The Simpsons

Season 7 Episode 19

A Fish Called Selma

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 24, 1996 on FOX

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  • Great

    In this episode, washed-up actor Troy McClure finds love in Selma Bouvior (sorry I can't spell it right) and his acting carrer takes a dramatic upstring. They then get married (but it's a sham marriage) and he stars in big-budget productions and movies, making him (once again) one of the greatest actors currently in Hollywood. This episode is very funny throughout with a good storyline, and some real laughs throughout. I liked the Planet of the Apes musical it was excellent. Overall, this episode was kinda flawed (Troy was annoying by the end) but was funny throughout, so it's easily fogivable. 8.5/10 B+
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons troy mcoy is having some problems and he cant get acting roles do to a rumor in hollwood about a sex fetish . and so to prove to the people of hollwood he starts to go on date and pretends to fall in love with selma marges sister. thing is she finds out he does not really love her and so she ends it before they are married. and it does not look good for him . this was a good ep i thought and it was very interesting involing a ep about marges sister selma
  • A Fish Called Selma

    Selma starts dating movie actor Troy McClure, who is using her to get move famous roles in movies. Soon, they end up getting married. Then Troy realizes to get a big role, he and Selma need a baby. Selma realizes she does not want to put a baby in a loveless marriage, and Troy and Selma sadly separate.

    A decent episode, the Planet of the Apes song parody was one of the best things the show had done, musical wise. My overall grade would be an A or so, good laughs, good humor, and a pretty interesting plot, I though
  • Selma gets her own episode.

    I think this is the first time I see Selma as the main character in a Simpsons episode. Well, there is nothing wrong with that. This gives the show some fresh air and new angles. This is another episode that didn't make me laugh a lot, but it was so much better than the last fourth episodes in this seventh season. I really enjoy movie references and this episode had a couple that gave me very good laughs.

    Poor Troy doing all kind of things to return to the top and this includes hurting other people's feelings. In the end Selma does what is right and this show us once again that not all the characters in the Simpsons' universe are not what they seem.
  • Why haven't I seen this before as far as I know?

    This episode was as hilarious as any Simpsons episode. But, there was something different. There was more character development for Troy McClure rather than the same, "Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You may remember me from such ? as". We get to see that he's a big film star that is getting a comeback after the infamous Fish fetish. He's going out with Selma. What? That's true!

    Troy McClure has to get his eyes checked after getting pulled over by a cop (Wiggims), and the person who's doing the test is Selma. Well, Selma likes him so much that Troy asks her on a date if she lets him pass the test. After a date, his agent tells him to keep on going out with Selma and even get married because that will get him more publicity, millionaire, and he will get more roles in films and plays.

    This episode was a hilarious episode. Mainly since I think this was the first time that I've seen this episode. There was so many funny things such as Troy spraying Selma's mouth with mint or something before kissing her rather than she doing it herself because she doesn't seem to realize that her breath stinks as far as I know.
  • Not as good as the rest of the episodes in season 7.

    After a series of sordid tabloid scandals involving marine life, Troy McClure (whom you might remember from such films as The Muppets Go Medieval and P is for Psycho) needs some quick damage control. MacArthur Parker, Troy's agent, recommends he appear to in public as normal as possible. Enter Selma Bouvier, who is the perfect beard to cover up McClure's unsavory press. As Troy and Selma begin dating, the actor's public image rises considerably and he lands such highly coveted roles as The Human in the musical production of The Planet of the Apes. His star on the rise, Troy and Selma get married. Shortly after the nuptials, Selma begins to have second thoughts when Troy insists they have a baby for all the good publicity it will bring him. Selma ends the charade then and there and returns to her normal life. Troy, presumably, returns to the aquarium. Guest Star: Jeff Goldblum as MacArthur Parker.
  • Hi, I'm Troy McCluire!

    The spotlight is on Troy McClure as he marries twin Selma. This is not much of a episode of "the simpsons." Troy runs into Selma at work, They fall in love and move in together. That's just about it. No surprises in this epsoide. It's just another fish out of water, with the fading movie star marryiong one of Homer's relatives. I didn't think much of this episode. I'm ging it a 5.0. It could be better. I din't think this epsiode would hold upand it didn't. One of a very few episodes of "the Simpsons" that rank below a 6.
  • hilarious

    this episode had everything: selma getting married (again), phil hartman appearing for the second episode in a row (having voiced lionel hutz in "the day the violence died" and appearing as troy mcclure in this one), a sham marriage and, most importantly, great humour. there are so many great jokes such as troy mcclure's picture being on the cat-door, homer imagining crazy things in his head during the wedding and his casual admittance that troy was only marrying selma to further his career. the planet of the apes musical is a classic moment in the episode, and that was just a small part in a brilliant episode.
  • A Fish Called Selma

    This is my favourite episode of Season 7. It is entertaining and funny and it is real enjoyable to watch. I hope to get this episode on the Season 7 box set. I liked all the episodes of Season 7 but this one was the best. As I said above it is real entertaining.