The Simple Life - Season 1

E! (ended 2007)


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Episode Guide

  • The Lost Episode
    Episode 9
    Paris and Nicole get a job working with a taxidermist; Paris is homesick and relies on Nicole to cheer her up. A bad storm sweeps through Arkansas.
  • 1/14/04
    Paris and Nicole reunite with the family that they stayed with. Paris and Nicole gift them with a new car.
  • 1/14/04
    In the finale, the girls are prodded to pack their pricey bags after Nicole's barroom hissy finally gets Janet's goat. Not that they've been model citizens anyway. Having insulted locals and avoided labor since day one, it's a safe bet that few folks will be missing Misses Richie and Hilton once they're gone.moreless
  • Boy Crazy
    Episode 6
    The ladies get jobs at a gas station-food mart (and bait shop), and soon reel in two local boys as customers, whom they'll accompany to a club. In so doing, they'll stay out beyond their curfew, and in a number of ways they'll pay.
  • Shopaholics
    Episode 5
    The girls work for this cattle auctioneer. He has them go to the feed store to pick up some feed. Nicole decides to charge a few extra things to his account. A folding mirror and a $120 birdhouse to give to the lady they are staying with for Mother's Day. The man finds out and comes to talk to them.moreless
  • 12/16/03
    To get the town to know them better Paris and Nicole (with the help of the mayor) become co-chairman of the annual town festival--obviously things do not go well. Plus, Paris gets her dog certified over at the town hall, making sure the dog is healthy.
  • 12/9/03
    Fresh off their failure as dairy-farm workers, the girls take a job at a fast-food joint, only to find that serving the public is their private nightmare.
  • 12/3/03
    Paris and Nicole show up late for their new job milking the cows. They then get dirty, get into a hot tub and get fired.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1

    Paris and Nicole go to FOX to try and persuade them to buy their show. The girls go to work at Chris' K9 Clippery, which as normal gets them into trouble when they hang up on customers and dogs almost escape.

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