The Simpsons

Season 11 Episode 17

Bart to the Future

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2000 on FOX
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Episode Summary

The Simpsons go to an Indian casino when their vacation plans fall apart. Bart encounters a wise Indian chief who tells him his future. Bart becomes a pot-smoking, unemployed slacker who has Ralph Wiggum as his roommate. He regularly begs a blinded Flanders for money (Rod and Todd are gay). Bart tries to lead a band, but he fails. With Lisa as the newly elected President of the United States, he goes to mooch from her. She is very ashamed of him and she is also busy trying to think of a way to get the United States out of debt. Meanwhile, Homer is busy trying to find Lincoln's gold. Lisa tries to hike taxes by using creative phrasing to trick everyone when Bart accidentally reveals that it is actually a tax hike. America owes money to a number of nations, so Lisa invites their leaders to Washington. She sends Bart away so he won't screw up everything again, but Bart manages to return and talks to the nations. Bart manages to save the day this time and with that, his vision ends and the family goes home.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Love this episode - Lisa is a president of USA and Bart is a loser lol

    Fun :)
  • Has some laughs, but lacks story

    I enjoy Simpsons episodes that look into the future, but the overall story in this one was lacking. The moral at the end is supposed to be that Bart has the power to change his future, but it is never demonstrated in the episode how that is so. There are several laughs to be had, but not over anything very memorable.

    A few small highlights I found from this episode are a couple of Native American puns, Homer's search for Lincoln's treasure, and Bart revealing his future vision to Lisa in a twisted fashion.moreless
  • A great episode in terms of good to see what happened to the family, but not very many good, hilarious jokes.

    During a family outing to an Indian-owned casino, Bart sees a vision of his future courtesy of the wise Native American casino magnate. Flash forward thirty years: Bart is crashing on Ralph Wiggum's couch, trying his hardest to make it as a rock guitarist. His sister has just been elected the first straight woman President of the United States and when Bart gets evicted for not paying rent, he decides it's time to pay Lisa a little visit at her new home. Bart moves into the White House, which is already overrun by Homer and Marge and Maggie, Jr., Maggie's beautiful baby girl. As Lisa begins her Presidency, Bart makes a total nuisance of himself, interrupting press conferences to promote his demo tape, setting off the Secret Service with his Frisbee, and using an official Presidential helicopter to fly in Ralph Wiggum to hang out and drink beer. Lisa and her top advisor, Milhouse, decide to send Bart on a wild goose chase to get rid of him. But when Bart discovers the plot, he is hurt and offended. Returning to the White House, he finds Lisa in a critical meeting with other leaders of the free world, begging them not to collect the loans they gave to her financially strapped country. Bart, who is by now an expert at dodging creditors, helps Lisa fend off their demands and saves the day. Back in the present, Bart realizes that he can change his future if he tries and goes off with Lisa and tells her all about his vision.moreless
  • Worst Episode Ever?

    This episode was rated Worst Episode Ever by Entertainment Weekly. Deserving? Perhaps not the worst episode of the entire series, no, but one of the bottom ones.

    A Casino Manager teachers Bart a lesson after he sneaks into his casino. He shows Bart his future. He will be in a crappy job, and his sister will be none other then President.

    There were some laughs, none too good a one, but some nonetheless. At times it felt really lazily written. Probably one of my least favorite Bart-centric episodes of the series. Bart is usually my favorite character but he just wasn't very funny in this one.moreless
  • Bart looks into the future and sees Lisa as president, and him as a bum. Homer also digs for Lincoln's gold.

    This episode was voted the worst episode of the series by Entertainment Weekly. However, I would not go that far so say it is the WORST episode to date, but it certainly is not a brilliant moment in the series. Sure it was nice to see how Bart and Lisa would turn out, but the writers really were missing that gut busting comedy that they had in all the other episodes of this season. The "B" story with HOmer was definaely funnier, but the "A" story was lacking in humor. The only funny part was when Bart says: "What happened to you China, you used to be cool." and the Chinese guy says, " China still cool, you pay later!" Anyway nevertheless it was still a decent episode. C+moreless
Julie Kavner

Julie Kavner

Marge Simpson, Patty Bouvier, and Selma Bouvier

Harry Shearer

Harry Shearer

Mr. Burns, Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, Waylon Smithers, Kent Brockman, and others

Dan Castellaneta

Dan Castellaneta

Homer Simpson, Grampa Simpson, Barney Gumble, Krusty the Clown, Groundskeeper Willie, and others

Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright

Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz, Ralph Wiggum, Todd Flanders, and others

Yeardley Smith

Yeardley Smith

Lisa Simpson

Hank Azaria

Hank Azaria

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Moe Szyslak, Chief Wiggum, Comic Book Guy, Lou, and others

Pamela Hayden

Pamela Hayden

Milhouse Van Houten, Rod Flanders, Jimbo Jones, and others

Recurring Role

Tress MacNeille

Tress MacNeille

Agnes Skinner, Brandine Del Roy, Dolph and others

Recurring Role

Karl Wiedergott

Karl Wiedergott

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • The extra bedroom Homer built on the Simpsons' house in from "Lisa's Wedding" is still there.

    • In "Lisa's Wedding" Moe has only one eye- here he has two of them.

    • When Bart says, "So I'm the President's no-good brother. Moochie, moochie!", the captioning said, "In the words of the late, great Charro, 'Moochie, moochie'!" (probably changed for fear of a lawsuit).

    • Bart says the Zip code for DC is 30452, it's really 20041. 30452 is really the Zip code for Register, GA.

    • The Park ranger's class ring is on the LEFT hand but when the mosquitos take it, it's on the RIGHT hand instead.

    • Unless something weird happens in the next thirty years, 2030 isn't going to be an election year. In the United States; elections are held in the years divisible by four. Also, this episode presumably takes place in the year 2030, but U.S. presidents aren't sworn in on even-numbered years because inauguration takes place in January of the year *after* the election, which will always be an odd-numbered year. In other words, Lisa wouldn't be president in the year 2030.

    • When Homer says, "Let's respect the way of the Indian", the lip-sync and closed captioning says "Let's respect the way of the Red Man". (unless this was an edit done for syndicated versions and rebroadcasts)

    • Bart had the SAME voice as an adult as he does as a child; yet in "Lisa's Wedding," Cartwright gave him an older voice.

    • The Washington Monument is not that close to the White House.

    • When Bart plugged in his guitar and everyone was reacting to it, Carl is seen in the audience but he is yellow-skinned instead of brown.

    • When Bart sings the Jimmy Buffet rip-off, the closed captioning and lip-sync reads "Wasting away again in Daquiritaville" while Nancy Cartwright (the voice of Bart Simpson) said, "Wasted once more in Daquiritaville".

  • QUOTES (20)

    • Marge: I'm not sure mosquito season is the best time to visit Larva Lake.

    • Kent Brockman: According to the latest polls, Americans have emphatically said, "Smell you later," to President Simpson's refund adjustment.

    • Marge: Shouldn't we wait for Lisa? She IS the President.
      Homer: She knows what time dinner is.

    • Flanders: Hi Bart. How much this time?
      Bart: Dude, you got me all wrong.
      Flanders: Oh, really? Well, just answer me this. Are you holding your moochin' sack?
      Bart: My little one . . .

    • President Lisa: Oh, Bart could screw everything up.
      Secret Service Agent Kearney: You want him…
      Lisa: No, just keep him out of my hair.
      Kearney: Out of your hair…with extreme severity?
      Lisa: No!
      Kearney: Come on, every president gets three secret murders. If you don't use them by the end of the term, then pfft, they're gone.

    • Lisa: My Administration will focus on the three R's. Reading, writing, and refilling the ocean.

    • (Bart and Ralph are locked out and evicted)
      Bart: Ohh, I had half a beer in there! And "Bewitched" is on!

    • Homer: This virtual fudge tastes like crap.
      Marge: It's not half as good as cyber fudge.

    • Homer: What a bleak and horrible future we live in!
      Bart: Don't you mean "present"?
      Homer: Right, right. Present. Anyway, can I get you some 'Soylent Green'?

    • Bart: I figured I could be your, like, co-president.
      Lisa: Co-president? Are you crazy?
      Bart: Mom! Lisa won't share!
      Marge: Be nice to your brother, Lisa!

    • Indian Casino Owner (on phone): Your linen service has broken many promises to us. Laundry bill soar like eagle!

    • Chinese Guy: You pay now! Now!
      Bart: What happened to you, China? You used to be cool..
      Chinese Guy: Hey China's still cool! You pay later! Later!

    • Lisa: Bart, you do not send a billion dollar helicopter to pick up your drinking buddy!
      Bart: You've changed, Lisa! You used to be cool!
      Lisa: No I didn't!

    • Bart: What happened to you man, you used to be cool.
      Homer: I'm still cool!
      Bart: Nah! You've changed, man.
      Homer: Well, I do have this robotic prostate, but you can't see it! Oh you can.

    • (to the tune of "Day-O")
      Bart: Daylight come and you wanta my tape.
      Ralph: Tape, he say ta-a-ape-oh
      Bart: Post Office Box 3 - 0 - 4 - 5 - 2.

    • (to the tune of "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)")
      Bart: If you like refund adjustments,
      And the music I play.
      Send a check to my friend Ralph,
      And he'll send you a tape.

    • Bart: I can't believe "Smell you later" replaced good-bye.

    • Indian: If you want to see your future, throw a prized item into the fire.
      (Bart throws something in the fire. It pops)
      Indian: Not a firecracker!
      Bart: Hey, I bought it off an Indian on your reservation.
      Indian: That's Crazy Talk!
      Bart: No, it's true.
      Indian: No, that's my brother, Crazy Talk. We're all a little worried about him.

    • Homer: Gold bars found by Marge: zero. Gold bars found by Homer: We'll find out.
      (Homer hits through the ceiling of Lisa's office)
      Lisa: Dad?!
      Marge: Gold bars found by Homer...
      Homer: Shut up.

    • Bart: You put an ad in my vision?!

  • NOTES (2)

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • Day-O
      When Bart goes on TV in front of Lisa playing his guitar trying to sell his tapes, he parodies the song "Day-O", originally by Harry Belafonte.

    • Future Nelson is dressed like Biff Tannen from the 1989 film Back to the Future Part II.

    • Lisa: Lincoln didn't hide any gold in the White House.
      Homer: Then what is his ghost protecting?

      Guests in the White House have actually reported seeing Abraham Lincoln's ghost, although the poet Vachel Lindsay wrote that his ghost walked at midnight in his hometown of Springfield Illinois. This famous ghost covers a lot of ground. Apparently, Lincoln also had at least one supernatural experience while he was alive. He dreamed about his own assassination shortly before it happened. Of course, skeptics say that Lincoln had received several death threats during his presidency and therefore it was natural that he would dream about being killed.

    • Cabinet Member: We're going to have to sell them the amber waves of grain, the purple mountains' majesty and the shores of Tripoli.

      "Amber waves of grain" and "Purple mountains' majesty" are lines from "America The Beautiful." "The shores of Tripoli" is a line from the Marine Corps Hymn.

    • Lenny: Don't blame me, I voted for Chastity Bono!

      Chastity Bono is the late Sonny Bono's daughter. Sonny was elected to Congress as a conservative Republican, while Chastity is a liberal gay-rights activist and an open lesbian.

    • Lisa: We've inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump.

      Apparently Donald Trump becomes President in the future and loses a lot of money, which has also happened in some of his business deals.

    • Soylent Green:

      Homer was eating a box of Soylent Green; from the 1973 film "Soylent Green."

    • The scene when Billy Carter's ghost appears as a bartender is a parody of the movie The Shining, in which Jack Nicholson has several conversations with Lloyd the ghost bartender in the ballroom of the Overlook Hotel.

    • Bart's song "Daquiritaville" is a parody of Jimmy Buffett's signature tune "Margaritaville," although Bart claims it is "original."

    • Bart to the Future: .
      Bart to the Future is a reference to the film title "Back to the Future"

    • Willy: The shield needs more power!
      Willy in the future is acting as Scotty from Star Trek, who is Scottish also.

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