so funny i love their antics and the way they get on there language its just sooo funny yea it is probabaly scripted but hey they have funny writers. The shows 1st season was great the town was too uptight though. In season 2 it was so funny going round the place messing everything up HAHA. In season 3 they became interns and the premiere of the 1 hit SANASAAAAAAAAAA LOL. IN season 4 they moved to E! yea it was funny they where so bit**y to each other but i wished they where togethter. In season 5 they where reunited too bad it was rubbish AHHHH But it still had funny parts! FUNNY SHOW WATCH
  • Why did I ever watch this?

    I can't stand this show. It hurts me to watch it. There is no point and there is no sort of entertainment because of the fact that Paris Hilton is on this show. Maybe if Nicole Ritchie had someone else as a partner I would have liked this show a little bit better. Either way, it still would not have been a good show at any rate. The premise is very boring and the comedy is just entertaining enough for 3 or 4 minutes. Overall, this is a show for those that are fans of Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie. Thank you.
  • LMAO hahahah

    When i first saw this show i was like WTF!?!?!??! But as i watched it episode by episode it was so funny and always made me laugh, Paris & Nicole are obviously not country girsl, Watching them do real hard work for money and meeting totally different people was so funny, But the highlight of the show was definetly the jobs they had to do in order to get money, Every job they pretty much failed at and it was sooooo funny, This show always cheered me up in a weird way and i really enjoyed it, Although Series 1 - 3 were Awesome series 4-5 were not so good, Due to the Paris & Nicole Fall out, But overall i think it was an Awesome Fun Show! (=
  • The concept of the show seems so simple but Paris and Nicole makes it extraordinary!I can't imagine who else can ever portray such roles.It may be very mean but throughout the show you can see that there is kindness in their intentions.

    I really love the show. I can't even seem to tell how much influential it is in my life... i kept remembering their words. I also love to say "loves it!" it makes me happy even my friends. Despite of my busy schedules, i can still even manage to finish 1 season in just day!. Because when you start to watch an episode you can't help but to watch the another one!!! and it completes my day... lot of fun!!! i would miss this!!! i hope Paris and Nicole could have another show together maybe somewhat different from simple life... something more interesting. The Simple Life will be forever in my heart! Loves it!!!^_^ "ilyn" from the Philippines... MABUHAY!
  • I miss this.

    I miss the Simple Life. I love Paris and Nicole. It really showed you another side of them that you don't see in the tabloids. Paris is a lot funnier than I thought, but, Nicole is just weird. They shouldn't have ended it. Their was so much they could do. My favorite season was The Simple Life goes to camp. It was drop dead funny and I loved the relationship between the one camp counsler and Paris. And I loved every minute of Paris and Nicole with that old guy. It was so entertaining when they got lost in the woods. BRING IT BACK!
  • I love the simple life! Its sooo good! Whoever came up with the idea was a genius

    I really hope that the show comes to the UK!
    If it does I hope they come to stay at my place.

    It is my favourite show

    I series link it on my Sky plus in my bedroom and in my living room so that I dont miss it

    I hope that there is a new series coming out soon

    The last series to hit the UK was The Simple Life goes to camp

    It was my favourite series so far

    I especially love when Nicole Ritchie drew all over Matthews body suit during couples camp

    The best part of the series was the show that they put on at drama camp
  • i think it is fabulous because it makes you laugh and i just love them the reletionship between them is back and i think it very cool!!!

    i think it is fabulous because it makes you laugh and i just love them the reletionship between them is back and i think it very cool!!! They are like a legend for me because they have put away their diferences and here they are now back with their dought off and i even think that they i so perfect that they could be a role models for younger people minus the bad i even think that they had a fightg but thats it its over i hope so an big wishes to them so they can keep on friendly
  • another reality thing wiht celebs.. but even better as its with apris and nicole.. funny.. 'hot'the families in these have lots f patience.

    the simple life is fantastic.. iv always liked paris and nicole but dint think they could pull thus of. now im tryin to cathc up n wactch em all.. im addicted.. shame there not on more as i live in the uk..
    i wish they played more in the uk but sadly they dont.. som im looking on ebay ..
    i think everyone should watch this.. im luvin it.
    in the words of paris hilton 'thats hot' and it truly is.
    this is personally one of my fave shows. the families and emplyers have so much patience with them, id love to hevae them stay with me.
  • Paris Hilton ruined it, but it still wouldn't be good

    What is this show even about? There's no point to it. It just makes me sick. Why did I give it a two rating and not a one rating, well I'm being fair, alright? But seriously, why Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie? Why didn't they get two women that actually have a legacy for acting well and not just having rich parents. I don't know why the heck I'm reviewing this. I feel like it's just a big waste of time. Whatever Hilton or Richie is in, it basically ruins it for anybody, but their fans. I just had to tell the world not to watch this show.
  • A Situation Reality show of Paris & Nicole living the simple life.

    Some may think that the show was awful, a waste of time blah blah blah...but i think the show is funny without such effort. Maybe because i like how the show that they are dumb, or i like how they escape from trouble. Paris and Nicole makes it natural, and their fashion choices are awesome!

    I am a big fan of the two socialites and i love their wacky ideas and it's my weekly fix, because i find it funny when they are so dumb, especially Paris Hilton. She is absolutely just a rich spoiled brat heiress that do nothing but to pamper herself. It makes me wonder if they even know how to cook or to wash up their clothes, and the dont! They don't do chores...and i laugh when they try to clean and stuff. Too bad they've got a fight that last a year, but i am glad the are ok now.
  • i love the simple life !!

    i love the simple life. paris and nicole are just like crazy !!! i cant believe people have to sleep on the floor when you go camping. i dont think i want to go camping. if you watch the old episodes, you can see how much weight nicole has lost, but now that shes pregnant. . . i hope the show doesnt get cancled or end because shes pregnant though. I like "sim life goes to camp", when they go to camp i think its the best out of all the seasons. if you havent watched the simple life before you should !!!
  • The stupid things, the reckless actions, and the stupid comments …embarrassing to admit… but I'm going to miss this show…

    I have to admit I never like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and those so called 'party girls' actresses…and I still don't and seeing this show is just confirmed everything that I ever thought about them…. And there are many unforgettable funny moments that shows how clueless, reckless and selfish they are…. like when Paris asking "what is Wal-Mart"…or many moments of Nicole doing stupid things and short-cut actions that get them into a lot of troubles… and my favorite is when they become interns at the airport… Nicole made comments of arrival passengers…very funny… I laughed a lot because of them….this is a perfect show for those who just want to have something fun to watch…definitely not serious…. And despite all stupid and reckless things they have been done, they actually really care about others and animals….. like when they share their feeling to others at camp Shawnee… … I know there are many scripted moments in this show…but I don't care… it's a fun show…and I'm sure I'm gonna miss it....
  • I think that Paris and Nicole still have no clue as to what The Simple Life truly is.

    I don't think that these girls still have any clue. If they were to try to make it on a below poverty level income like me and my family does, THEN they would know what a truly simple life is. Until our home was destroyed by fire last year, we paid a mortgage (which included escrow of insurance and property taxes), electrical bill, phone bill, cable, vehicle insurance on 2 vehicles, repairs to the house and whatever needed to the vehicles and everything else on less than $1000.00 per month. We were, and still are, on food stamps. Thankfully, insurance paid off the mortgage and we were able to buy a mobile home, but we still have bills to pay and no more money.... in fact, my husband's odd jobs that he was doing to be able to help out has played out and we are dependant on my income. And BTW, I have a Bachelor of Science Degree, so dont tell me that I can go to college and get a better job. This is an economically poor area, and they dont want college degrees, they want experience, and most people have been there for 40 years. I am doing a job that a high school dropout can do.
  • Just an extension of their vapid, wasteful lives.

    I watched this show once, around the time when Nicole was still a normal weight, and that was enough for me. I thought they actually were going to do some real work and learn how "REAL" people live. Turns out, they just go around with their noses in the air mocking everyone else's lifestyle-who would've guessed. Not only did they not really do anything or learn much, but they destroyed so much property that I'm surprised Simple Life didn't go off air first season for being over budget.
    This show was a complete waste of time and I'm glad E! finally decided to stop the madness.
  • The Simple Life.

    I like this show. It's pretty cool. Paris and Nicole have to do things that regular people have to do all the time. They are always so surprised and it's fun to watch them because they have no idea at all of what they're doing. This show puts a smile on my face. Paris and Nicole definitely aren't the smartest people haha. It totally sucks that E! is cancelling it, but I hope another network picks it up. Paris and Nicole are actually nice people, and they try to do the right things, but again they don't really know what they're doing at all. haha. I do like this show.
  • Wow this is a great show !!

    It's so funny !! It really shows Paris and Nicole do have a nice side . It shows them also do some REALLY funny things !!! When people say wow Paris and Nicole are just stuck up b*tches I say have you watched the simple life because at times they can be REALLY nice. Also some of the things they do I will laugh at for like 20 minutes it really reminds me of what me and my friends do when we have to go some were or something . Who ever says the simple life sucks must be crazy because it is one of the best shows EVER made !!! So if you hate it watch it agian trust me you wont !!
  • Great to watch!

    I first saw The Simple Life years ago when I was visiting my grandma. I fell in love with it and can't stop watching it! Every time it airs, I watch it! So funny. Even though I don't really care too much for either of the girls, I think they are really brave and awesome for doing everything they do in this show even though some of it may be scripted. Keep up the good work P&N! Go the simple life! -- ((Vanessa))
  • Hollywood's two it girls trade in there flashy glam lives to get a taste of well the simple life....

    Not horrible.. Nicole is very entertaining while Paris is not so much. While Nicole actually acomplishs what needs to be done or at least attempts to in a funny way, Paris sits back and says "thats hot." The newest season is actually the best yet where the girls get to talk to new campers every other week. the couple counciling was so far the best camp yet. But as always Paris must end up with the cute male counciler. Even though she didn't want him she still got him in the end. The show is not a must see but if your bored and nothing else is on its mildy entertaining.
  • Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are taken from their glamorous lives and put out to experience "normal" living.

    This show is so bad. It's supposed to be a reality show, but nothing is real about it. You can totally tell that whatever Paris and Nicole do or say is scripted. Most of the time, their actions and words are so stupid you wonder if they need some sort of special ed. However, I watch season after season. I can't help it. It's my guilty pleasure. You do get laughs out of the show-stupid is quite funny. It's just 30 minutes of stupid fun you can enjoy and then wish you can have those 30 minutes of your life back. I think that's the best description I can give. I blame Paris and Nicole for that.
  • Weird

    Do NOT get me wrong i can not stand Paris Hilton or Nicole Ritchie , but this show is weirdly addictive =S . I do not get what it is but i actually do not mind sitting down and watching this =S . I mean from watching this , i see that they are surely nice people , but what annoys me about them is that they are famous because their parents have money and for no other reason than that . I think the reason i watch it , is to do with the reactions of other people to them and how the genuinly want them there , weird somehow .
  • I love this show. I know that they may act like spoiled brats, but I still like it. I think it is good for them to get out and experience the real world.

    I don;t know what else to say about it. blah blah blah blah blah.........I hope that the word count starts to go up, because I am getting sick of typing. it taks forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever to get to 100 words even when you don't want to. When something comes to mind i think that i might say it. my favorite season would have to be the one when they were mothers or when they had to go to camp which is their current one. i don't know hwat else to say,
  • The SIMPLETONS... would be a better name for this show.

    Seriously, how long are they going to keep airing this nonsense? I guess since Paris Hilton is serving time at the LA Twin Towers Hilton they will do their next season about that by re-enacting her time in the pokey? Ugh........... Heres the episode list:

    Episode 1 "Shivs, Shanks and Skanks"

    Episode 2 "Cavity Search Blues"

    Episode 3 "Paris: Prison Husband"

    Episode 4 "My Day in the HOLE"

    Episode 5 "Chained Heat"

    Episode 6 "Bird Brain of Alcatraz"

    Episode 7 "Escape from LA"

    The only thing that would have saved this season was is if Jason Vorhees showed up wearing his classic hockey mask while wielding a machete .... cha cha cha cha...cha cha cha cha cha...
  • A mildly intersting show

    I only watched one episode of this show, and I cant say it was bad. It was pretty good. It's not the best show on television, but it's by far not the worst. When I first saw it I thought it was boring and usless, and the only thing good about it was eye candy Paris and Nicole, but then i realized I saw worse shows. I do like it. It was intersting to see how these big celebraties go around and act like normal people on tv. I always wondered what Paris is famous for, besides from the burger comercial. Now I know haha.
  • Call them what you want, whether the show is scripted or not (like others aren't), I love the girls and the show anyway.

    When the Simple Life originally debuted, I didn't think it was going to be much, didn't think it was going to go beyond another season, and shockingly a couple of seasons later and break-up make-up later the girls are show is still going on. Due to some late nights, I inadvertently ended up watching a couple of episodes from each previous season and was never really disappointed. When times are a little tough for me, it relieves the stress a little to watch The Simple Life. I love Paris Hilton and her attitude. If she's rich and can afford to never get a job, then oh well. I really don't care. She's still funny and interesting to watch on TV, and the same goes for Nicole. I'm really not interested in the girls real socialite life no matter how many headlines the media tries to bombard me with. I just want to see @ least a watchable show and The Simple Life goes beyond that so the show gets a thumbs up from me.
  • Rich socialite craves the spotlight and hasn't the skills to get there on her own.

    I suppose, when you are born into a rich high society family and are a little bit pretty and crave the spotlight, and yet you have neither the intelligence nor the skill set to market yourself appropriately to gain said spotlight (Paris has already proven she can neither act nor sing sufficiently for a career), there is a kind of warped wisdom in marketing your two best attributes - your social standing and inane stupidity - to the masses who are more than willing to watch, each week, as you make a complete fool of yourself. So I suppose Paris has adapted the best she can in doing so many seasons of The Simple Life. As for her "partner in crime," well, I guess she's a good follower.

    That doesn't make this a good TV show, however.
  • The Simple Life is a totally unscripted series starring everyone's favorite spoiled divas, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie!

    This show is hillarious!I have watched it every season. The last season was boooring when they were separated. I thought that whole thing was stupid. But anyways they are really funny together, and always causing some kind of trouble. Whether it be taking care of kids, animals, cooking, or doing regular household chores, you name it! They'll do something unexpected and wild. They are a great pair, the show always makes me laugh. I'm not sure if i like this new season yet, we'll see, but yeah i enjoy this very much. It's kinda silly, but hey if you're looking for something to watch, this would be a good one!
  • I don't know why some people don't like this show.

    I don't know why some people don't like this show. It's funny and brings lots of laughs. And Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are perfect for this show. This is the only show on E that I'll watch. I could totally imagine me and one of my air head friend doing all those things. This show makes you feel better, at least it cheers me up. If you haven't watched it yet you should start. It's about our two favorite celeberties Paris and Nicole living the life of a middle class people and knowing that money can't solve anything and things can get solved no matter how the situation is.
  • the simiple life gose camping love it

    i love this show there friends again they r my favrite celbartys paris and nicole they rock. i wacted every single eposide . it rockks paris hilton is my role model .nicole i love her personaliy .they rock i hate camp but i love the show. i cant belive people sleep on the floor never been camping and never plan too ! !
  • "The Simple Life." I feel that this show is a huge hollywood hit! I personally love this show and it just glitters up life to more than what it is! This show just trendsets clothes, personalities, and shapes minds and attitudes. Some things, unexceptable.

    "The Simple Life" is like a roller coaster ride at Cedar Point! It is a great adventure with the stars, Paris Hilton, and Nicole Richie. They set the show and run their lives however they please with only a few acceptions. They travel in some seasons, and stay with families in others. They had gotten into a feud and hated each other for the fourth season but now sence they made up, they are going to be best friends again for the fifth season. This new season airing some time in early June is going to take place at different camps with ditsy Paris and gorgeous Nicole as the camp counclers! This new season is heard to be the best yet but I am not sure if it will be the last! Watch out for this show because you will not take your eyes off of the screen! Have a great day everyone, and have a Simple Life!
  • Is this show still on T.V?....If it is change the channel fast.

    I thought I gave the show a bad grade and bad reviews for this show but it seems like everyone knows that this show should be gone and there is no point to this show but to take up time and space and it is a complete waste of your time. Can someone tell me the purpose for this show being on? or why do we need this show? because I would like to know. It is very strange that this show is still running with all the bad reviews it is getting, I haven't seen a perfect score for this show yet, is the show even funny?..... because I would like to know since I never watched a single show.
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