The Simpsons

Season 7 Episode 21

22 Short Films About Springfield

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 1996 on FOX

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  • Milhouse: Everybody in towns got their story to tell Bart: There's just not enough time to tell them all

    "22 Short Films About Springfield" gives us perspective into the lives of eveyone in the quaint little town known as Springfield (minus of course the story of Professor Frink, whose story is not completed in time because of a problem in his lab.)

    It all begins with Bart and Milhouse squirting ketchup and mustard, from the highway overpass, onto cars. Bart soon begins to wonder about the people in the cars, and our story begins.

    This episode not only gives us insight into the regulars but also charecters not seen much such as Bumblebee man and the military antique store owner. In fact I believe every character is in this episode, in one scene everyone just happens to be in the Simpsons kitchen giving Lisa advice on how to remove gum from her hair.

    Although this is far from the greatest episode of the Simpsons, its totally worth a laugh especially for Professor Frinks song at the end.
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