The Simpsons

Season 9 Episode 6

Bart Star

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 1997 on FOX

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  • Pee-wee football

    OK so the Springfieldian kids are fat so whats the answer a bit of Pee Wee Football!!!

    Nelson is quarterback, because hes the only one can through and Flanders is coach. He's doing a great job even though Homer's bugging him from the sidelines. Then enough is enough and Flanders makes Homer coach.

    Well lets just say this was a bad decision! Just picture one of those over-supportive parents and pee wee sports and then x1000 and youv'e got Homer.

    He makes Bart quarterback and even though he stinks he thinks Bart is the star of the team. When Bart fakes an injury he forfeits because Bart is the "heart and soul" of the team.

    Eventually Homer comes good and even though its a twisted sort of ending Homer and Bart reconcile.

    This is a great episode. I loved the other sporting episode with Pee Wee Hockey just as much, but that was Brother vs Sister and more serious.

    This was kinda silly but still a lot of fun!