The Simpsons

Season 23 Episode 19

A Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 29, 2012 on FOX

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  • how do I download

    How. Do I download the episodes because I can't figure out how? Can I download it on my phone? please help!!!!!
  • the simpsons a totally fun thing bart will never do again

    this was a fantastic episode of the simpsons i enjoyed it so much i liked the montages of bart going through the same day over and over and this episode actually had a message been a while since the show had that it was really good and the ending was really sweet enjoyable episode and i hope they make more episodes like these
  • Bart convinces the family to go on a luxury cruise. Bart loves the cruise so much he takes drastic steps to make sure it never ends.

    Being a cruise lover myself, I could not help but enjoy this episode. "A Totally Fun Thing That Bart Will Never Do Again" is up to this point the best episode of the season. There is no shortage of clever sight gags (I love the overhead shot of Royalty Valhalla. I laughed harder and harder as the features of the ship came into view.) and hysterical dialouge ("Ocean sex rules!".). Bart's use of the DVD to fool everybody on board Royalty Valhalla was very clever. I found it a little hard to believe that the ship had only one way to communicate with the main land. You would think they would have some sort of backup. Also, wouldn't any of the crew have been suspicious when they found hot fudge in the communication system? That aside I was laughing hard and long enough to really enjoy this episode. VACATION FOREVER!!!
  • Lesson of the episode: Life is NOT perfect and it's unfun most of the time but you gotta enjoy happy moments when they happen

    When Bart sees a commercial for the ultimate cruise, he begs his parents for a family vacation. Low on cash, the only way they can go is if each family member sells one valuable. Once they're away, Bart is determined to make the vacation last forever. So he comes up with a plan to make sure they never have to return home. This was a fantastic episode of "The Simpsons". I really enjoyed this episode and I loved the whole moral to it. Let's be honest, we all get sick and tired of life after a while, I know I do and I've always wished that life was fun and being with your family and friends every day of every minute of every second without any worries, responsibility, and all that but it's SADLY not like that. I'm like Bart, I want the fun to last forever. I'm tired of going to school and going through the same ol' routine every day when I would rather just relax or spend a lot of time with my family so I feel like my life is a waste of time sometimes but you know, everyone just has to deal with it. Anyways,the plot about Bart wanting to go on that Royal Cruise after he gets so bored of his life but it wasn't just for him though it was also for his family which I liked seeing. I really did love how Bart wasn't selfish and all that. This episode (while it didn't make me laugh a lot) did have some funny parts like Bart selling all of his things from his room to raise money to go on that Royal Cruise when Homer and Marge couldn't afford it along with Moe's cameo appearance and Milhouse asking Moe on why he is buying Bart's baby teeth and then Moe eats them (even though that was a bit unnecessary), Homer's line "Ocean sex rocks" (that cracked me up), Bart using a DVD as a prank for him and his family to have more fun on the cruise, Homer wanting to strangle Bart but his hands are frozen and blue so he can't do it, that guys' line "I was wondering why that general looked familiar" then everyone looks at him (this was when Bart told everyone about the prank), and maybe one or two more parts. I also enjoyed the montage with Bart getting bored of his usual life from Monday-Friday in the very beginning of the episode. I thought it was nice how Marge and Lisa sacrificed one or two of their things to raise money for the Royal Cruise. I also really loved the ending of the episode with Bart and the rest of the Simpsons family sliding down with the penguins in Antarctica and then the elderly Bart says "Yeah, what a wild ride" and being happy with his young life. That's one of the best endings I have ever seen from this show and it had me smiling. I actually rewinded to the ending like three times because of how much I loved it and how much it made me smile especially with that message that Homer, Lisa, and Marge told Bart about enjoying life while you can because you only live once. My score is just a tad low because I didn't like the Captain kicking the Simpsons off of the ship. Overall, a fantastic episode of "The Simpsons"... everyone must see this one because it's got some good humor, a well done storyline, and a good message about life. 9.5/10
  • You Only Live Once

    I liked it, it was very interesting. I didn't laugh too much but there were some funny parts. The thing I loved about it was the whole plot and Bart pranking on doing something nice for the family. Bart finally didn't do something he wanted to do for him self. Great episode 10/10