The Simpsons

Season 7 Episode 21

22 Short Films About Springfield

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 14, 1996 on FOX



  • Allusions

    • Pulp Fiction
      There are many references to the 1994 film, Pulp Fiction, in this episode.
      - Sanjay says "you will be there or be square", then makes a square shape with his fingers. This is similiar to what Mia Wallace does outside Jack Rabbit Slims.
      - Chief Wiggum and Lou have a discussion about the differences of McDonald's food, like Jules and Vincent disussing the differences of Paris and Amsterdam food.
      - Snake stops right in front of Chief Wiggum, who's is carrying donuts, then runs him over with his car. In Pulp Fiction, Butch stops right in front of Marsellus Wallace, who is also carrying donuts, then runs him over. Marsellus Wallace is a fat crime-involved boss, much like Chief Wiggum, and Butch and Snake are both 30-40 something year old rebellious men who disobeyed the man they ran over.
      - A seemingly psychopathic man, named Herman, ties up Chief Wiggum and Snake to wooden chairs with ball gags over their mouths, in a small, dark store. This is exactly like Maynard, a psychopathic hillbilly, tying up Butch and Marsellus with ball gags in a small, dark store.
      - Herman says they will wait until Ed gets there, like Maynard saying they will wait 'till Zed gets there to start the rape.
      - When Milhouse comes out of the bathroom he knocks out Herman with a mace ball and chain sort of thing, like Butch knocking out Maynard with a samurai sword.
      - The episode begins and ends with Bart and Milhouse on the overpass. Pulp Fiction begins and ends with Ringo and Yolanda in the coffee shop.
      - There is a close-up to the cheeseburger that Cheif Wiggum is eating, similar to the close-up of the cheeseburger that Jules was eating in the movie.
      - Bumblebee Man's neighborhood looks similar to Butch's neighorhood.
      - The song, "La Cucaracha", is used in both this episode and in the movie.
      - There is a Pulp Fiction-style title card to announce the title of this episode.