The Simpsons

Season 3 Episode 4

Bart the Murderer

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 1991 on FOX

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  • perfect


    Bart's bad day suddenly changes when he gets a job working for Fat Tony. Mysteriously, Principal Skinner goes missing. Bart and his new friends are the main suspects.

    Overall, this was a perfect episode and should be viewed by any Simpsons fan

    Overall a ten out of ten A +

  • A really bad day comes full circle for Bart when he accidentally stumbles into Fat Tony's club. The gangster soon takes a liking to Bart and hires him to work the club much to the dismay of Marge.

    Hands down the funniest episode of season three. You will be laughing all the way through in this very well written and entertaining episode. This is one of the episodes where the predictable ending does not take away form the over all enjoyment. It's pretty obvious Skinner was alive, but to hear him tell his story of what happened to him and how he escaped was very clever, not to mention hysterical. Don't forget Bart's performance of "Witchcraft" in his new suit. Years after "Bart the Murderer" originally aired, it still delivers terrific laughs. This episode is just plain supoib.
  • Bart in the Mafia.

    This is probably one of my top 15 favorite eps of all time because: it was the first Fat Tony ep, Bart was in the Mafia, and principal Skinner was thought to be murdered by Bart and the Mafia. In this ep, Bart has a horrible day, but his luck changes and after school, he crashed his skateboard in to the stairwell of the Legitimate Businessmen's Social Club, and he soon finds himself working for the Springfield Mafia and Fat Tony. He ends up becoming their bartender and errand boy. When Skinner sentences Bart to an afternoon of detention, he mysteriously disappears and the police suspect that Bart and the Mafia had something to do with it. In the end, Bart snubs the Mafia after Skinner shows up at the trial, saying that he was trapped under a pile of papers and Bart didn't do anything to him.
  • this was a good ep i thought

    in this ep of the simpsons bart takes a field trip the chocklate factory and bart becomes a goodfella under spring field mob boss fat tony and then he must help fat tony do stuff and the family starts to get suppisous when they find stolen cigerests in barts room and they see a fbi truck out side the home. and pricible skinner is giving bart a hard time and bart complains to fat tony and they start to rough him up a bit and kidnappe him. and then the police are in on and then bart tells lisa the story and bart thinks as him self as a murders . this was a good ep
  • Top 15

    In this episode, Bart has a horrendously bad day- he forgets his permission trip to a chocolate factory, he is 40 minutes late to school, etc. But at the end of the school day he accidentally lands in mobster Fat Tony's hideout. Instead of hurting and/or killing him, Fat Tony makes him give him and his henchmen drinks. Bart loves working with the mob, but one day when Bart is complaining about Skinner, the next day he is reported missing and all signs apparently point to Bart. Will Bart be able to clear his name or did he really kill Skinner?

    A great episode, one of my personal favorites in fact
  • Great

    Bart winds up working for the spingfiled mafia in this episode. After he wins Fat Tony money on horse racing by just telling him catchphrases, they decide to keep the boy and use him. After a while, bart arrives late at work and Fat tony wonder why. Bart tells him that is pribciple kept him late and the mobsters decide to deal with him. This is one of my favorite episode because of all the refernces to the Godfatehr films. Overall, this is one of the best episode of the season, imo. I would give it a score of 9/10
  • Bart joins a dangerous gang.

    Besides the fact that I find it completely illogical that Bart can just work for a mafia like that and not get in any type of trouble, this episode was pretty solid. Bart making good Manhattans was strange but sorta funny, and the part where he saw everyone cheating was good too. I also liked the part when Homer goes to check the guys out and after getting a pair of six's he won lol. But anyway afterwards Bart thinks that the crew murdered Seymour, but at the trial Seymour comes rushing in and explains about how he got trapped under newspapers. Lol. So I thought it was a great episode but not as good as the second and third one of this season.
  • Bart becomes a mobstar... WHat else is new? Stupendous episode though

    Bart crashes down a flight of stairs on his Skateboard and ends up at the Legitimate Businessman's Social Club -- a mobster hangout. The mobsters, Fat Tony, Louie and Joey, are impressed with Bart's spunk and give him a job tending bar. Marge finds out what Bart is doing and asks Homer to stop it. Homer however, is impressed with the mobsters. Fat Tony finds out that Skinner is making Bart stay after school, so the mob pay him a visit. The next day Skinner goes missing, and Bart and the mob is the main blame. Just as Bart is about to be convicted, Skinner bursts in and tells the court he was trapped in his basement after a stack of newspapers fell on him. Bart quits his job, and all is well.
  • A bit overrated, but still a brilliant episode.

    Homer runs into a group of gangsters while skateboarding. The gang takes him in, and teach him a few things. One day, Bart comes into the gangs bar and complains about Principal Skinner "causing him trouble". Soon, Skinner goes missing. Bart think that the gang may have misunderstood and killed Skinner, but that isn't so. The police find no evidence, until Skinner shows up in the court room. Apparently, the gang simply talked to him, and left, and Skinner only went missing when newspapers fell on him in the garage and he couldn't get up.

    "Bart the Murderer" is another very solid John Swartzwelder episode. Skinner's whole story of how he got stuck under the newspapers is pretty funny, and the episode is just very fun to watch. Yet another Swartzwelder and Simpsons classic episode.
  • Among the classics!

    This episode was very well-written and clever, and...Always Funny.

    When I think about it, this show would of been AMAZING back in it's time. Nowadays, the 'new' seasons are nothing compared to their prime time seasons (3-7). I just don't see what is holding them back from making their new episodes like the old classics. Is it because they are trying to keep up with Family Guy? Well, they shouldn't. The Simpson's is a great show, and it should NOT have to compete with other shows.
  • Bart gets involved with Fat Tony and the Mob and soon finds out that they're not as cool as he once thought.

    This episode is hilarious..funny parts include: when Skinner was shouting for Help and the police didn't hear (They were right next door), The police hire a psychic to help find AWOL Skinner and when Homer finds Bart's room is packed with "Laramie" cigarettes.

    After a terrible day, Bart stumbles upon the Mobs headquarters and quickly becomes a known friend and serves the best Manhattan in Mafia town (So good in fact..the Godfather comes). Marge suspects something and is worried..she even sees the FBI outside the Simpson residence hidden in a Pizza truck.

    Bart is held back after school and misses an important meeting. Fat Tony and his cronies pay a visit to Skinner. bart is arrested for the murder of P.Skinner and the Mob all testify against him..even going as far as saying he was the boss and was at the top of the chain of command.

    Skinner saves Barts butt when he arrives in court, just as the sentence is given out. He describes how he was trapped by a huge stack of newspapers (Remember: Recycle regulary). He miraculously escaped.

    Bart is than set free and learns that Gangsters..cannot be trusted.
  • Bart joins the Mafia.

    After everything goes wrong for Bart, he stumbles and falls into Fat Tony and his gang's secret hide-out, the Legitimate Businessman's Social Club. Instead of killing Bart, they use him as their personal bartender and make him do other odd jobs. Soon, Bart is making money which leads his family to be suspicious. When he misbehaves, Skinner sends Bart to detention. Yet, Skinner goes missing after awhile leaving all eyes on Bart. Some think he has kidnapped or even worse killed Principal Skinner. Bart is sent to court where he is saved by none other than Skinner himself, revealing he was trapped under a stack of newspapers in his garage. This is a fairly good episode, maybe a little more in depth of Bart being in the mafia would have been nice or more suspense with Skinner going missing.
  • Bart gets a job working for Fat Tony, and is put in jail for Principal Skinner's disappearance.

    At the end of a particularly bad day, Bart gets caught in a downpour and loses control of his skateboard. He crashes down a flight of stairs into the Legitimate Businessman's Social Club, which is actually a mobster hangout. The mobsters, Fat Tony, Louie, and Joey, are impressed with Bart's spunk and give him a job tending bar. Marge finds out what Bart is doing, and asks Homer to check it out. Homer pays the mobsters a visit, and likes them so much, he asks if Lisa could have a job too. When Fat Tony finds out that Principal Skinner is making Bart stay after school, the mobsters pay Skinner a visit. The next day, Skinner is missing. After dreaming that the mobsters killed Skinner, Bart confronts them. When the police bust in, Fat Tony pins the disappearance on Bart, who is thrown in jail and put on tiral. Just before Bart is going to be found guilty, Skinner bursts in and tells the story of how he had been stuck in his basement since a big stack of newspapers fell on him. A free man, Bart quits his job and realizes the mobsters make lousy bosses.
  • Bart The Murderer

    Bart has a terrible day Santa’s little helper eats his homework, he missed the bus, had to walk to school while it was raining the rain stopped when he got in the school. During recess his pants ripped in front of everyone, to top it off he forget his permission slip to go on a filed trip to some chocolate factory. Had to stuff envelops with the principle. When he went home even more bad luck came his way,it started raining agian, he was splashed by water by the returning school bus, his skate board broke, and he feel down a flight of stairs. That’s where he meet the Mifia, and became their bartender. When Bart was late for work because his principle had given him a detention. The Mob paid a visit to Skinner, and the disappeared, it was though he had been knocked off, Bart was even tried, where the “Family” basically said it was all his doing and that he was their leader etc. It turned out Skinner had had a large pile of newspapers fall on him and had been trapped in his own garage the entire time.
  • Bart The Murderer

    This episode is the first appearance of Fat Tony (Joe Mantegna). Bart gets left behind in school while everyone else is on the trip. When Bart rides his skateboard he lands in Fat Tony's club but everyone gets arrested because Skinner was missing but he is alive and well after all. Very good episode for Season 3.
  • A ten year old getting a job as a could happen...and does in this episode

    Bart simpson's day keeps getting worse: his dog ate his homework, his dad stole his cereal prize, his absence of permission slip caused him to miss the best field trip ever, his principal forced him to lick envelopes until his tongue went raw and his clothes got drenched. to make things worse guns are pointed at his head. fortunately, he got out of near death by mixing a perfect drink and from then on becomes a barman for the mafia. this is a very good episode as it shows bart is actually enthusiastic about something until he is suspected of murdering his principal. definitely a classic episode.