The Simpsons

Season 14 Episode 13

A Star Is Born-Again

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2003 on FOX

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  • Ned dates a movie star.

    This episode would have been pretty good if it were not for the poor characterization of Ned Flanders. We all know Ned to be a guy that basicaly worships God 24/7 and is always following his laws. The question I have about this episode is if that's true then why would Ned Flanders partake in premartial sex? Maybe im just splitting hairs but to me Ned was a little out of character in this episode, but all of that aside, the hilarious way this story was approached saved this episode. If you can get past poor characterization, then give it a watch.
  • Meh

    When a famous and sultry movie star swoops into Springfield, every man's jaw drops. It turns out that she has eyes for none other than Ned Flanders, who has been lonely ever since his wife passed on. Flanders is the envy of Springfield as they go arm and arm together around town, and Homer is dying to know if they ever did the "deed." The movie star eventually tires of Flanders and leaves to return to LA, but Flanders still refuses to tell Homer what he wants to know. Naturally, Homer goes nuts. A little to out of Character for a SImpsons episode...
  • Pretty good

    Few laugh-out-loud moments, but a lot of sweet, subtle humor throughout. Well-done story, good characterizations for the most part, though I'm not sure why Ned is comfortable having premarital sex only once. Actually, I am sure why - it provides a reason for him to not stay with Sara. But it's sketchy writing.

    Nevertheless, these past few years of the Simpsons have been pretty bland in general, so it's nice to have just a solid episode that stands out. It's far from perfect, but it might be the best we can hope for in this day and age. Ah, well.
  • too out of character

    ned flanders is definitely not one to have premarital sex but, for some reason, in this episode he does. this is much too out of character and the episode really should have gone the other way with maybe ned proposing before and getting rejected. the humour in this episode is alright,save for the pointless appearance of an irishman towards the end of the first act being very odd. It's not hard to tell why this episode is referred to as a least favourite by a lot of people but apart from the uncharacteristical choise by flanders, the jokes in the episode were fairly decent such as homer deciding between food and cleavage and ned's famous girlfriend quickly marrying (and even more quickly divorcing) another guy after rejecting ned. overall, the plot wasn't that good but the humour was okay.