The Simple Life

Season 4 Episode 4

The Padilla Family

Aired Monday 12:00 AM Jun 25, 2006 on E!

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  • Jesse Jr is soooooooooo Hott!

    Ok accsily all i really have to say about the Paddila faimly is that Jesse jr. Is sooooooooooooooo Fricking hott! God i like downloded that episode onto my computer and i watch it like everyday just soo i kn c Jesse\'s prettyful face. I printeed his picture off the internet and posted it on my wall n i like look at it everyday, but i know i have absolutley no chance with him beacuse he lives in LA and i live in Miami so i wont ever c him in person that is...But any way he\'s just really sexy.

    Chow- xoxo

  • Average. Some good moments but not as much as usual.

    This epsiode was just okay. There were only a few witty parts. Like when Nicole dressed the little girl up like a prostitute for picture day. Also when Paris rode bikes with all the children in her dress. She reminded me of some one I know. But there were some awkward parts. Like when Nicole introduced some thing about Jesse JR. over the intercom in the store. That was a little on the gross side. For sure. When Paris\' aunt came over and they asked if she wa sher grandma, that was hilarious. Poor woman. So yeahh it was just average.