The Simpsons

Season 23 Episode 14

At Long Last Leave

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2012 on FOX

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  • 500th Episode

    The family are evicted from Springfield and join an off-the-grid community outside of town. But when Homer and Marge try to sneak back into town, they are welcomed with hostility from their former friends and neighbors and begin to appreciate their new and more accepting home in this milestone 500th episode. Wow!!! this 500th Episode of "The Simpsons" was just so amazing and very funny. Now it's not my favorite episode but I still gave it a perfect score because I really don't see anything bad about this episode except that it's a bit boring in one or two parts. Anyways, this was a huge accomplishment to the whole staff of this show and this is especially a huge accomplishment to the creator Matt Groening. Over the years, some people bash on this show and say it's not good anymore and that the earlier seasons are better like Seasons 1-8 or Seasons 1-6 or whatever seasons did satisfy them. To the people that bash this show, it's not easy running a cartoon for 23 seasons and a 500 Episode milestone. Sure what if the show isn't as classical or original as the earlier seasons.... it's still a fantastic and funny cartoon even if it does have its share of weak and average episodes. I'm proud of everyone that works for "The Simpsons". I have been honored being a Simpsons fan since I was 7 years old and this is a huge accomplishment. I think you the entire staff of "The Simpsons" should get a huge trophy for getting to the 500th episode milestone and running the show for 23 seasons. So please Simpsons haters, try to at least appreciate this show even if it's not classic as it used to. Think about it, you're about complaining about this show being bad BUT ask yourself this question "If you were a creator/writer for a cartoon or TV show, would you still make the show good just like the early seasons when it's been running for this long?". I honestly don't think that can happen so give this show a break. So yeah, I thought this episode was very good. The storyline was well done and like the other reviewers said "it had an old plot from the early seasons that show us why we love these characters" (or something like that). There were many clever and funny moments such as "You want to play with me Jerk-Off Spray?", going back to the introduction of the show except in "The Outlands" version in the middle of the episode, The Simpsons watching a red fox and then Homer says "I'm tired of watching FOX", Homer dressed up as Mr. Burns to fool Chief Wiggum, Chief Wiggum telling Homer that he already knew that Homer dressed up as Mr. Burns and he said something about he is not the sharpest guy ever etc., and more. The ending was very nice as well. The storyline to this episode was very original and excellent and the humor was old-school and awesome if you ask me. Also, I loved the introduction of this episode... I just loved how it showed all the couch gags from over the years and then it zooms out until you see the number 500 then the glass breaks and you see Homer strangling Bart as he always does. So yeah, the introduction is BY FAR my all-time favorite introduction in all the years that I have seen it. Overall, congratulations to Matt Groening and the rest of the staff for running this show for 23 seasons with a 500th episode-milestone, I'm extremely proud of all of you and keep up the good work... Happy 500th Episode, The Simpsons. 10/10
  • 500th episode

    The family are evicted from Springfield and join an off-the-grid community outside of town. But when Homer and Marge try to sneak back into town, they are welcomed with hostility from their former friends and neighbors and begin to appreciate their new and more accepting home in this milestone 500th episode. This was a perfect 500th episode milestone of the Simpsons. For a viewer that has only seen episodes from the past four seasons, it was great that the show has reached 500 episodes. I didn't found any parts boring. Not even the citizens' reasons why they didn't care for the Simpsons was meh, I found it very funny. The Simpsons moving to an off-the-grid community outside of town was great and I liked the remixed Simpsons theme to it (which is a country version of it). There were some laughs to keep entertained in this episode. Overall an awesome 500th episode of the Simpsons. 10/10
  • the simpsons at long last leave

    this was a really good episode i enjoyed this one i liked the part when chief wiggum said to mayor quimby do you want me to spray some jerk off on ya and the mayor is just like err no thanks that bit made me laugh overall it was a really good episode and i liked the intro when they were showing all the couch gags even though i think they should of really saved that for the final episode of the simpsons but still a very good episode
  • Here's to another 500 episodes Simpsons

    This episode was one of the greatest episodes of The Simpsons I've seen in years and the writers did a great job on the episode. Almost every single joke worked including the ''secret code'' to wiki leaks headquarters (which is 1234) and is also a hidden reference to the movie Spaceballs. "At long last leave" more like "At long last we are the longest running scripted TV show on the planet". B+ and here's to another 500 episodes
  • Congratulations on 500 episodes, Simpsons!

    This episode was better than I thought it was going to be. I thought it might be overhyped like some of the other milestone episodes, but it wasn't. The plot was actually very interesting to watch and there were some really funny jokes like the parody of the Simpsons theme song and Homer saying "I'm tired of watching Fox " when they were literally watching a fox, the family all saying "d'oh" at the same time in the scene at city hall, Homer dressing up as Mr. Burns, Chief Wiggum's jerk-off spray joke and a few more. I also thought the intro where it shows all the couch gags over the years was really cool. Overall, it wasn't the best episode I've seen, but it was still great, especially for the 500th episode! Grade: A. Marebear2009, out!

    ~dedicated to tigerdude22~
  • Better Than I Thought It Would Be

    I thought this episode was gonna be like the 450th special, lame jokes, boring plot lines, and just an all around terrible episode. But I was wrong. The jokes (for the most part) were pretty funny and the plot lines were actually entertaining for the most part. It felt like watching one of the older season's episodes. 8.5/10
  • Reasonable milestone episode

    I enjoyed this episode mostly because it was trying too hard to be a 500th episode spectacular but it managed to make references to the last 22 seasons (Homer's voice when carrying Marge into their house and Sideshow Bob in the meeting to name a couple). Definitely not that best episode ever but a fitting tribute I to the show.
  • Full review

    You can see a full, in depth review of the episode in this link. It will tell you about the episode and anything you might have missed!
  • woo 500

    Yawn. I knew the episode was going to be marginal. Hyped up stuff usually is. But to come on tonight and celebrate this garbage? I can understand how meaningless the episode number is to the writers and staff, so I'm not angry. You know i have seasons 1 through 14 on dvd, and i cant believe how good season 14 was compared to seaons 11, 12, and 13. Just wow, whoever wrote those episodes, bring them back. But where was I, oh ya, end.
  • 500th EPISODE !!!

    Excellent episode, the story was really good, the jokes were great and what a milestone?! 500 Episodes!!!!!!

    p.s. MDH1029 sorry but u r a douchbag
  • The Simpsons marks its 500th episode with the citizens of Springfield giving Homer and family an eviction notice.

    When "At Long Last Leave" began, I immediately felt I was going to see yet another formulaic episode where the people of Springfield would miss the Simpsons and beg them to come back and wreak havoc on Springfield once again. I am glad I was not entirely correct this time around. Here we see the writers of the long running series take the old plot lines we have seen before and do something unique with them. The scenes of the family in The Outlands were very well done not to mention rip roaring hysterical. From the reworking of the opening sequence to Homer learning that a jet engine and an ATV don't mix had me laughing so hard my sides hurt. How about Maggie's new get up. Who knew she was such a demon with a mace. However, unlike so many other reviews posted here, I can't give the episode a perfect score. Mainly because next time everything will be back to normal. Well, at least the producers of "The Simpsons" marked a tremendous milestone with a memorable episode.
  • The Outlands.

    This episode was rather amusing it seemed very unique compared to the other episodes in all of their 500 episodes. However being different isn't necessarily bad. It was amazing. Personally I'd rather watch The Simpsons over any other Television show. Including family guy south park futurama etc etc. My only criticism is that it seemed too short for the idea which was huge but yea, I still give it a 10/10
  • Really great episode, congrats on 500!

    This episode was great. It was everything you would want in a Simpsons episode. The characters all displayed their personality's greatly and it was hilarious. I am on the internet saying how much this ruled!

    Congratulations on 500 episodes, and here's to 500 more (when they said that in the past for episodes 100 and 200, nobody expected it to actually come true and it did, so what the heck i'll say it again, you never know)
  • Weak episode for a decent season

    Premise: After being booted out of Springfield following a brief city meeting during which their unflattering traits are listed but not really fleshed out, the Simpsons re-settle in a backwoods shantytown inhabited by hillbilly types and Julian Assange. Despite having just tarred, feathered and professed their undying hatred for Our Favorite Family and without any intervening reasons for having changed their minds, several Springfieldians abandon civilization to join them.

    This season has given us some pretty good episodes, "The Book Job," "The 10% Solution" and of course "Holidays of Future Passed" being chief among them. This, the show's 500th episode, was not one of those standouts. The basic concept of the family being rejected and re-accepted by Springfieldians was already done in the feature film and "'Tis the 13th Season," both of which executed it much better. Here, there was no real explanation for the Springfieldians' willingness to live amongst the Simpsons again, nor was there a sufficiently convincing or comically satisfying explanation for why they got booted out in the first place. While we got to see the strength of Homer and Marge's relationship in action during a touching sequence where they sneak into Springfield, this sequence was rushed and didn't serve the episode as well as it could have, as the rest of "At Long Last Leave" didn't focus on the relationship at all. Really, whoever wrote this episode didn't seem to know what its focus was. Opportunities for nostalgia, characterization and/or satire were squandered for chuffah and sight gags with little payoff (usually involving defective farm equipment and Homer/Marge masquerading as Burns/Smithers). Julian Assange didn't really serve any purpose here other than to kill time. Some of the voices, especially Mayor Quimby, sounded like another actor was voicing them. And most importantly, the humor was just flaccid. I wasn't expecting a laugh-out-loud and/or clever moment every ten seconds like "The Simpsons" used to deliver in its heyday, but I was expecting the 500th episode to be funny (or at least clever) by this season's standards and it just wasn't.

    There were some good moments, such as Sideshow Bob in a one-line cameo appearance and the aforementioned sequence with Homer and Marge, but overall this episode fell flat. It would have benefited from a defined focus and sharper humor. Several prodigal and prospective fans of the show probably tuned in to see the 500th episode (despite the "meaningless milestone," it did get a lot of promotion) and left disappointed. If you're one of them, try watching "The Book Job," "The 10% Solution" and "Holidays of Future Passed;" they're better indicia of the show's strengths at this point in its long (and hopefully never-ending) career.

  • at long last leave

    honestly i thought it was very cleverly written, the only thing i thought was weak was the ending to all the people saying the simpsons is not what it used to be and it sucks ill give you that it's not what it used to be but every tv show has that era, honestly i think the simpsons is much better than some shows on today, like i would much rather watch the simpsons than allen gregory, napolian dynamite and the cleveland show, give the show a break 23 seasons and 500 episodes is a huge accomplishment
  • "Can I spray Some of My Jerk-Off On You?"

    We're not as good as we used to be, but for a 500th episode, this was really funny. There was a lot of smart jokes, followed by some classic Simpson's slapstick...I would say 9/10, but I'm gonna give it a 10 to make up for the troll below me.
  • Stick a fork in this show it's done

    Lets do another movie they said. Oh but our 500th episode is coming up.

    Ok consense it to 20 mins and take out anything good about it oh and lets get the douche from wikileaks to be a guest voice.

    Could have been good as a 2nd movie horrible as an episode and the fact Julian Assange was the guest voice shows what lowlifes the people running this show are.

    CANCEL THE SIMPSONS before it's it's legacy is tarnished any further.