The Simpsons

Season 12 Episode 2

A Tale of Two Springfields

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 05, 2000 on FOX

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  • Fully love this episode, 5/5 for me

    I've always struggled with this one. On the one hand, it's a pretty bad episode, it exemplifies everything that was wrong with its era. On the other hand, the Who has always been my favorite band. So I'm stuck in an eternal conundrum whenever this one comes around in syndication... the Simpsons fan in me says to skip it while the Who completionist in me wants to watch it because it's the freaking Who. Typically the latter half wins and I end up regretting it.

    This was probably the first Simpsons episode that actually depressed me. I became a regular watcher in the Scully era, so many of the episodes of that period I now look back on as crap didn't phase me much. But this was different. Maybe I'd just seen enough classics by the start of season 12 to know it was shit, maybe the Who's appearance had raised my expectations to new heights. Either way, by the time Homer had his run in the badger I knew something horrible was happening. What makes it really infuriating is how much potential the whole thing had... splitting the town was a great opportunity to explore real themes, a sort of Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield-esque approach would have been phenomenal. And the Who are great potential guest stars, look no further than Roger Daltrey's appearance on The Mighty Boosh. Episodes with wasted potential are almost worse than the ones with no potential at all
  • Badger, The Who, Two Springfields, Homer is Mayor of New Springfield... What could POSSIBLY go wrong

    Springfield is cut in two- New Springfield and Old Springfield.

    This episode has so much wrong- the badger scene with Homer's guts being ripped out {not that bad, I don't think, but certainly disgusting}, loads of bad characterizations, somewhat lazy ending, a horrendous ending, a gagfest with jokes that make you want to gag, I think.

    Certainly one of the worst season openers of the show. It had very, very little redeeming qualities at all, and it was a war of two Springfields, which wasn't interesting to start with at all.

    PS- Lionel Hutz can be seen climbing over Homer's wall, in case you never saw that before
  • As funny and recommendable as electrocuting your own **** with a live wire.

    This episode is just pure garbage in my book. And I am not usually harsh, but this time I can't disagree more with the general view.

    Funny? Not at all. That would be a nice pretext to enjoy this episode despite being so chaotic and pointless, but I actually laughed twice. And neither of those laughs were too remarkable to compare with the jokes at older episodes.

    And, while the episode couldn't satisfy my demands in humour, it got worse and worse in plot and characterization. The storyline went nowhere and Homer was depicted here as a menacing psychopath that could have killed himself without remorse. I'm sorry my opinion is so conflicting in this occasion, but this is not the funny, lovely Homer I met. And I'm especially sensitive to the characters' depiction and everything related to empathy.

    So, terrible show at all, and proud member of my bottom 5. The intestinal strip-tease did the rest.
  • Homer's the mayor of New Springfield.

    When the phone company gives Springfield a new area code, Homer revolts taking the part of Springfield with the new area code (the poor side of town) with him. Soon it's Olde Springfield versus New Springfield. As mayor of New Springfield Homer runs it haphazardly and soon the population of New Springfield moves over to Olde Springfield, leaving the Simpson family as the only residents. It takes a Who concert to bring the two parts of Springfield together.

    What I liked:
    * Homer the mayor
    * They build a barrier to seperate the area codes
    * Homer gets The Who to play for New Springfield

    I think that it could have been better, but for the most part, it was a pretty good ep. Not one of season 12's best though.
  • Homer becomes mayor of New Springfield

    When Homer finds out the town is split into two zip codes, he won't stand for it. He soon realizes that the rich side of town gets to keep the old zip code, whole the other side has to get a new one. He decideds to split the town in half, New Springfield and Olde Springfield. Homer is now the mayor of New Springfield, and gets The Who to play. But the who won't play until Homer takes down the barrier between New and old Springfield to settle their differences.

    I think this is a great episode. I loved the Homer getting attacked by the badger, and The Who guest starring.

    Overall Grade:95%/A
  • Springfield is cut into two cities.

    After Springfield's telephone area code splits in two, Homer spearheads a movement to divide the town itself in half along the new area code line. Guest starring The Who as themselves. This really was just a well-done episode that I really loved. The whole idea was funny, and the phone company jokes just added to the hilarity. It may not be the best of the season, but I really enjoyed this episode. Especially the whole idea of Homer being mayor. You have to love the badger at the beginning of the episode. This is absolutely a must see and under appreciated episode.
  • very good

    Finally! I loved this episode because, flashy guest stars aside, it got back to the heart and soul of the show. This episode took a simple plot (a new area code) and let it flourish from there, just like the old days. No jockey-elves, or Bart's driving a tank.

    I loved Homer's continuous stupidity, including his "fools rush in" willingness to go into the dog house with the badger. Another favorite scene of mine was when Apu charged Marge an out-of-towners tax and called her a "foreigner". But my absolute favorite thing about the episode was what Krabappel was wearing.

    Hopefully, the rest of the season will be just as good.
  • Two Springfields collide... Great comedy for the phone company and zip coeds

    When Bart discovers a badger has taken up residence in Santa's Little Helper's doghouse, Bart and Lisa try to lure him out. After consulting and Homer, they decide to call animal control. Dialing the number, Homer runs into trouble when it turns out the area code for half of Springfield has been changed. After Phoney McRingRing and other executives fail to quell the town's fears, area code and class rivalries split Springfield in two. And when Homer becomes mayor of New Springfield, his plan to build a wall between the two towns doesn't solve any problems. The Who might be the only thing to bring the two towns together again.
  • 8.0
    This is one of those great episodes where you realize how absolutely psychotic Springfielder's are. Their willingness to riot at the drop of the hat is a constant hilarious joke throughout this series, and here they take that to another extreme. When Springfield is forced to take on two area codes, half the towns residents become so upset they secede and from their own town. After New Springfield realizes that they in fact got the bad side of town (no hospitals, constant food supply etc.) most residents bail. Homer enlists the Who to get revenge on Olde Springfield, but the Who are the voices of reason and reunite the town. If this episode teaches us anything it's that Gary Coleman is one f'd up guy. He got all kinds of pissed off at Vanilla Ice for asking him to say "Whatchoo talkin' bout" on Surreal Life, but is willing to submit the same voice clip to the Simpsons for anytime use. Rrrright.
  • My fave episode!!

    Ok this is deinitely 100% top of the list for my favourite episode of "The Simpsons" and not just because Thw Who are in it. Yep they're definitely my favourite band and I absolutely loved seeing them in yellow so to speak. but the story and one-liners in this episode are just hilarious and the addition of The Who was just the icing on the cake. The Who allusions were so perfect especially "that fat, dumb bald guy sure plays a mean hardball" as said by Mr Moe.
    I wish they hadn't done "Won't get fooled again" however because it is the most overplayed Who song of all time and although it's kind of appropriate I think Bargain would have made a lot more sense or i dunno some other song but WGFA was well placed.
    Love The Simpsons
    Love The Who
    Still my number 1 episode!!!

  • A brilliant way to kick off a new season.

    This episode was a great start to a season. Homer is absolutely outraged about the change of area code in Springfield and so divides the city into two smaller towns (Old Springfield and New Springfield). Homer appoints himself as the new mayor of Old Springfield and everyone flees his town.

    There was a decent amount of gags in this episode, the majority of which were quite funny. The storyline itself made for a lot of funny moments (such as The Who-Huddle and the \"What Badgers Eat\" website).

    It\'s clear the producers started as they meant to go on with this episode. A good start to a good season.
  • The 250th episode & it's a great one!

    This was a good Season premiere & 250th episode. Homer is outraged about the new area code change in Springfield, so divides the city into two towns - New Springfield and Old Springfield. He then elects himself as mayor, but everyone soon flees his town.

    I'll start with the good stuff. Generally, I liked the plot as it provided many opportunities for laughs. Homer was great in this episode, as was Bart. Good gags were the website (by the way, this is a real website - Fox created it for the show), Bart confusing stoats with corn, Lenny = white, Carl = black written on Homer's hand, the lowbrow expressions ("Oh yeah..." and "Come here a minute"), the whole chloroform thing, the 'Who-huddle', and their guard.

    Two things I did not like were the badger ending (what was that all about?), and Homer's skin being ripped off by the badger, which was a tad unrealistic. However, this was counterbalanced with the excellent line, "What am I, a tailor?" Great episode & a good season to follow.
  • 250th episode

    this is definitely an episode worth reviewing as it is the 250th episode and while it may not be as good a milestone episode as trash of the titans (200th episode) it does have great gags such as "i'll give you this bottle of chloroform if you let us see the who" and the badger who homer assumed was milhouse. homer continuously ringing people outside the area code as he gets more and more agitated is hilarious but the fact that he doesn't remember area code camp was a bit of a stretch. this episode doesn't disapoint as a milestone one and is a terrific one that i strongly recommend you watch dozens of times.