The Simpsons

Season 1 Episode 2

Bart the Genius

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 1990 on FOX

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  • Today, Bart is a scientist.

    Bart the Genius.

    This episode who first got on the episode in Martin. He is new. It reminds me of Bart on the Road. Bart was driving a car. But in this episode, scientists found a silly button backpack. And goo. Eww.
    This episode is fun and asome for all ages. Want to watch it? WATCH IT!
  • Today, Bart is a scientist.

    Bart the Genius.

    This episode who first got on the episode in Martin. He is new. It reminds me of Bart on the Road. Bart was driving a car. But in this episode, scientists found a silly button backpack. And goo. Eww.
    This episode is fun and asome for all ages. Want to watch it? WATCH IT!
  • A classic!

    This was the first Jon Vitti Script on the series and David Silverman's first direction in the series and the combination of in my opinion the best writer on staff(Vitti Went on to write many more episodes and is now writing the Simpsons Movie)and the best director on staff(Silverman went on to be long time supervising director on the show and is currently directing The Simpsons Movie)made this episode great. I would say the best episode of the best by far. And I think that's why the writer and director went on to be great success. Truly one of the fine examples of how great this series is.
  • "You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't!"

    This was the first normal episode of The Simpsons and it rocked. Just when Bart was going to be punished for a crime, he ends up going to a school for geniuses. He is immediately made out to be a below-mediocre student when he foolishly gives away his lunch and causes an explosion in the lab. He confesses his averageness and goes back to Springfield Elementary. The best scenes in this episode were the Scrabble scene, the nonsensical math equation, and Homer and Bart acting immaturely at the opera. It's hard to believe that many people actually believed that Bart was a genius (only Lisa knew better...)

    Grade: B-
  • ...

    A relly great 2nd episode to "The Simpsons" very funny and a really good use of storyline as it is early, very early in the Simpsons series, To put accross the character Bart as a lier, cheat but sorry at the end of the day! ect. A good pisode to get into the Simpsons well!

    A relly great 2nd episode to "The Simpsons" very funny and a really good use of storyline as it is early, very early in the Simpsons series, To put accross the character Bart as a lier, cheat but sorry at the end of the day! ect. A good pisode to get into the Simpsons well!
  • Best of Season 1!

    This is still one of the best episodes of the Simpson's it does a great job of introducing us to some of the school characters. The KWYJIBO is still one of the greatest jokes in the course of the series. Not to mention when Skinner compares the hand writings of Homer's note and check. It's also a great social commentary when the psychiatrist asks Bart if he is bored with his class and feeling frustrated. It's saying that both those under and over "normal" need special attention, or in other words there is no normal. Although Bart's achievement is miss judged he still needs special attention to develop correctly. It also helps to reinforce the series everything will be better by the end attitude which episode is summed up perfectly with Lisa's closing remarks "I think Bart is dumb again."
  • Second sipsons episode

    This is one of the greats in the simpsons family of episodes why, because It is has bart being a smart,well kinda see bart gets put in a magnet program[for all you people who don't know what magnet is it is a program for really smart kids.]ok back to the review anyway what happens is that after a test in school he switches his test with martins and then he is asked to join a magnet program of course this does not work out for to long anyway this was a very great episode and a classic in my book.
  • Bart the Genius with mischiefs

    I actually think that this episode is supposed to be the pilot episode, because it’s so revealing and pivotal of the Simpson’s temperament. In this episode we also get see Edna, Skinner & Martin actually performing and revealing their characters. The plot is centered on Bart where he cheats on his aptitude test and gets to go to a smart school. This is an emotional episode of father & son, which didn’t last long because Bart became stupid again. We get see Bart has his own disciplinary file drawer in Skinners office & this is the first time I’m seeing Bart worried about his appointment with the principal.First time catch phrases; eat my shorts, why you little…
  • For a start to the series, this episode was awesome.

    Just like Fox, I consider this to be the first episode in the case of which the Christmas episode is more of a special. Being for this was the actually pilot, I would consider this episode extremely well done. The suspense of the plot keep me guessing, and I wait as to what would happen to Bart in the end. I'm almost surprised he admitted his crime, nearly drifting off his normal character position we know him as, but I can understand as to why he would do such a thing. I thought the episode was awesome, and many new, and funny, characters were introduced to make this episode even more interesting. I would definitly say that this episode was a wonderful start and I don't think that they could of made a better decision on chosing the first cartoon in the series.
  • Bart's IQ

    Bart simpson bacame one of my favorite characters because there never a dull moment for the goof ball. This epsiode has the goof ball going to school for smart kids after he cheated on an exam. The family is proud of his achievement, despiute the fact that they don't know that Bart has cheated. One scene when the family went to see Carman, Bart and Homer made fun of the singers on stage. the rest of the episode has Bart trying to go though the new school I love the episode and it's the first episode after the Christmas special.
  • bart swaps a test paper with martins so is classified as a genius

    Brilliant episode and good story.
    It starts off with the simpsons playing scrabble and bart puts the word kyjibo down,he then descibes the definition and it fits the discription of homer.
    When barts goes to the new school all the people there are geeks and so try and cheat him at lunch.
    In the end bart blows up the school doing an expirment,which turns him green.In the last minute bart admits that he cheated on the test and homer chases him around the house,bart is naked though.
    Funny and crative another superb episode from matt groening
  • bart did not no what to do

    bart was dont know what to do in test the boy of martin prince finsh the test and he went the playground and bart seat on the window and martin smaly face with bart and bart erase the test paper of martin prince and bart put his name and bart test paper he put name of martin prince and high school and he dont what do in scince lab and every one think bart was gunise and teacher was bart did u know what u donig yes mam i know what iam doing it was seacrt ok and bart was maesd the lab.
  • The best season I episode!

    This episode is a classic! Bart switches tests with Martin and gets sent to a school with all the smart kids. This episode debuts some funny quotes, like Homer's "I bet einstein turned himself into all sorts of colors before he invented the lightbulb" and Bart's "Well, you're damned with you do and you're damned if you don't".
  • Bart cheats on a test and winds up in a school for smart people.

    Faced with the prospect of flunking an intelligence test, Bart switches his exam with the classes smartest kid, Martin Prince. When Bart gets into trouble the school psychologist Dr. Pryor studies the results of the test and identifies Bart as a genius, and Marge and Homer enroll Bart in a new school. On his first day at the Enriched Learning Center for Gifted Children, Bart feels out of place among other students. At homer however, he enjoys the new attention Homer is giving him. Hoping to simulate her son with a little culture, Marge buys the family opera tickets. Sad by his smart classmates, Bart visits his old school where he is rejected by his friend. When Bart's science project blows up he confesses to Dr. Pryor that Martin is the real genius. Bart goes home and tells Homer about what he did and Homer chases him through the house.
  • This really is really funny.

    This is an origanl episode. It's the first episode that has Edna Krabappel and Martin Prince.

    Martin is bugging Bart about being stupid. Bart's class has an IQ test. Martin finishes before everyone and goes to read outside under a tree. Bart hates him so much that he puts his name on Martin's and puts Martin's name on his test. All the teachers say that he is a genius. He goes to a special school for geniuses. Homer and Marge treat him deferintly and Bart likes it. In the genuis school, Bart doesn't understand anything. Then he mixes two chemicals together and it blows up. After he gets home he tells his parents the truth about how he cheated on the test. Homer hates him and starts chasing him around the house.

    I give this episode a 9.1 out of 10.
  • I can say that it was the funniest episode in Season 1...

    This episode was a great episode of Season 1, it actually was THE funniest episode of Season 1, Bart cheats on a test when Martin becomes to stupid and idiot because of him, and at the end he is taken by genius, as a result his professor thinks that Bart is too smart for his class so he sends him to a special school of Springfield, where Bart is taken by a foolish by his classmates, and soon begins missing his old school, and in the end he fakes the excuse that he want to enter as a spy to the school, but in the end confesses what he did to Homer... and he doesn't even accepts it! Good episode!
  • Bart is not a genius. Or is he?

    Well that is Bart. He gets into trouble and does not pass in class. It was funny when he cheated and later a doctor came in to tell Homer and Marge that his son is a genius. When Bart went to his new school he knew he was dumb and other kids made fun of him. In the end he told Homer the truth and Homer went angry.
  • Bart is a genius. Hard to believe it.

    This episode teaches kids of not to cheat in a test. Bart took the test and switched it with Martin's. Next day Skinner called Homer and Marge of Bart's graffiti. Then Dr. Loren comes in and tells them that Bart is a genius. He went to the new school where kids are smart with a high IQ. Knowing that he wasn't smart enough he confesses to Loren that he cheated.
  • Wonderful!

    Bart switches his exam with Martin's, and finds himself in a fine school after that. Then he's not a genius after telling everybody. I think this was a classic episode, and more episodes should be like this. Homer continues to act like th buffoon he is, and that's probably the reason why this show became a hit.
  • Bart cheats and is mistaken for a genius

    This is a very special episode to watch. I never get sick of it! Its great to see Bart and Homer bond through playing catch in the backyard and cracking jokes at the opera and then it all blows up when Bar admits he cheated on his intelligence test.

    I guess Bart really isn't the dumbest tool in the shed because he was smart enough to change tests with Martin!

    Its amazing watching how far the characters have progressed from this episode. Homer seemed more intelligent and Bart also seemed to care about the consequences when he got in trouble. Thats something that doesn't happen very often any more.
  • Bart The Genius

    This is a great episode for the second one. Not my favourite of Season 1 but cool anyway. It properly introduces the characters and other characters too. It is real funny when Bart does an experiment but goes wrong and confesses to Homer and Homer don't take it really well.
  • cool episode

    i like this episode because it just goes to show you what a prankster "bart" is capable of. but what i dont understand is why did he actually do it? if most of the recent episodes he likes failing then suddenly he has to cheat. why? if anyone knows why please be free to tell me. moving on, i think that over all its a gr8 episode to watch.
  • Bart cheats on a test, changing his exam to Martin's. When Skinner calls Homer and Marge, to tell Bart made a graffitti on the school's backyard, Dr. Loren Pryor comes in and tells all of them that Bart's a genius

    It is not a very funny episode, although the series was just beginning, this is not a good example of The Simpsons' classic episodes. Bart becomes a genius, Lisa gets jealous of him, Marge tries to encourage Bart to attend to more cultural activities to foment his intelligence, and Homer spoils him. The storyline is kind of boring
  • This episode shows that what comes around goes around

    This episode shows that what comes around goes around ; it’s a lesson to teach kids of Bart’s age not to cheat in a test. The most funniest quote in this episode is when Miss Krabappel says before the test “Now I don’t want you worry class. These tests will have no affect on your grades. They merely determine your future social status and financial success - is any”. This shows that the only Smart boy in the forth grade is Martin prince and not Bart Simpson. Certainly not the best episode of the season but a fine one none the less.
  • A bart-central episode

    if not for the shoddy animation and imperfect voices at this stage of the simpsons, this plot-line would really seem to be a recent episode with great jokes. bart cheating on an IQ test really gives a look into what the simpsons would be like in years to come. bart, the most popular character at this stage of the show, is really explored into showing just how mischievous he can be. homer's stupidity is also heightened in the second episode of the series with quotes such as "i bet einstein turned himself all kinds of colours before he invented the lightbulb" and the now classic and frequently used "why you little!" this episode was a real insight into these 2 characters of father and son and the strange bond between the two. a great early episode.
  • In this episode we learn about the trouble maker of the entire cartoon series, Bart.

    This is another good episode for the simpsons. There aren't many jokes in this episode, however this episode is more of a revealing eposide about the bad boy Bart.

    We learn that Bart obviously causes a lot of trouble at school, and gives a hard time to all.

    However in this episode about Bart, Bart cheats on a IQ test, by swapping his name with the smartest kid in the class. As a result Bart gets sent to a school which if for kids with high IQ's. Bart obviously does not fit in here, and eventually his classmates in the class don't like him. Bart ends up telling Homer he cheated, which doesn't result to well.
  • The Genius that's mischevious.

    Bart's personal life gets introduced as we learn that Bart is a troublemaker that picks on Principal Skinner, vandalizes the school and costs his family repair costs. One incident happens before an IQ test that Bart switches with Martin Prince, so while Marge and Homer look at Bart's file, we learn that Bart has a 216 IQ. But Bart shows that he's only worth the first 2 numbers... 21 taking away the fact that Lisa is the real genius in the household. Bart can't do any of the genius work, no obne wants him as a friend and Homer chases a nude, green Bart to his bedroom.
  • Bart cheats off Martin Prince's test, and becomes a 'Genius'. (Spoilers!!)

    'Bart The Genius' is a truly original idea: taking a bad kid who cheats, and him becoming a genius all of a sudden.

    Bart The Genius, like most of the episodes in season 1, is generally slow. Jokes didn't come too often, but you have to like the idea of this episode, and the outcome. This episode is only a SLIGHT MARGIN ahead of 'Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire', but my slight margin, I mean slight margin.

    This episode is worth a look, but don't expect too much.

  • An in-depth look into Bart's true character.

    While not nearly as strong as the Christmas special that first launched the series, "Bart the Genius" is still a slightly-above-average episode that gets us to know the mischievious character of Bart a lot better. It's obvious that he generally does dismally in school, so he pulls a prank that helps boost his grade in the other direction, at the expense of his brainy classmate, Martin Prince (Who is, BTW, my most hated character on the entire show). Bart is the classic troublemaker, a modern-day Dennis the Manace, if you will. Running around the house naked, disgracing the principal, etc. A lot of the humor in this episode is on the silly side, and silly humor isn't necessarily what the show's known best for, but it's decent enough for Season 1.
  • Eventhough it is still early in the shows run, this episode, had signs of the greatness too come.

    Originally airing on January 14, 1990, "Bart the Genius", was the second episode to air. This episode had a fairly strong plot. Although this episode had some color issues (brown bananas, Millhouse's chainging hair color), it did have some high anamation points (the lighting and shadowing effects, while Homer is playing catch with Bart, at dusk). It is nothing compared to what they do now. But was great for it being so early in the season. The pacing in this episode was a little faster than "..On an open fire". We get to see more of Skinner, and Martin Prince in this episode. Overall this is another great episode.
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