The Simpsons

Season 1 Episode 2

Bart the Genius

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 14, 1990 on FOX

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  • Great episode

    Bart is mistakenly placed in a school for "gifted children" after he cheats on an intelligence test at school. I thought this was a great episode of the Simpsons. Since it's the first episode to have the well-known opening, you'll noticed how different it is. It was only used in this season. The animation and the art looks terrible, but thankfully it'll get better later on. I understand people not considering this as their favorite season due to the show barely starting. The characters, especially Homer, noticeably the off-model scenes, looks different, as well as their voices. Well, the episode is not my favorite and there are a couple problems. The main problem was that it was pretty lackluster for some of the parts. Also, that scene when the Simpsons were in the opera was pretty annoying. Everyone but Marge was laughing at something and it was getting dragged after a while. There are only a few moments I laughed here, like Bart defining the word "kwyjibo" in which he describes it as Homer, Bart visualizing the test, Bart and Martin making Faces, all of the off model throughout the episode, Bart singing the opera, Homer chasing Bart naked because Bart cheated in the test. The two funniest scenes are the first and last I listed. I think that part where Bart made a word "kwjibo" was very funny as he use it to describe Homer, who chases him. He would do the same reason at the end and that was LOL funny. All in all, not the greatest Simpsons episode due to its heavy off model and horrible animation, but it's great.

    Score 8/10
  • Oh, the Bart we loved!

    Still not all that funny, this episode however was very well made. This is the mischievous Bart we loved, not a man who has turned into a criminal as of Season 20. I mean, in that "Beware my Cheating Bart" episode, I heard he dates this old woman or something. I mean WTF!?! This is the Bart we loved and I love this episode. Though, I don't believe this episode is somewhat rewatchable.
  • Superb


    The episode begins as the Simpson family plays Scrabble, in the living room, in an effort to build Bart's vocabulary for his aptitude test tomorrow at school. The game ends when Bart cheats and makes up an imaginary word, "Kwyjibo," and defines it as, "A big, dumb, balding, North American ape with no chin." Homer is instantly angered and chases Bart out of the room. The next day before class, in the schoolyard, Martin Prince, the school genius, tattles on Bart, for spray painting graffiti that defames Principal Skinner on the school building. Skinner orders Bart to see him after school. As the children file into class, Mrs. Krabappel hands out aptitude tests to everyone. When she instructs the class on taking the timed intelligence test, Martin raises his hand, and reminds her that Bart is supposed to face the window during any test so he can't cheat. A grumbling Bart turns his desk to face the window and the test begins. In an attempt to figure out a lengthy math word problem, Bart tries to visualize the problem so he can solve it. The visualization turns into a daydream and when Bart finally comes back to reality, Martin announces that he has finished his test already. Mrs. Krabappel sends Martin outside to read a book, during the remainder of the testing period. While Bart is still taking his test, he looks out the window to see a smug Martin sticking his tongue out at him. In retaliation, Bart makes faces back at Martin; Mrs. Krabappel spots Bart making faces and looks out the window to see what Bart is looking at. While her back is turned, Bart, who is seated at the front of the class, reaches over to Mrs. Krabappel's desk and steals Martin's test, replaces Martin's name with his own and then puts the test back on her desk. Bart then quickly fills out random answers on his own test and then writes Martin's name at the top and turns it in.
    Later, after school, Marge and Homer are called to Principal Skinner's office for a meeting about Bart's behavior at school. Skinner informs Marge and Homer about Bart's graffiti from earlier that morning. As he reaches for Bart's rather extensive permanent record, and is about to suggest something along the lines of expulsion for Bart, his secretary buzzes in and says that Dr. J. Loren Pryor, the school psychiatrist is waiting to see him. Dr. Pryor walks in on the meeting, and surprises everyone when he tells them that Bart is a "gifted child," and according to the aptitude test from earlier, Bart has an I.Q. of 216. Dr. Pryor suggests that Bart's history of bad behavior stems from a lack of interest in his school work, due to the fact that it is too easy for him. Skinner wants Bart retested, but when Dr. Pryor suggests moving Bart to a school for "gifted children" Skinner jumps on board with the idea, and Bart quickly agrees when he hears that the school doesn't have much structure and that you get to make your own rules. Dr. Pryor hands Bart some paperwork for the "gifted children" school, and he, Homer and Marge leave the meeting stunned.

    9 out of 10

  • Second Episode.

    This episode begins with the family playing scrabble to prepare Bart for his quiz. Bart plays the work Kwyjibo, which he describes as a fat, balding, North american ape(with 2 chins)

    On the day of the quiz, Bart switches his test with Martin prince's, the smartest kid in the class. Homer and Marge get called to the school, when The Principal sees Bart's "score" on the test. Bart is soon sent to a school for gifted children. He dosn't fit in there, seeing that he's not actually a genius. He finally tells Homer this, and he chases hin through the face.

    This was pretty good, considering that it's only the second episode. But there were still a few funny bits, like the opera scene, and Homer's messy handwriting.

    Overall Grade:75%/C+
  • Bart cheats on his achievement test and he is deemed a genius.

    Facing the prospect of flunking an intelligence exam, Bart changes the name on Martin's test to his name. The school psychologist advises Homer and Marge that Bart has a very high level of intelligence, calling him a genius, even. Bart is enrolled at a new school for smart kids, where Bart feels out of place with the other students. When his Science project explodes, nearly destroying the school, he admits to the psychologist about his scam. As you would imagine, Homer is furious and chases him around the house.

    This is a very underrated episode. I found the plot to be nice and the jokes were funny. I always loved this episode and even tho its in season 1 I find it enjoyable to watch.
  • the switch of the tests

    bart switches test with marten and gets a huge iq and goes from being stupid to being put in with the highly intellegent. but bart does not fit in because he is really not as smart as them and is used to goofen off and pulling pranks on when he tells homer what he did homer chaces him around the house and lisa says bart is stupid again. i think it was a good ep and was the start of something good for the simpsons and it was only second ep of the show and it still drew in alot of viewers
  • Bart? A Genius? Wha-?

    Bart cheats on an intelligence test {switching it off brainy Martin Prince} and is mistaken for a genius who is "bored of ordinary school." So he goes to a genius school where the other kids can tell he isn't smart and take advantage of him. He tries to tell Homer this. In the end he does and he is chased through the house by a very angry Homer. Things go back to normal.

    A pretty strong offering with a good plot. It had some funny moments and some really nice introduction to some more characters who weren't in the pilot.
  • Bart switches test's with Martin Prince, and gets an IQ of 216. Bart Gets sent to gifted school, but struggles deeply. He owns up to Homer, but Homer gets mad and chases Bart. Lisa says the line to marge as they observe "I think Bart's stupid again."

    The second episode of The Simpsons, I think it was another classic. This Episodes alot of new characters, and shows the true coulours of some. Bart isn't the smartest, Martin is. Homer seems to be angry in earlier episodes, as he shows alot of rage towards Bart in this one. This episode wasn't the best, but it did deliver. It was enjoyable to watch, slightly more funny than the first one, but maybe the story wasn't as enjoyable. Then again, I'm quite happy watching this one at home, This was Jon vittis favourite episode he wrote from an interview in 1991.
  • A funny episode delving deeper inside Barts mind.

    This is one of my favourite episodes ever. I love how easily Bart can change his report card and Martin isnt so geeky. I used to sit and watch the train question for ages in slow motion and I said to my self DAMN am I ever goin to answer this question. This is also delving deeper into Barts mind and his actions. I love the theatre scene where Homer Bart and suprisingly Lisa are messing around. The ending is a classic where it ends with Homer and Bart having a father son chat and then Homer becoming furious with Bart for cheating.
  • Shows Bart's Personality.

    Bart is treated like a genius after switching his paper with Maritn Prince on itelligence test. He is sent to a different school where the kids use their intelligence to make fun of him. Marge tries to nutures his mind by taking him to events like opera. At the end they relize he isnt a genius but isnt so dumb ethier.It shows how bart acts and is treated at home and at school. This isnt a funny episode at all but has a good plot. It is mostly a character devlopment episode. It is an average classic episode I give it a 7.0 .
  • Eh Os Os.

    If you don't understand the title watch the episode. Anyway Bart cheats on a standardised test and is mistaken for a genius. Ok so far. But I don't think they would actually let someone like Bart only have one test. They would of re tested him no matter what. But any way. Martin who constantly gets on Barts nerves gets a taste of his own medicine when Bart takes his test and makes it his. (Watch the episode makes more sense) My review. Yes Bart is devolped into not just a trouble maker a some what Brat. Also this episode shows how Homer cares when Bart is smart, and when Bart does the right thing in telling the truth homer is gonna kill him Haha. It is generally a funny episode especially the bit with the science lab and swapping food. I do think people need to focus more on the smaller roles. E.G Lisa And Marge. It does get boring as it goes on. It isn't a action packed episode so it isn't one of the best in the season but still a definite for new comers to the show and all the veterans like me will know about this already. Until next time.
  • So Bart's a genius eh?

    Bart simpson a genius That will be the day!

    One of the greatest episodes from the one of the greatest seasons of the greatest show ever
    but i'll say that about them all.

    Bart the Genius was a great episode where bart turns green i can't say it changed the face of humour but it was a very very funny installment of the funniest show that was ever thought of and definately of the funniest show ever thought of 5 minutes before the interview

    the second episode ever was a great episode

    ahh goobras

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  • Bart cheatss on a test and is deemed a genius

    At a class test, Bart finds the test so hard that he can't help but cheat. What he did was swap his and Martin Prince's (who has an IQ of 216) test. He also wrote his own name on his test. At a later point when he is at a parent-pupil-principle meeting, after he plays a prank, the school psychiatrist bursts in with Bart's "amazing test result". He convinces Bart that a specialist school may be better suited for him. But when Bart goes in, h finds it is erlaxing but also much more than he could handle. He finds his way back into Springfield Elementary and lives his normal slacking life in Miss Krabby's class
  • Bart becomes a genius after cheating on an intelligent test, and is treated like a genius.

    1.2 Bart the Genius

    This was a pretty good classic Simpsons episode, which explained a lot about Barts character. We see him spray painting Principal Skinner with the quotation "I Am a Weiner" and then we see him switch test papers with Martin Prince. My favorite parts of this episode are:

    1. Barts lyrics to "March of the Toreabors"
    2. Bart and Martin making faces at each other throught the window
    3. Bart turning green.
    4. The juxtaposition of Bart and Homers attention span.
    5. Homers quote "you may do what no other simpson has may outsmart someone"
    6. The framed picture of Albert Einstein next to a framed picture of Bart.
    7. Barts example of a peradox..."youre damned if you do and your damned if you dont"
    8. Homers first..."why you little"
    9. The chase scene of Bart and Homer
    10. Bart misspelling confession

  • Bart a genius? Hah! How could they have fallen for that? Warning: Contains spoilers.

    Although, with my current attempt to re-watch and review every episode of the Simpsons, I didn't want to re-watch this episode. This is what you might want to call the boring episode of the Simpsons. It's the South Park's "Pip" of the Simpsons. Well, not really. I didn't find this episode to be very entertaining. The plot just seems over-used from other series (or I may be wrong).

    Bart cheats off Martin's test and he is considered a genius. He is taken to another school to be with other smart kids, and Mr. Skinner couldn't be happier. Soon, Bart has to confess since he can't stay in a genius school when he's just a younger Homer Simpson.

    This episode was a great addition for the second episode of the first season, but it wasn't really that great compared to other episodes I've seen and the latest episodes. The first episode was all right, but the second wasn't as much the big enchilada like the first episode of the Simpsons.
  • My favorite season 1 episode.

    So after Bart cheats on an intelligence test he is sent to a gifted school for very smart children. I never saw this episode until I got the first season dvd. And I loved it. David Silverman's directing made the show able to go on, with out him there would be no Simpsons (or at least not as great as it is now). I loved the episode's plot, it was character revealing for Bart showing his bad side and showing how he acts. And his first catch phrase, "Eat My Shorts" that was hilarious. Great job crew, loved the episode. 10/10.
  • when bart cheats on a special test he gets sent to a genious school.

    oooo o o oo oo o o oo hhhhhhh ho hoo oh oh o ho woho man I love watching The simpsons. The second episode was great but it needs tuning but its a clasic. So yeah I cant think of any thing else to s aaaaaaa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aaa a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a Hey stop that. well you get what I mean bye.
  • Bart's smart... or is he?

    The first season of "The Simpsons" contains some episodes that simply aren't that great. In my opinion, this is one of those episodes.

    The story, in brief, is this: Bart cheats on an aptitude test and is ushered into a school for gifted children. While he initially welcomes the change he soon finds that he's gotten himself in over his head.

    This is the first episode in which we see Bart's underachieving ways. He wants to succeed academically but he just doesn't have the drive and the intelligence. Luckily, his parents support him either way, though Homer isn't too pleased at the end of the particular episode.

    These early episodes, while sometimes lacking in entertainment value, were nevertheless essential when it came to establishing character. So, while this episode isn't necessarily that funny it makes it easier to connect with the characters later on in the series.
  • A genius in the Simpsons family and it is not Lisa!

    Another episode that is a little bit cheesy like most of the first season episodes. I found this Simpson episode a little less good than the previous Christmas' special. I also think that so far, the evil things Bart does are not really that evil and are more like things most people used to do in their childhoods. I really loved the new school Bart was sent to. It looked like a place where you could learn actually something. The series still fills odd and out of character. I didn't really laugh at all in this episode but it was very enjoyable as all the Simpsons' episodes are.
  • Bart cheats on an intelligence test, and is transferred to a special school for gifted children... but he doesn't exactly fit in there!

    During an intelligence test at school, Bart switches papers with Martin Prince (the school genius). After the papers are graded, he is called into the school psychologist's office with his parents to be told that he has an IQ of 216. Dr Pryor asks Bart if he is ever bored in school, and Bart says that he is because he doesn't feel challenged. Dr Pryor tells Bart that he can be transferred to a school where you can do anything you want, and Bart is thrilled to be going to such a place. But when he gets there, he finds out that it isn't exactly what he thought and that he doesn't fit in (and will never fit in). He causes several accidents and realizes that he doesn't know the material that the class are studying. He finally admits to Dr Pryor that he cheated on the test.
  • Bart becomes a genius

    Bart the Genius: " This is the first real episode of the Simpsons that is not a holiday episode. This episode is by far one of my favorite episodes so far. it has a clever plot. this episode was well written. KWIJIBO is a word that is brought up to me most days. this marks the debut of mrs krabapple. Marcia Wallace plays two characters on this show her regular character mrs krabapple and a one timer character ms mellon. the ending was a "hit the floor and tears throught your eyes funny. This episode was that damn good."

    Favorite Quote: "KWIJBO: uh a big,dumb,balding, north american ape with no chin."
  • Good but not amazing...

    Bart cheats on his intelligence test and is mistaken for a child genius. In order to offer him more stimulation, Marge and Homer enroll him in a school for gifted students where he is immediately made to feel like the mediocre student he is. Bart eventually bluffs his way back into Springfield Elementary by claiming he'll study his classmates but winds up confessing to everyone that he cheated. Bart's mischef is revealed in this episode as he cheats on his I.Q. test. This episode was very funny, but it is without a doubt not the best episode in the whole entire series.
  • great episdoe

    i find this episode the best episode of season 1. the epsidoe was well written and it showed barts best scheme in the show so far. if you count 2 episodes so far. Even though i'm not a bart fan i still find thi episode very funny. if anyone disagrees with me... well, let's just say i'll do someting mean [angry PMS maybe?].. ..... ..... .. ... .... ..... .... ..... ...... ..... .... ..... .. ... .... .... .... ....... ..... .... .. ..... ... . .. .. ... .... ..... .. .... ... .. ... .. ... .
  • bart and his schemes

    bart is studying for the intellgence test by playing scrabble, but bart does not care about it so he just sits back and puts random letters on the board.

    on the next day bart is caught vandlizing by martin who reports it to principal skinner.during the intellgence test bart is afraid to be at bottom of his class, so when martin is distracted bart switches the tests.

    after school the school psychiatrist tells homer and marge that bart is a gifted genius, stunned by the news homer and marge are happy to enroll him in a gifted school.

    bart is enrolled in the gifted school where the kids use there intellegence to trick bart.despite that bart is suddenly reveard by homer who is now bonding more with bart than ever.

    Bart finaly realizes that this school is not for him so he confesses and leaves the school
  • Bart the Genius was the second episode of the The Simpsons.

    Bart the Genius was the second episode of the The Simpsons which aired on January 14, 1990. The episode is about Bart taking a test. He can't solve any of the problems so he writes his name on Martin Prince's test. The school thinks he is a gifted child, so they send him to a gifted children's school. When he can't take the lie anymore he causes trouble in order to get back to his old ways. I think this episode is great and a lesson to not lie in order to get a good grade. I rate this episode a 8.4. Though it's very badly drawn, I think it was a funny episode of The Simpsons.
  • This was a fairly average episode.

    In this episode. Bart is having problems in class since they got a test. When he is annoyed by the most intelligent person in his class - Martin Prince. He decides to switch the test with Martin's. In the psychologue office. The psychologist says that Bart is a genius and must be sent in a smart school. Homer is very proud of his son's accomplishement. Sends him there. Arriving, Bart has trouble fitting in with the "cool" kids. As he learns being smart isn't that easy.

    This episode, was a fairly average episode. Great plot idea: Loved the idea of Bart "being" a genius.

    Humor: Lacks it. It doesn't have much "laught out loud" scenes/jokes.

    In other words. This a watchable Simpsons episode, just not worth to rewatch it.
  • Well I guess you'll like this episode, cause it's realy a lot of funny. Bart was cheating on his IQ test...

    The episode starts in the school where Bart studies. From the things he does, we can understand that he dont likes school and hе's and he likes to make madness in the school. The teachers dont like him. In bart's class today they're doing a maths test to check the IQ. Bart sees the hole friend from his classmate and the proffesor says he's a genious. He goes to a school for high talented children, and then the funny show starts. Homer and Marge are so happy that have a multi inteligent boy, so they bring him to different kinds of operas, educational movies in cinema and so on... This episode is an average Simpsons episode...
  • A preety good episode

    The Simpsons always bring laughs, and this episode proves it! One of the many funny parts was when Barts IQ was 216 and Homer, reading it up-side down thought it was 912, and when he learned it was up-side down, he ws so disappointed. That's so funny. I'm thinking that episodes like this made everyone so addictied to the show, because of how funny this episode was like when Bart goes to the Opera, or when Bart cheats on the test. This episode is one of my favourite episodes of The Simpsons.

    And as Bart said "It's Not Over till the Fat Lady Sings"

    HAHA. Bart is so funny.
  • In class, Bart has trouble with an intelligence test and, after being mocked by the brainy Martin Prince, switches tests with him. When psychiatrist Dr. J. Loren Pryor studies the results, he identifies Bart as a genius. Homer and Marge seem confused.

    A very good second episode. This episode was the first episode martin prince was in.This episode reminds me of one of the episodes called ''Bart Gets An F''. What happens on it is the family playing a game of scrammble bart puts a made up word called kwijibo homer ses whats a kwijibo he ses its a big, dumb, balding North American ape With no chin and marge adds ''with a short temper''and homer chased bart out of the room. at school bart has an iq test and when he finished he rubbed of martin princes sheet and put bart on it and everyone thought he was a genius.Its a classic episode.
  • Today, Bart is a scientist.

    Bart the Genius.

    This episode who first got on the episode in Martin. He is new. It reminds me of Bart on the Road. Bart was driving a car. But in this episode, scientists found a silly button backpack. And goo. Eww.
    This episode is fun and asome for all ages. Want to watch it? WATCH IT!