The Simpsons

Season 6 Episode 18

A Star Is Burns

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 1995 on FOX

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  • I don't really like this episode

    Alcoholism is a whole helluva lot more serious than one guy running away from surgery, and many could have perceived that "joke" as an insensitive, thoughtless joke on behalf of the writers. Despite that, each was a mere joke, and each was (as whats his face said) not meant to be taken terribly seriously. I have a feeling that when the commentary for HSiKT comes out, Scully will defend the episode saying that it wasn't meant to be taken as seriously as it was.

    I acknowledge that a lot of what Scully did was horrible and detrimental to The Simpsons. Take a look at my season rankings and you'll see that I have no clear preference for any Scully seasons. Take a look at my old top 50 lists, and you'll see only five episodes EP'd by Scully appear on that list. Having said that, he gets criticized way too much on this site without anyone giving any mention of the things that he did right. I kinda feel sorry for him, and I have little doubts that here, I probably am his number one fan (apart from maybe Mike Scully himself
  • Film Festival!

    Springfield holds a film festival, and Marge has film critic Jay Sherman visit. But, Homer is jealous and thinks Marge likes Jay. What will he do? Also, Barney wins the film competition, and wins beer, which is ironic because his film was about how beer has destroyed his life.

    A good episode, has some very funny parts and is a very interesting idea for an episode. It's not one of my favorites of the series but it is a strong offering from one of the best seasons of the show, I think so anyways, this episode gets an A+ from me
  • This is definally one of the better crossover specials of any show.

    It's funny to see Jay Sherman in the Simpsons universe. I liked the whole episode, espically when Jay entered, he made the episode better. It's also revealed that depsite that Mr. Burns was in WWII, he also made bombs for the nazis... "but min worked damn it!". It gives you a warm feeling when u see one of your favorite characters from one show, and it briefly goes onto another popular show. It's like if Garfield went on a Peanuts special, it would be really intresting. The scene where Homer gets shown off by Jays belching is just freakin hysterical.
  • One of the most laughter filled half hours I have ever spent in my whole life.

    Springfield plays host to a film festival in which various townspeople display their original work. Barney presents "Pukahontas," a haunting meditation on his alcoholism; Apu directs "Bright Lights, Beef Jerky," the tale of a lonely man working the loneliest shift in a small-town Kwik-E-Mart. Two other important entries are Mr. Burns' autobiographical "A Burns for All Seasons" and Hans Moleman's "Man Getting Hit by Football." Despite receiving bribes from Mr. Burns, the judges choose to honor "Pukahontas" as the festival's best film. Luckily for Moleman, his film is remade as "Football in the Groin," a star vehicle for George C. Scott, and wins an Oscar for Best Picture.
  • People give this great reviews but they refer to The Critic as the guy I forgot the name of. I am disgusted.

    This is a really funny episode, it has funny moments, great movie parodys and Jay singing the oscar meyer weiner song. Something disapoints me about this episode, well two things. I can't beleive Matt Groening took his name off the episode, Mike and Al made him really rich and here he is badmouthing their show, far out I hate Groening sometimes, the second thing is, people don't know who the F*** Jay is. Can't people give it some credit as the Critic crossover episode, they just think he's a character the Simpsons universe created espicailly for this episode, those two things disgust me! This is a really good episode, you can watch it time and time again, without it ever getting old, just like The Critic.
  • An often undercredited episode

    In this rather funny episode has a cartoon cross over with Fox's short lived animated series 'The Critic'...The episode is about Springfield finding out how unpopular the town is so the town gathers for a meating to come up with ideas to attact tourists....after going though some really stupid ideas makes mentions of having a film festival which the town was suprised since they usually hate her they try to organise the festive Jay Sherman (The Critic) is chosen to the on the board of voters for the best film....As half the characters make there own short film Barney makes the most clever and artistic, Mr Burns trys to bribe his way into winning.

    This was a very funny episode which much like the college episode is a laugh a second it just a tad on the silly side but not quite as good....a very good episode none of the less.
  • The Critic came to Springfield, an episode you'll never forget.

    This is a hilarious episode! Springfield thinks there town is boring, so they have a film contest. They invite Jay to come to Springfield and be a judge. Homer then votes for the dumbest movie{ some title with football }. But when he sees the movie Marge voted for, everything changes. Also everyone hates Mr.Burns movie, it's a copie of a lot of movies and badly written. I don't want to ruin it but I really recomend this.
  • Man getting hit by football

    Springfield is the least popular town in America. They have a town meeting on how to attract tourists and Marge pitches the idea for a film festival. After they accept her idea, she searches for a film critic to be the judge and Jay Sherman is her choice. He comes to Springfield and stays with the Simpson family. Mr. Burns decides to enter the festival to boost his reputation, and makes a horribly self-indulgent film. Jay Sherman fits right in with the Simpson family, but he and Homer quickly form a rivalry. After the screenings, Homer has already made up his mind he is going to vote for the dumbest video, the one by Hans Moleman. This is an injustice to Barney's film about alcoholism, which is the best of the bunch. The jury includes Jay, Homer, Krusty, Marge, and Mayor Quimby. Mr. Burns bribes Krusty and Quimby to vote for him. Homer decides to change his vote to Barney's film, so Mr. Burns loses. What does Barney win? Why beer, of course! Mr. Burns later tries (unsuccessfully) to bribe the Academy Awards.

    My review could've been over there but guess what... It's not

    Homer and hans molemans movie was so funny. I like the part where McBain Comes up to the critic and threatens to kill him.

    When homer pulled out his burping trophy, and then the guy out-burped him, and bart handed him the trophy was awkwardly funny.

    this is a very special and well written episode
    So i call it a specially well written episode!

    I'm so creative

    Meatboys final rating is a 9.4

    Adios, Amigos!!!
  • sprinfield holds a film festival with homer as the stupid judge, krusty and quimby as the crooked judges and marge and jay sherman as the only judges that really watched the films.

    this episode is hilarious, with scenes such as jay singing the oscar meyer weiner song, homer only liking the football in the groin and voting it as america's funniest home video and homer continuously writing simpson instead of sherman at the airport. barney's film was great named "pukahuntas" especially the scene:
    Barney: i'm barney gumble and i'm an alcoholic
    Lisa: mr gumble, this is a girl scouts meeting
    Barney: is it? or is it that you girls can't admit you have a problem?

    it also has a funny ending to a hilarious episode with homer opening the beer nut can after just buying it because it had spring snakes in it.
  • A very funny episode with classic moments!

    What a great episode this is! Springfield was becoming less popular by the minute, so they hosted a film festival for all the Springfieldians to get involved in. The critic, Jay Sherman came into Springfield to help them host it and Homer became one of the judges. Personally, my favourite was Hans Moleman's "Man Getting Hit By a Football". It was so funny watching Homer laugh out loud at it and it made me laugh too, and it still splits my sides today hearing Han's voice and seeing him getting hit in the groin. This episode had a pretty good plot too which I enjoyed. Watch this episode, because it is really funny
  • Money can't buy respect, Mr. Burns learns this lesson.

    Springfield was in trouble after being declared the least popular city. Mayor Quimby makes a plead to the public to attract tourists. Marge suggest a film festival and allow the townspeople to make their own films. As Marge recruits Jay Sherman, you can bet a certain someone wants to seize the chance at fame. That person is Charles Montgomery Burns, and he wastes no time on gaining respect. Burns hires a Mexican director and starts in his own film, had no choice. At the film festival, a Mole-man film gets Homer in trouble when Marge had made him a judge. Barney's film becomes the most talked about, and Burns… he pays two of the judges to get his film going. However, after Homer votes for Mole-man puts the decision in a deadlock between Burns and Barney. Homer watches Barney's film and votes for it to break the deadlock. Burns tries again, but a film similar to Homer's favorite Mole-man film teaches Burns that money won't buy him respect.
  • When a need to boast of popularly is needed, host an event.

    When Springfield finds itself low in popularly, Marge's idea of a film festival gets the okay from the town. With the ability to make their films, the citizens begin the process. Marge invites Jay Sherman to the show as a judge. During the process, Burns is inform by Smithers about the film festival and realizes he can use this chance to improve his image. However, Barney was able to pull-off a win by doing a document about his alcoholism. As for Burns, not even Hollywood would help him. At least, there was a win for Homer when a parody of his favorite film, Man getting hit by football, got a Hollywood face up.
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons there is a film festval comeing to springlfield and people start to make movies for it . and there is a few one by barney gumbal another of mr burns and another with mole man getting hit in the crotch with a football . and they have to vote to see who is the winner and who gets the award everyond does not want burns to win and so they all vote aginst his movie but the vote all comes down to homers who votes for moleman getting hit in the crotch which was hilrious . and mr bunrs movie gets the award a very good ep