The Simpsons

Season 22 Episode 14

Angry Dad: The Movie

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 20, 2011 on FOX

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  • One of the best for season 22

    "The Simpsons are going to..." the Oscars when Bart tells Hollywood to "Eat my short!" - that is, his "Angry Dad" short film, which is nominated for the Animated Short Film Oscar I thought this was a perfect episode of the Simpsons. It is one of the best I've seen for the season. The plot of Bart making an Angry Dad was very interesting. Homer being Angry Dad was very funny. He did some funny moments here as well (putting cards on his @$$, "If I find that number, you're in big trouble," etc.) While I do agree that the puns are getting ridicolous, they were not that bad here. Also, some of the parts were time fillers, but they were not as bothersome as the ones in Family Guy. Another nitpick is that Homer taking the credit for the movie while it actually created by Bart. The ending (before the credits) was kinda nice by the way. Overall, this episode was perfect, despite some of the problems here. 10/10
  • Superb episode

    I saw this episode and I thought it was funny. The plot was good and I did think there were many hilarious scenes like that the Itchy and Scratchy scene at the beginning of this episode although I felt like it was too violent, Homer wants his yogurt mixed in with the tips, Bart skateboard all over his house was funny, when Homer said "That's it boy, I'm eating your yogurt", Marge said "you ate his yogurt in the car", and Homer responds "he doesn't know that", Homer choking Bart of course is always hilarious no matter how many times, when that writer said "it's like meeting Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney at the same time", Homer uses his butt for cards and then to open the soda, a video of the audience's reactions to Bart's Angry Dad movie, when Luigi said "Sir Anthony, your pizza's, she's a gonna be late" and then Anthony Hopkins responds "Damn you.. damn you to hell", Randy Newman singing "You Got an Enemy", when Russel Brand said "none of you are my friends", when that gangster guy said "Damn Home Simp, you've been Oscar blocked... what do you think about that Nasty Jake?" and then Nasty Jake responds "That's cold", and the clips for each nominations such as that "Lewis & Crumble" clip, "Condiments" by MIXAR (a.k.a. PIXAR) and more. I also loved that Ricky Gervais, Halle Berry, and Russell Brand voiced as themselves in this episode. The only thing I didn't think about this episode was that Homer was taking all of Bart's credit for the movie. Overall, this was a superbly hilarious episode of The Simpsons. 9/10
  • a really interesting episode

    Bart's Angry Dad comic is turned into a movie and becomes a critics' recommendation. Each time the movie wins something, Homer takes credit for each time.
    the plot was good

    Bart's Angry Dad comic is turned into a movie and becomes a critics' recommendation. Each time the movie wins something, Homer takes credit for each time.

    Bart's Angry Dad comic is turned into a movie and becomes a critics' recommendation. Each time the movie wins something, Homer takes credit for each time.

    the jokes was awesome
    it is like the old simpsons episodes
    i liked it
    and i hope in the next we see episodes more interesting
  • Very interesting episode!

    I thought this was an excellent episode. It had a very compelling plot and some genuinely funny moments like the ceiling fan threatening to kill Bart, Homer wanting the money from the tip jar mixed into his yogurt, and Halle Berry's part. The thing Homer did with the deck of cards was also funny. I also liked the fact that Bart mentioned SpongeBob, and the parodies of "Toy Story" and "Wallace and Gromit" were cool and interesting to see. The reference to the Kids' Choice Awards was also very clever. The only thing I didn't like was Homer taking the credit for the movie. Overall, though, the episode was terrific, and my final grade is an A. Marebear2009, out!

    ~dedicated to tigerdude22~
  • great

    Anyone remember "Angry Dad" from s13? Well, in this episode, Bart makes Angry Dad movies. He makes one but it is negatively received and so he makes a short film which becomes very popular. It even wins awards. But Homer keeps taking all the credit, so when the film is nominated for an Oscar, Bart tries to keep it a secret from homer.

    Good episode, at least with the jokes. A lot of parts were fairly funny. The only thing I did not like was the plot itself, which was kind of weirdly put together. Still, an overall good, enjoyable episode that gets a B or so as a grade from me
  • Homer: [about the Oscars] They're like five bucks on eBay!

    So whil the family is getitng frozen yogurt (Homer's youguat' topping is the employee's tips), Bart wrekcs the house by tying himself to the celing fan ad skating around the house (and Flanders' too). so then a guy comes in ofgferig Bart to turn Angry Dad (Bart's webtoon from I Am Furious Yellow, season13) into a movie. SO they do (Homer is cast do AD's voice), Homer missestable readings for Taco Tuesday & he can shuffle cards & drink sode with his ass. Eventually, the test audience think it sucks, so Lisa suggest turing it into a short movie (cue Bart cutting the film wih a knife).

    Later Luigi says AD was nominated for a Golden Globe. So Russel Brand presents the nominees (some dudes who cook by sneezing and a tank killing a girl with a butterfly) and AD wins. But Hmer accets the award before Bart has a chance to. Cue montage of Homer accepting stuff.

    Bart is told AD was nominted for an OScar, and he keps it a secret to accept the award. Some ganstas tell Homer he is missing the oscar's and drive him there. We see scenes from COndiments (toy story parody) & Willis & Grumble (Wallace & Gromit parodY) Then Halle Berry says AD won. Bart accpets and realizes that 1 dude taking credit for a whole crew is nonsense. Homer apologizes, and they give everycrew member a piece of the Oscar.

    Overall: IT was a good episode joke-wise, ad the different animation styles were cool, but some stars (Brand, Berry) were underused & Gervais was just not funny. So 8.5/10.
  • pretty good, but not exactly what i was expecting

    I had high hopes for this episode, considering it was a continuation of the plot of a previous one. It didn't really match my expectations, but it's still a pretty good episode.

    So Bart is approached by the owner of Angry Dad to make it into a movie. He does, but the film is unsuccessful. Lisa convinces Bart to turn the movie into an animated short film, which he does. This one is very successful, winning lots of awards. But whenever it wins something, Homer takes all the credit because he is the voice of Angry Dad. So when Bart hears the movie has been nominated for an oscar, he does his best to keep Homer from finding out about it. Homer finds out about it anyway and races there to be in time to receive it. But then he hears Bart thank him for contributing to it, he forgives him and they take oscar home together.

    A good episode, lots of laughs and good pop culture references. However, the plot was a bit all over the place and the ending was sort of cheesy. I thought there would be some big conflict between Bart and Homer which would result in them being fired from the movie business, or something like that, but in the end, they're still rich, and Bart still owns a successful movie. However, there were some very good scenes and the oscar bits were pretty hilarious. Anyway, overall it was quite good and a fun follow up on 'I am Furious Yellow' from season 13.

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