The Simpsons

Season 18 Episode 21

24 Minutes

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 20, 2007 on FOX

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  • Good stuff!

    I just finished the very last episode of 24 today. I'm so sad that it's over. Seeing this episode of the simspons just brings back good memories hahaha. I found the parts with the seconds particularly funny because they went on for much longer than in 24. The prank part featuring jack and chloe was great too. Everything involving jack's voiceover was love lol<333 just missing a great series XD
  • 24 + The Simpsons = 24 Minutes

    Principal Skinner opens a CTU Counter Truancy Unit at Springfield Elementary School with Lisa heading up the operation. Homer is sent to dispose a container of yogurt so far past its freshness date that it could be toxic, but the reeking yogurt falls into the hands of Dolph, Jimbo and Kearney. With the help of Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brian, Bart and Lisa must stop the bullies from releasing the ultimate stink bomb at the school's bake sale. I thought that this was an excellent episode of "The Simpsons". I thought the idea of The Simpsons having a "24 parody episode" was awesome. I didn't watch the show "24" that much and some of the episodes I have watched were pretty cool. The only thing that made my score a little bit low was that almost the entire episode felt a little rushed. It seemed like the writers had to rush it a little too much in this one. So yeah, the pacing isn't the best but the whole episode plus the storyline, characters, and everything else was awesome. There were some very funny parts in this episode as well. I also enjoyed the cameo appearances of Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and Chloe O' Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub) in this episode. The very ending of the episode was funny as well. Overall, the episode did seemed be a little rushed almost the way through but I really enjoyed the storyline and the humor plus the characters acted..... so did 24 and The Simpsons make a good team? Yes they did. 9.5/10
  • Best Modern Simpsons episode!


    "24 Minutes"

    Grade: A*

    Wow! Who would have thought a 24 Parody on The Simpsons would turn out to be one of the greatest episodes of the show? 24 Minutes has everything you could ever want in a Simpsons episode. The humour is excellent, every second of the episode is entertaining, the plot is genius, and Bart Simpson attacks Nelson Muntz in it. Jack Bauer's cameo appearence in it is used effectively, and everything comes full circle at the end with a dark joke to finish the episode off. It's just amazing to see The Simpsons can still pull off 10/10 episodes like this, and FOX should have made this the 400th episode. It was THAT good!

  • One of my favorite episodes

    I haven't seen 24… even so, this episode was hilarious and awesome. It was just so funny and I didn't get that it was a parody of 24 (cause I'd never seen it) but I definitely got that it was a parody of such action/science fiction movies. SO, It begins with Principal Skinner opening CTU: Counter Truancy Unit. His agents are Lisa, Database, Martin, Milhouse, and some of the other nerds. Immediately three 6th graders (Dolph, Jimbo, and Kearney) go missing. They are tracked to the Kwik-E-Mart, where Homer is returning a toxic yoghurt well past its freshness date. They steal the yoghurt, putting it in a suitcase, and walk outside, where Milhouse is spying on them for Principal Skinner. Homer comes up and says:
    "Hey, Milhouse, who you spying on? Those bullies?" The bullies throw both Homer and Milhouse in a dumpster and send it rolling down the road. Lisa, suspicious of the bullies activities, makes a deal with Bart to go see what the bullies are doing. He figures out they are going to put a stink bomb in the school-just as the annual bake sale is happening. Martin is a traitor and instructs Jimbo to leave. The bullies leave just as Bart comes to their house. The bullies come with the stink bomb to school, hiding in the janitors closet. Bart tracks them, finding out that Martin is a traitor, but too late, he knocks Bart out with a french horn and sends him (along with Willie, who was in the janitors room) to be tied to a chair until after the bake sale is over. They leave the stink bomb in the janitors room with a countdown and push Martin out, just as the bake sale starts.

    Meanwhile, Marge struggles to make a cake on time for the bake sale, but has problems: One, they are out of raisins, so she must go to the store to get more. She comes back with 5 minutes to spare, and bakes the cake at 1200 degrees to get it done on time. Not surprisingly, the oven explodes, and her cake is ruined. None the less, she decides to go to the bake sale anyway, covering the whole cake with pink frosting. When she gets there, she drops it on the ground and picks it up again. She then walks into the gym, proclaiming, "I'm in the sale, i'm in the sale!" Meanwhile, Homer and Milhouse steer the dumpster around town and eventually end up at the bake sale. Now comes the climax…

    Really good episode, I commend the writers for doing something out of the ordinary, and it works really well. I wish they would do something like this nowadays…

    This, 'Trilogy of Error,' 'Who Shot Mr. Burns, parts 1 and 2,' and '22 Short Films about Springfield' are some of my favorite episodes because I love it when the writers do something unusual. A big improvement from some of the episodes in the 18th and 17th season.

  • 24 teams up with the Simpsons!

    I love 24 and the Simpsons so I was really excited about the episode, 24 Minutes. The idea was brilliant and the cameos from Jack Bauer and Chloe O' Brian were funny and the ending were Bart got arrested was hilarious. Whoever thought up the Counter Truancy Unit was a genius and I hope the writer makes more episodes like this! Hopefully we will see more of CTU, Bart and Lisa in another 24 parody sooner or later in Season 21. This is a brilliant episode and if you haven't seen it yet, try and see it anyway you can!
  • One of season 18's best episodes!

    Principal Skinner opens a CTU – Counter Truancy Unit – at Springfield Elementary School with Lisa heading up the operation. Homer is sent to dispose a container of yogurt so far past its freshness date that it could be toxic, but the reeking yogurt falls into the hands of Dolph, Jimbo and Kearney. With the help of Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brian, Bart and Lisa must stop the bullies from releasing the ultimate stink bomb at the school's bake sale.

    What I liked: Awesome 24 parody- probably one of the very few parodys that I actually liked.
    The part with Homer riding in the dumpster- funny as hell!

    There's alot more stuff that I liked, but I'm too lazy to put them all so overall, I think that this was one of s18's best eps.
  • 24 minutes

    24 minutes: Jimbo and the gang are planning to make the supreme stinky bomb and marge is planning to bake a raisin cake with strawberry but there are no raisins and she fights with a lady to the last box of raisins and only gives him five dollars while the others give ten or more and in the ventilation tunnel there was a kid, and the year books of the 50's (too racists) and the year books of the 80's (not racists enough) and a kid and a skelleton and when bart gets on the window and clancy willigum shoots and marge uses his raisin cake and then he had weenie flavor and the custodian was drowned and telled that they leaved down there to die because he had to clean all the mess. The episode was so funny. I sincerely liked these episodes so blah, blah, blah, yadda, ydda, ydda, very funny oh well. . . . . .
  • I hate 24, but this episode was still spectacular...

    Principal Skinner ushers the students of Springfield Elementary into a new era of sneaking, snooping and snitching with the opening of the school's CTU Counter Truancy Unit with Lisa heading up the operation. Homer is sent on a mission to dispose of a container of yogurt so far past its freshness date that it could be toxic, but the reeking yogurt falls into the wrong hands. With the help of Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brian, Bart and Lisa must stop bullies Dolph, Kearney and Jimbo from releasing the ultimate stink bomb at the school's annual bake sale. Funny parody of 24. Good episode, and it seems to me when the Simpsons parody things their episodes seem to be unbeatable...
  • Awesome 24 parody, best of season 18

    In this episode, Principal Skinner and the CTU (Counter Truancy Unit) try to stop the 3 bullies from destroying the school bake sale, Homer and Milhouse needs to escape a dumpster to make it the sale, and Marge needs to make a cake for the sale, but has trouble making it properly. Skinner soon lets Bart out of detention in exchange for his aid in catching the bullies before they destroy the bake sale. The episode is presented in traditional 24-style (split-screens between characters,)and it works well for the storylines. I also liked how the characters stories met up neatly at the end, and it was resolved nicely. I had a hunch that there would be a Jack Bauer like character here, and I was right, but it was still hilarious. Overall, even if you haven't seen 24 I would recommend this episode, as it's just that funny throughout. 10/10 A+
  • I'm not a 24 fan but this episode is spectacular!

    While this episode won't be one that will be relatable in twenty years when 24 is forgotten and the Simpsons are still pulling out episodes, it's certainly a very entertaining current episode, and one of the best of season 18.

    Skinner moving into Bart's frame, the 3D air vent and the coincidentally placed clocks are all hilarious parodical elements associated with 24, even for people who've never seen it like me. The profiles, Skinner lying to Bart about a swear word (which we later find our is beachball), Superintendant Chalmers getting mad at Skinner for misjudging him, "all the other husbands got twenty dollars", the interesting dumpster ride, Marge's cake and the mole giving himself a wedgie to punish himself are all hilarious scenes in this terrific episode.

    After all these classic moments, the Jack Bauer appearance hardly seems important, but it does give the episode more credibility and shows it is more of an homage than a parody.

    Overall, this episode is a fantastic one and one of the best since season 15.
  • i didn`t get it

    it was so confusing.this is a very good example on why i do not watch 24.i mean one thing was happenning while something else was happening it was so confusing.also i do not like action shows even though this had no action it would have some if the whole show was like 24 oh i would hate the simpsons if that happend,even though it would not.bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad
  • one of s18's only good episodes

    this episode proves that shows that do crossovers {if this is technically one} can be good, even if the show has lasted countless years. I think this is s18's best, and one of the only episodes from the season that would get above a B or so. It's good, it has some flaws but for the most part it is really hilarious and it has a good plot. i was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole episode, definitely a great one to watch. My overall grade is a A-, because it is good, but it has flaws
  • This Episode got me into 24.

    I recently heard that Fox is going to axe 24 after it's 8th season which is a shame because I was getting into all because of one Simpsons episode

    This might be one of the best Simpsons episodes ever and my personal favourite. It's really Cool and the cameos of Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub are great. The plot is funny and is an accurate parody of 24. And the Marge backery sale sub plot was surprisingly good too. Bart acting like Jack Bauer is cool and funny as hell. This episode is undeniably great and it's the best episode out of The 18th season and prooves that The Simpsons is still going strong after all these years.
  • The CTU unit tries to stop a bake sale disaster.

    Principal Skinner ushers the students of Springfield Elementary into a new era of sneaking, snooping and snitching with the opening of the school's CTU Counter Truancy Unit with Lisa heading up the operation. Homer is sent on a mission to dispose of a container of yogurt so far past its freshness date that it could be toxic, but the reeking yogurt falls into the wrong hands. With the help of Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brian, Bart and Lisa must stop bullies Dolph, Kearney and Jimbo from releasing the ultimate stink bomb at the school's annual bake sale. I hate 24, but I loved this episode it was a great spoof, and a must see. This episode will keep you entertained and laughing all throughout the 24 minutes. Wether its the bullies making a stink bomb, or Marge beating Helen LoveJoy up for a box of rasins this episode was hilarious.
  • A very good good episode that is a spoof of 24.

    Well I am not much of a fan of 24, but this episode was hilarious. It had a good plot, and very good writing. It had plenty of things going on and the opening narration was funny. It is worth watching, definitely. But compared to Marge vs. the Monorail and other favorites it may seem a little dull. But, neverless, it is a great episode with many amusing jokes. It is probably one of the best episodes of that season. So stop reading my review and watch it!
    H O M E R S I M P S O N!
  • season eighteen classic

    i say this is one of my favorite episodes ever. The whole plot of this episode was totally killer, the writing of this episode is exquisite, it deserves an emmy folks. I do not find this episode confusing or random. i find it unique and cool, much better than mypods and boomsticks and slightly better than south parks " the snuke ". This has to be an instant classic of the simpsons franchise. with a mixture of a 24 twist and a 24 theme, i count this episode as one of the most unique and clever episodes in the simpsons history.
  • A fun episode

    I found that episode to be fun to watch. I'm not a fan of shows like "24" but I appreciate a good parody of anything. I found this episode to be the best episode of Season 18 easily. It should've been the season finale, instead of the average "You Kent Always Say What You Want". "24 Minutes" was a funny episode. It had all kinds of little storylines going on. I really enjoyed the split screen they had right around the climax of the episode. You have all the nerds working for Skinner (and Martin working undercover with them, secretly helping the bullies), and Bart even helping out Lisa (I think there was something in it for him, but I can't remember). It even had Marge rushing to make a cake for the bake sale, because it was very, and I mean very, important to her. All in all, I thought it was a great episode! Easy 10!
  • It's The Simpsons version of 24!!

    In this episode of The Simpsons, it's supposed to emulate the show, 24. It shows 24 minutes of an event in Springfield. The bullies have created the ultimate stink bomb and Bart has to stop them from stinking out the bake sale at Springfield elementary. Homer and Milhouse have fun riding in a big trash dump on wheels as they zoom through the town. Marge has to bake a cake for the bake sale at Springfield Elementary; while Bart is one the mission to stop the bomb. And one of the characters has a dirty secret. This episode is very special and is a good episode before the 400th.
  • For the first time, no couch gag, no intro...but it works flawlessly.

    No matter what people say, even though the Simpsons haven't been able to keep the calibre of the first ten seasons through the last eight, there have been some greats and classics along the way, which is more than you can say about any other television show. With that said, this is one of those classic episodes you bump into. Season 18 as a whole wasn't a complete disappointment, but there weren't any real memorable moments that stood out, until this episode came on. All storylines were meshed together perfectly, the jokes were dead on, many of our favourite characters made appearances, and the overall concept of the show was a perfect mockery of the hit TV series. From Homer pretending to be a girl, to Marge beating up the Reverend's wife, to Ralph dying in the hampster cage, every scene of this episode was memorable, and its an excellent way to end the season and hype up the movie for Simpsons fans around the world. If you haven't seen this episode yet, watch it now.
  • One, or the best episode of Season 18 of The Simpsons.

    Many of the episodes from Season 18 have been kind of bad, but 24 minutes is a very good episode.

    The whole episode is based on the TV show 24. The episode is very funny. In the beginning, you hear Jack Bauer saying Previousally on 24, I mean The Simpsons. The Episode has lot of stories going on at once.

    But, it mostly consists of Lisa trying to find the 3 bullies (Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney). Mr. Burns finds out homer has very expired Yogurt in the fridge at work and tells him to get rid of it, so knowing homer he does something stupid. He trys to exchange it to the Kwik-E-Mart.

    The 3 bullies are at the Kwik-E-Mart aswell and end up getting hold of the Toxic yogurt. The 3 bullies try to make the worst smelling thing out of the yogurt. They end up doing it and making a bomb to make the stench blow up throughout the school. And The same day they plan to do this is the day of the Bake Sale which Marge is trying to make a cake for and fails.

    But martin Prince is secretly working for Jimbo. He gets really nervous and starts to think of suicide which was very funny.

    There was the 24 splitscreen stuff going on aswell and it looked awesome! The episode was the best of the season and it was very funny! The prank calls to Jack Bauer from Bart were funny aswell. This episode was awesome!
  • An exeptionally funny episode.

    I decided to watch this because it was a spoof based on 24, one of my all time favorite shows. Now normally I don't particularly care for The Simpson's, but now and then they have some pretty funny stuff. This was hillarious to watch. They made fun of such a serious show. I loved Bart's prank call to Jakc Bauer. It was funny how they showed Bart as the Terrorist switching sides and making a deal to help Princepal Skinner as long as he was Pardoned for all pranks commited in the past and those to be committed in the future. I liked the part of the toxic yogurt. It made me laugh. I don't know if people who don't actually watch 24 got half of the jokes made, but for those who do watch it this is a must see episode.
  • This episode parodies 24, and is interesting and suspenseful. This is a recap on the episode.

    Blackboard: None
    Couch: None, it opens right to principal skinner showing Lisa the CTU

    Act 1: It begins by showing the Counter Truancy Unit (CTU). Lisa is the hall monitor, and looks for misbehavior in the school using CCTV cameras. Sometime around 2:30, Lisa sees that there are 3 empty desks in the sixth grade classroom. Database and Milhouse come with the attendance showing that Jimbo, Dolph, and Kearney are absent. At Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Homer must leave with really smelly yogurt to Apu at the Kwik-E-Mart. At 2:32 Marge is doing laundry at home, and find Bart has a lot in his pockets, including a notice about the annual bake sale at 3PM. She is in a rush to bake a raisin sponge cake. At 2:34, Homer returns the yogurt to Apu, but he does not accept it, and just leaves it on the counter. Meanwhile, Bart is in detention for using Catsup and Mustard to draw Principal skinner and write "Put me on your wiener." The bullies move into the Kwik-E-Mart to make a robbery. Lisa looks at the Kwik-E-Mart cameras. Milhouse is secretly spying on the bullies. Lisa sees Jimbo stealing the stinking yogurt. She is puzzled why they are stealing the yogurt when they could've stolen Tobacco or a Take-A-Penny tray with a quarter in it. Lisa makes Milhouse observe. Homer stands outside, and asks Milhouse if he is spying on the bullies. They put Homer and Milhouse in a dumpster, and lock it with a stick. Since Milhouse is lost, Bart is the only one available. Principal Skinner comes to Bart to tell him about the mission. He thinks it is especially important because the bullies could destroy the bake sale, which provides 90% of the school's funding. Bart steals Skinner's car keys, and takes off for Jimbo's house.

    Act 2: Around 2:39, Marge is making her cake. She does not have raisins with her. So, she must go shopping. Homer and Milhouse are still in the dumpster, and end up on the railroad tracks. Four minutes later, a train approaches, and Otto pushes them off just in time, but Otto stops while listening to music. Bart is driving Skinner's car. While Marge is shopping, she grabs the last box of raisins the same time as another lady. She fights against her, and wins. While at Jimbo's house in the basement, the three bullies are creating a stink bomb to ruin the bake sale using the yogurt, 6 weeks of bottled fart, sweat from walking around in a goofy suit, Jimbo's sister's retainer case, and more stinking items. They test it out on Jimbo's hamster, and it works. Bart is spying on them through the basement window. He reports it to Lisa, and she gets some pictures of Jimbo's house which he drew in 2nd Grade. He enters the house, not seeing everything in the drawings (i.e., his "roller coaster room" and his shark tank). They are gone, but he sees Ralph in the hamster cage, trapped. Bart makes a phone call and says "I got a man down." However, Jack Bauer is on the line when he makes a call. Bart teases him since he is not like Lisa. At 2:48, Marge bakes the cake. Since the recipe says 20 minutes at 300 degrees, she calculates it is equal to 5 minutes at 1200 degrees. She turns the oven that high. The cake is now burnt, but she believes that pink frosting will fix it.

    Act 3: The dumpster crashes into Moe's, and the stick breaks. When Homer enters, Moe is unavailable. Milhouse requests that they travel to the bake sale. Around 2:51, Bart is driving back to school with Ralph. Marge is driving to the bake sale with the cake. As she exits the car, Maggie is twitching around in her arms, so the cake is ruined, and must fix it. The bake sale is held in the gym. Back at the CTU, she makes Martin search for the bullies in the hallways. He sees them carrying the stink bomb with them. The bullies enter the ventilation room, and place the bomb there. Once it explodes, the smell will be sucked up through the fan, passed textbooks, dead ladies, and spiders in the vents, and eventually to the gym. When Willie enters, they fight against him. His broomstick hits the fire alarm button. Lisa sees that the alarm is off, and sends Martin. He looks somewhat suspicious to Bart as he escapes up the stairs and sings "Skip to my lou" through the hallways. As he goes past Nelson, Bart forces him to give him an answer as to whether or not Martin is working for Jimbo. Nelson says yes, and it is because Martin's ant farm is borrowed from the bullies. When Bart explains this to Lisa, Martin hurts him with a french horn. In the ventilation room, Bart and Willie are tied up to chairs, and they leave the room. The bullies have set the 3-minute countdown on the bomb. Bart uses his cell phone to send Lisa a picture of the bomb, so Lisa knows what it looks like. They need to find a way to short circuit the fan. Bart sees a pipeline and valve labeled "HDW." This is the hot dog water recirculation system. Principal skinner turns it on, but it will push the two into the fan. Then, an idea comes to Willie. Bart swims down to a small window between the Ventilation Room and the gym. Sideshow Mel notices, and Chief Wiggum tries his gun on the glass to free Bart. It does not work. Instead, Marge uses the cake, which floods the gym. The bomb rolls up to Homer's feet. At first he thinks it is a Thermos, but Lisa runs up to Homer yelling that it is a bomb. Lisa pushes the "Emergency Cancel" button as only 1 second is left on the timer. A minute later, Jack Bauer appears through the air ducts. He is annoyed at Bart for giving him what he believes was a prank phone call. He threatens Bart by having troops pull in and pointing guns at him. Then, an atomic bomb can be seen exploding on the horizon. However, it turns out to be only Shelbyville.
  • One of the best Simpsons episode yet!

    I like 24, one of my best thrilling drama sowe ever in the 21st century and now on a spoof-off version of the Simpsons. I like the part when Marge was on a rush to bake a special cake but after that, it was a mess. Then Homer saw a toxic expired ice cream that given to the bad kids that they invented a toxic bomb at the Springfield's Elemetery School's Bake Sale. And, this is my favorite part when Bart called Jack Baluer (as Kiefer on 24). That's funny. I think that it may be the best Simpsons ever made. Keep up the good work!
  • 24 minutes was awesome!

    I am a huge 24 fan, and this episode made me laugh so hard I nearly cried. Sure the South Park parady of 24 was funny and well done, it had nothing on The Simpsons "24 minutes." No other show could have done as well with making fun of 24 and gotten away with it too. The insertion of Chloe and Jack was great when Bart makes a prank call to Jack while he in a shoot out. That was hilarious. I just wish all of The Simpsons shows were this good. They have just gotten just a bit stale over the years. Maybe they need to parody "House" or another Fox show. I know they have already done "American Idol."
  • So freakin' sweet.

    I'm 21. For all you math wizards out there, that means I've been around since just before the shows inception, and because of that I've been watching since then. I got the Simpsons Christmas book when I was five (and enjoying it back then). To be this old and still enjoying fresh episodes of the show is a testament to how great it really is. It's in its what, 18th season? Even though this episode pulled the opening from Family Guy (which had already parodied 24) I still found it enjoyable. 24 is my favorite show on TV, and all the jokes cracked at it really made the episode worth my time.
  • 24 style episode @

    lisa must help prinicipal skinner stop a stinkbomb attack on the school so she teams up wih other kids to help him. the bullies make a stik bomab and plan to use it on the school. while millhouse is spying on the bullies he is caughgt and thrown in a dumpster and homer is later thrown in too. the dumpster goes rlling everywhere and nearly gets hit by a train. the bake sale will be in trouble if the stink bomb is set off. bart is also working to stop it and makes a prank call to jack bauer. he alter ends up in the hotdog water while trying to stop the plan. the stink bomb almost goes off but lis stops it. martin turns out to be a mole for the bullies. after the bomb is stopped jack comes with his female assistant to congradulate lisa and get bart. at the end the springfielders see a explosion but jack says not to worry because it was shelbyville.
  • Very good and original.

    I have never seen the show 24 but you don't have to, to enjoy this episode of the simpsons. It was very good and I laughed myself silly. My favourite part was when Bart prank called Jack Bauer from 24. I liked how the format of the show was changed to seem more like 24 it was very enjoyable to watch. I thought it was very surprising that Martin turned out to be working Jimbo. Along with Marge repeatedly messing up her cake and Homer and Milhouse riding around in a dumpster this episode was a terrific way to end the season.
  • On a great parody of 24, Bart and Lisa race to stop Jimbo, Kerney, and Dolph from releasing the ultimate stink bomb. *Spoilers*

    The episode starts out with Jack Bauer saying "Previousally on 24, I mean The Simpsons" After seeing what apparently has happened (Homer has to dispose of a toxic yogurt, Lisa is the head of CTU The Counter Truancy Unit, Bart is in detention, and Marge must bake a cake and quick) we find Homer in the Quick-E-Mart, where Jimbo, Dolph, and Kerney are also at. Seeing the toxic type yougurt, the bullies take it. Milhouse, working for CTU, reports his findings to Lisa, before the bullies throw him and Homer in a dumpster, locking them in it and pushing them down a hill. They're now dumpster folk. Marge is working on baking a cake for the bake sale. Realizing the bullies will use the yogurt to ruin the bake sale, Principal Skinner sends Bart on a mission to stop them. He finds their "HQ" but misses them. They got away with the ultimate stinkbomb. Bart on the mission makes a annoying prank call to Jack Bauer. Marge tries to bake the cake fast, completely burning it! She uses frosting to cover it up. We now find out that there's a mole in CTU, and its Martin. Bart realizes this but before he can tell CTU, he's knocked out by Martin. Meanwhile, Homer and Milhouse plan to go to the bake sale. Bart and Willie are tied up, and in the room their in, is the stink bomb, close to going off. Marge gets to the school but drops the cake. She picks it up and walks into the school. Bart knowing he needs to stop the bomb, gets Lisa to release a water valve. Before Willie and he drown, Marge uses her cake to break a window. Bart, Willie, and the bomb go into the gym, where Homer gets it. After finding out its a bomb, he throws it to Lisa, who stops it. The day is saved. Then, Jack Bauer and alot of agents bust into the school. Jack says he used every agent to track Bart down and pulled them off their assignment. He also says he made the right choice. Then, a nuke goes off. Everyone is scared, but then Jake says "That was Shelbyville."
    Great season finale/parody of 24/ 400th episode. Im counting this, not "You Kent Always..." as the 400th episode cause this was better.
  • The Simpsons have done it again! Where do they get all their ideas from? This is Night Fox here knower of the 400 Episodes. A great finish to Season 18 and what a way to celebrate their '400th'(399th) Episode anniversary!

    A great start to when Principal Skinner opens a CTU – Counter Truancy Unit – at Springfield Elementary School with Lisa heading up the operation. Three students are revealed to be missing: Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney.

    You get great laughs when you find out that Mr Burns has to initiate a Nuclear Power Plant Evacuation because Homer has left a highly toxic yogurt container in the fridge. At once Mr. Burns orders Homer to dispose of it and calls him a 'land whale'. Homer attempts to convince Apu to exchange it, but the reeking yogurt falls into the hands of Dolph, Jimbo and Kearney. Homer goes outside and baits it out that Milhouse is spying on the bullies which leads to them both getting thrown in a dumpster by the bullies, which rolls and stops outside Moe's. Afterwards, Milhouse suggests they go to the bake sale, and Homer rolls there in the dumpster.

    The three bullies make a stink bomb from the expired yogurt, and plan on detonating it at the bake sale. Skinner and Lisa try to track down the perpetrators, but do so without success. Lisa then suggests that Bart (who is currently in detention) help them. Bart wishes to agree on the conditions that he is pardoned for all pranks he has committed and Skinner must teach him a swear he doesn't already know. Skinner initially declines, but when Bart reminds him about the bake sale, Skinner agrees. Bart steals (yes steals) Principle Skinner's car for his investigation.

    Meanwhile, Marge is set on making a raisin sponge cake for the bake sale. Unfortunately, she ends up being all out of raisins and has to go to the supermarket. There she gets in to a huge fight with Helen Lovejoy for the raisins, and wins. If you look closely you can see her being taken off by the paramedics with a neck braise. In order to save time, Marge drastically increases the oven temperature to 1200 degrees. This burns the cake. Marge decides to cover it up with pink and white frosting.

    During his investigation, Bart's phone call is accidentally crossed with a call from Jack Bauer to Chloe O'Brian. Bart asks who this is, and Jack responds, in an altered version of Bart's catchphrase, "I'm Jack Bauer. Who the hell are you?" Bart responds in his typical prank call fashion that his name is "Ahmed Adoudi." Jack is then reconnected to Chloe and asks her to investigate the name "Ahmed Adoudi," ("I made a doodie."). It's great when she responds saying that he has "disappeared into Afghanistan in the late 90's" and when Jack says "really" she responds sarcastically saying that he has been pranked. Bart finds out that Martin is working as a mole for the bullies after beating up Nelson. Martin then knocks him out and ties him, along with Groundskeeper Willie. This prevents Bart from telling Lisa about the stink bomb. However, Martin later regrets this and wedgies himself on a coat hanger.

    While Marge is at the bake sale, she drops her cake, and puts on more frosting. Marge sets up her cake, but nobody buys any. After Homer begs her she ends up giving him $15 for treats, and making none in return.

    The bullies set off the 3-minute timer for the bomb... What will happen next and how will Bart escape? Find out for yourself it's hilarious and won’t disappoint!
  • Being a huge Simpson's fan, and a huge 24 fan makes this episode perfect!

    Lisa as a hall monitor. Bart as a agent. The perfect setting for this type of episode. Finding students who skip is the perfect way to impersonate the TV show 24 (on an elementary school level anyway). This episode is the best I've seen in a long time. Out of the 400 episodes of this show, this is definitely in the top 10! Getting 24's own stars to do voice-overs is a definite two thumbs up; adding a more realism to the whole 24 theme. The best thing about this episode is they managed to combine the 24 theme with their own Simpson theme. Basically, this episode has very little to complain or criticize about. It's also left me with very few to say about it - in a good way though. All I have to say is, there is a reason why this show (The Simpson's) has been on the air for this long. This episode show's why.
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