The Simpsons

Season 18 Episode 21

24 Minutes

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 20, 2007 on FOX

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  • One of my favorite episodes

    I haven't seen 24… even so, this episode was hilarious and awesome. It was just so funny and I didn't get that it was a parody of 24 (cause I'd never seen it) but I definitely got that it was a parody of such action/science fiction movies. SO, It begins with Principal Skinner opening CTU: Counter Truancy Unit. His agents are Lisa, Database, Martin, Milhouse, and some of the other nerds. Immediately three 6th graders (Dolph, Jimbo, and Kearney) go missing. They are tracked to the Kwik-E-Mart, where Homer is returning a toxic yoghurt well past its freshness date. They steal the yoghurt, putting it in a suitcase, and walk outside, where Milhouse is spying on them for Principal Skinner. Homer comes up and says:
    "Hey, Milhouse, who you spying on? Those bullies?" The bullies throw both Homer and Milhouse in a dumpster and send it rolling down the road. Lisa, suspicious of the bullies activities, makes a deal with Bart to go see what the bullies are doing. He figures out they are going to put a stink bomb in the school-just as the annual bake sale is happening. Martin is a traitor and instructs Jimbo to leave. The bullies leave just as Bart comes to their house. The bullies come with the stink bomb to school, hiding in the janitors closet. Bart tracks them, finding out that Martin is a traitor, but too late, he knocks Bart out with a french horn and sends him (along with Willie, who was in the janitors room) to be tied to a chair until after the bake sale is over. They leave the stink bomb in the janitors room with a countdown and push Martin out, just as the bake sale starts.

    Meanwhile, Marge struggles to make a cake on time for the bake sale, but has problems: One, they are out of raisins, so she must go to the store to get more. She comes back with 5 minutes to spare, and bakes the cake at 1200 degrees to get it done on time. Not surprisingly, the oven explodes, and her cake is ruined. None the less, she decides to go to the bake sale anyway, covering the whole cake with pink frosting. When she gets there, she drops it on the ground and picks it up again. She then walks into the gym, proclaiming, "I'm in the sale, i'm in the sale!" Meanwhile, Homer and Milhouse steer the dumpster around town and eventually end up at the bake sale. Now comes the climax…

    Really good episode, I commend the writers for doing something out of the ordinary, and it works really well. I wish they would do something like this nowadays…

    This, 'Trilogy of Error,' 'Who Shot Mr. Burns, parts 1 and 2,' and '22 Short Films about Springfield' are some of my favorite episodes because I love it when the writers do something unusual. A big improvement from some of the episodes in the 18th and 17th season.