The Simpsons

Season 9 Episode 6

Bart Star

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 1997 on FOX

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  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons show bart joines a football team at school and flanders is coach thing is homer takes it over because he keeps critsizing him . and so homer makes bart the star player when nelson is the star. bart starts to do good but the kids dont like it . nelson and the others are mad but nelson there star player gets introuble with the law but bart pretneds to be nelson and they take him instead and they win the game . this was a good one. and that is why i gave it 8.0 and it had some really funny parts in it.
  • Homer's little men

    This is the ninth season and although this episode feels a bit different than episodes from previous seasons, it still packs some serious jokes. For example the joke about Bart taking nelson's place is just incredible. As for the feeling of this episode, hmm, well, it feels well written, and since it is so basic, it doesn't feel like a sci-fi. You know what I mean, many epidodes of the Simpsons are way too exgerated. But this one feels like your family going through some situation in life anmd that is good. A very down to earth episode with some great jokes. Feels weird and still is very watchable!
  • At a Health fair it is revealed the kids of Springfield are getting fat. So the parents all enroll them in PeeWee foot ball. After Homer pushes Ned to the edge he enherits the coaching job and puts his faith in Bart. Too much faith.

    An ok episode not one of my fave plots but there were alot of great moments that carried the episode. My favorite moments were the Appearance of Hank Hill and his family from King Of The Hill Grandpa's lack of pride in Homer (the flash back was really well plotted), Lisa's dissapointment that she has nothing to protest or stand up against about football and Nelson was the best in the Episode. Nelsons Dad: "Son i'm taking you to hooters" Nelson "awww I don't want to bother mom at work!" and of course Joe Mammoth and his vapor lock. Just goes to show you don't need a good plot to carry an episode.
  • Bart Star

    Boys of Springfield play pee-wee football, and Homer becomes the coach after making Flanders mad. But now Homer favors Bart in all aspects, and bart is really bad at football. So Nelson and other teammates pick on him. Bart tries to feign an injury, but Homer then forfeits the game they were going to play. Then Bart quits because he is angry at his father's ignorance. Homer tries to coach but is distracted. Then during a big game the cops come for Nelson. Bart "takes his place" and ends up going to jail... for arson, as the episode ends. Grade- B+/A-
  • Super funny!

    This is such a funny episode, it is one of the episodes to enjoy on The Simpsons. I specially liked the part of Joe Namath, because I found it so funny. He just says like four lines, but funny. There were so many funny parts in this episode like Homer always yelling to Ned and distracting him, or when the little toy of football is broken and Homer says that they will start vibrating around the field while Nelson stays stand holding the ball, funny Homer. Nelson vitory dances, or when he uses Bart as a human shield. And Homer wants Bart to be the star of the team, so he was hated by all the team, then he accepts going to jail and Joe Namath appears in the street in the final scene. Other than that, it´s a great episode with really funny quotes. I don´t care if it has such a low rating, I like it a lot.
  • Pee-wee football

    OK so the Springfieldian kids are fat so whats the answer a bit of Pee Wee Football!!!

    Nelson is quarterback, because hes the only one can through and Flanders is coach. He's doing a great job even though Homer's bugging him from the sidelines. Then enough is enough and Flanders makes Homer coach.

    Well lets just say this was a bad decision! Just picture one of those over-supportive parents and pee wee sports and then x1000 and youv'e got Homer.

    He makes Bart quarterback and even though he stinks he thinks Bart is the star of the team. When Bart fakes an injury he forfeits because Bart is the "heart and soul" of the team.

    Eventually Homer comes good and even though its a twisted sort of ending Homer and Bart reconcile.

    This is a great episode. I loved the other sporting episode with Pee Wee Hockey just as much, but that was Brother vs Sister and more serious.

    This was kinda silly but still a lot of fun!
  • Another homer job: peewee football coach

    this episode is hilarious, with homer replacing nelson as quarterback with bart even though nelson was obviously better. this causes bart to quit and the relationship between bart and homer becomes difficult which of course opens the window for numerous jokes. the end where bart says he can take nelson's place when the cops come for muntz which becomes a twist because bart's really taking nelson's place in the cop car. this was a great ending and homer's cutting in the credits was hilarious as well ("you're cut too shusher"). this is a very memorable episode indeed and a definite watch for any simpsons fan.
  • Amazing...

    Bart joins the Springfield Wildcats, a pee-wee football team. During games, Homer heckles Ned, the team's coach, so much that he quits and makes Homer the coach. In his new role, Homer starts to show Bart special treatment, which alienates the boy from his teammates. Eventually, Bart quits the team but rejoins after he and Homer share a moment discussing the importance of teamwork. As a show of team loyalty, Bart allows himself to be arrested by Chief Wiggum, who is actually looking for Nelson Muntz, the Wildcats' star player. Very good episode to say the least, and I think we can all agree that season 9 is turning out to be great...