The Simpsons

Season 6 Episode 18

A Star Is Burns

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 1995 on FOX

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  • Man getting hit by football

    Springfield is the least popular town in America. They have a town meeting on how to attract tourists and Marge pitches the idea for a film festival. After they accept her idea, she searches for a film critic to be the judge and Jay Sherman is her choice. He comes to Springfield and stays with the Simpson family. Mr. Burns decides to enter the festival to boost his reputation, and makes a horribly self-indulgent film. Jay Sherman fits right in with the Simpson family, but he and Homer quickly form a rivalry. After the screenings, Homer has already made up his mind he is going to vote for the dumbest video, the one by Hans Moleman. This is an injustice to Barney's film about alcoholism, which is the best of the bunch. The jury includes Jay, Homer, Krusty, Marge, and Mayor Quimby. Mr. Burns bribes Krusty and Quimby to vote for him. Homer decides to change his vote to Barney's film, so Mr. Burns loses. What does Barney win? Why beer, of course! Mr. Burns later tries (unsuccessfully) to bribe the Academy Awards.

    My review could've been over there but guess what... It's not

    Homer and hans molemans movie was so funny. I like the part where McBain Comes up to the critic and threatens to kill him.

    When homer pulled out his burping trophy, and then the guy out-burped him, and bart handed him the trophy was awkwardly funny.

    this is a very special and well written episode
    So i call it a specially well written episode!

    I'm so creative

    Meatboys final rating is a 9.4

    Adios, Amigos!!!
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