The Simpsons

Season 23 Episode 14

At Long Last Leave

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 19, 2012 on FOX

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  • 500th episode

    The family are evicted from Springfield and join an off-the-grid community outside of town. But when Homer and Marge try to sneak back into town, they are welcomed with hostility from their former friends and neighbors and begin to appreciate their new and more accepting home in this milestone 500th episode. This was a perfect 500th episode milestone of the Simpsons. For a viewer that has only seen episodes from the past four seasons, it was great that the show has reached 500 episodes. I didn't found any parts boring. Not even the citizens' reasons why they didn't care for the Simpsons was meh, I found it very funny. The Simpsons moving to an off-the-grid community outside of town was great and I liked the remixed Simpsons theme to it (which is a country version of it). There were some laughs to keep entertained in this episode. Overall an awesome 500th episode of the Simpsons. 10/10