The Simpsons

Season 21 Episode 17

American History X-cellent

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 2010 on FOX

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  • one of the season's better ones, but still not that great

    I liked the style being somewhat similar to Sideshow Mel narrating parts of All About Lisa. I also thought before watching the plot could be very good. But, I do not think it was handled well. The parts I wanted to see, with Smithers managing at the plant, were a very small part of the episode, and since those were what I was most looking forward to, I did not enjoy the episode as much as I would have liked to. But it was still watchable, my overall grade for this episode is a high "C" grade. Good, not great
  • OK. Not the greatest.

    This episode was just like all the others of this season. Mediocre, boring, and not at all funny. There was not really anything funny about this episode and it was certainly a forgettable one as well. In this episode, Mr. Burns goes to jail for possession of stolen artwork, which means that Smithers is placed in charge. But when the employees take advantage of Smithers' good nature and push him to his breaking point, they come up with a plan to get Mr. Burns out of jail.

    Overall, this episode wasn't that great. I'd recommend that you forget this ep because it wasn't anything special.
  • Burns in jail Smithers in charge.

    Okay, so this episode starts with 3 mysterious people coming into Burns' cell and trying to help him escape. Burns' realizing that the viewer doesn't understand what's going on, starts from the bginning. In 4 of July, Burns makes his employees throw a party to himself while they work. After something goes wrong, the police arrives and Lou finds some stolen art no the house, so Burns is sent to jail, with Smithers left in charge.

    Smithers is the good boss, until he learns about Homer, Lenny and Carl opinions about him, thre he becomes Mr. Burns2. Meanwhile on jail. Burns' cellmate who is very chirstian, performs a ritual to suck all the evil on him. so Homer Lenny & CArl disguise as officers and try to help Burns breakout of prison. When they are about to leave, cellmate asks why if his evil was sucked. Burns reveals he had some evil left in a toenail which spread all over and now he is more evil.

    For B-plot, we had Lisa taking care of an ant farm, Bart made SLH eat them all but one, they struggling to save her and SLH eating her. The only good line of the plot came from Homer thinking Patty ands Selma died when Lisa said "Our ants are dead"

    Pretty bad execution IMO
  • This was a great episode, until it got to the very end.

    Overall, this was another enjoyable episode, although I didn't like it quite as much as "Stealing First Base." I thought both the main and subplots were pretty good, and it had some pretty funny gags, like Burns jumping on the dandy jumper and the warden being obsessed with helium. I also laughed at the part where Homer started dancing because he thought Patti (sp?) and Selma had died and when Santa's Little helper ate Annie, Lisa's very last ant. The weather abruptly changing as Burns told his story was also funny, even though I thought the part where Simthers's nose fell off was kind of gross and unnecessary. The main thing that dropped the score, however, was the very end. It was confusing to me. I did not get that very last joke about Burns's cellmate asking the other guy if he had heard of Jesus. Other than that, though, this was a great episode all in all, and I hope the next new episodes, if I am able to see them, will be even better! Marebear2009, out!
  • Not the best episode, but good.

    Well, this season is hit or miss. The episodes are either really good, or terrible. Some are just okay though, like this one.

    American History X-cellent: When Mr. Burns goes to jail for stolen artwork, Smithers is left in charge.
    There are many funny parts in this episode, like the warden being addicted to helium, or Mr. Burn's huge inmate. I didn't really like how Homer took advantage of Smithers though. But, that's what Homer does.

    The B plot was okay. Bart and Lisa raising an ant farm isn't that creative, but there are clever jokes like when Homer thought Patty and Selma died, or when Santa's Little Helper ate the ants.

    Overall Grade:B/81%