The Simpsons

Season 17 Episode 14

Bart Has Two Mommies

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2006 on FOX

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  • This episode has the privelige of being my 1000th review!

    This is a pretty funny episode but not the best of the season, most of the funny scenes involving Homer and the rubber duck race and Rod growing into a man (though not quite).

    The end was a terrific end to the episode, Rod declaring that he was what he thought the definition of gay was while creating a shock for Ned and hilarity for the viewers, and Mr Teeny being Bart’s chimp mum’s real son, all of this occurring in a Kong-like setting atop a steeple.

    Homer’s sarcasm becoming more of a mental problem as he continued his rant was hilarious as was the Flanders to English dictionary and Ned’s overreaction to a Christian Cluedo-induced papercut and all of these scenes were pulled off very well.

    Overall, this is an episode that is a great addition to season 17 and the series but is not the best of the year so far.