The Simpsons

Season 11 Episode 17

Bart to the Future

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2000 on FOX

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  • Love this episode - Lisa is a president of USA and Bart is a loser lol

    Fun :)
  • Has some laughs, but lacks story

    I enjoy Simpsons episodes that look into the future, but the overall story in this one was lacking. The moral at the end is supposed to be that Bart has the power to change his future, but it is never demonstrated in the episode how that is so. There are several laughs to be had, but not over anything very memorable.

    A few small highlights I found from this episode are a couple of Native American puns, Homer's search for Lincoln's treasure, and Bart revealing his future vision to Lisa in a twisted fashion.
  • A great episode in terms of good to see what happened to the family, but not very many good, hilarious jokes.

    During a family outing to an Indian-owned casino, Bart sees a vision of his future courtesy of the wise Native American casino magnate. Flash forward thirty years: Bart is crashing on Ralph Wiggum's couch, trying his hardest to make it as a rock guitarist. His sister has just been elected the first straight woman President of the United States and when Bart gets evicted for not paying rent, he decides it's time to pay Lisa a little visit at her new home. Bart moves into the White House, which is already overrun by Homer and Marge and Maggie, Jr., Maggie's beautiful baby girl. As Lisa begins her Presidency, Bart makes a total nuisance of himself, interrupting press conferences to promote his demo tape, setting off the Secret Service with his Frisbee, and using an official Presidential helicopter to fly in Ralph Wiggum to hang out and drink beer. Lisa and her top advisor, Milhouse, decide to send Bart on a wild goose chase to get rid of him. But when Bart discovers the plot, he is hurt and offended. Returning to the White House, he finds Lisa in a critical meeting with other leaders of the free world, begging them not to collect the loans they gave to her financially strapped country. Bart, who is by now an expert at dodging creditors, helps Lisa fend off their demands and saves the day. Back in the present, Bart realizes that he can change his future if he tries and goes off with Lisa and tells her all about his vision.
  • Worst Episode Ever?

    This episode was rated Worst Episode Ever by Entertainment Weekly. Deserving? Perhaps not the worst episode of the entire series, no, but one of the bottom ones.

    A Casino Manager teachers Bart a lesson after he sneaks into his casino. He shows Bart his future. He will be in a crappy job, and his sister will be none other then President.

    There were some laughs, none too good a one, but some nonetheless. At times it felt really lazily written. Probably one of my least favorite Bart-centric episodes of the series. Bart is usually my favorite character but he just wasn't very funny in this one.
  • Bart looks into the future and sees Lisa as president, and him as a bum. Homer also digs for Lincoln's gold.

    This episode was voted the worst episode of the series by Entertainment Weekly. However, I would not go that far so say it is the WORST episode to date, but it certainly is not a brilliant moment in the series. Sure it was nice to see how Bart and Lisa would turn out, but the writers really were missing that gut busting comedy that they had in all the other episodes of this season. The "B" story with HOmer was definaely funnier, but the "A" story was lacking in humor. The only funny part was when Bart says: "What happened to you China, you used to be cool." and the Chinese guy says, " China still cool, you pay later!" Anyway nevertheless it was still a decent episode. C+
  • When the family's plans for a vacation fall apart at the last second, they end up at an Indian casino. When Bart is caught trying to get into the casino he is brought to the manager's office who then gives Bart a look into his possible future.

    As mentioned in the "Notes" section for this episode. "Entertainment Weekly" magazine selected "Bart to the Furture" as the worst episode of "The Simpsons". While I would not go as far to say I agree with "Entertainment Weekly," I will say that this is not an episode I enjoy. The future vision is not well done and also, not very funny. Except for a few scattered laughs it's very dull. From the minute Homer mentioned he was searching for Lincoln's gold I knew how that story would end. There was no gold. What a shock! There are much better episodes.
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  • bart in the future

    they did thias episode already but it was much much better thn the awful lisas wedding now that was the worst episode of the classic simpsons episodes but this one was more likly to happen in the simpsons future.

    the episode starts off when they go to a casino and bart attempts to sneak in but is brought into a man who can tell the future.

    in barts future he is a no good bum and is living with ralph and trying to prophet on his unsuccesful band but when he comes back from performing at a bar his house has been repossed his onbly hope is his sister president lisa simpson.
  • The future.........again!? and a bleak one for Bart

    Bart encounters an Indian who foretells of his future in an Indian casino. The future episode starts is good but not as good as “Lisa’s wedding”. The ranger scene and casino was good. Gabbo was a disappointment. Now to the main plot; Bart’s point of view of his future, which he stays’s with Ralph? I can’t believe it, but he somehow matured, finally. Bart in some way behaves like Homer (e.g. the burp). Rod and Todd looks the same as in their younger times, but just with a mustache like Ned. Nelsons reminds me of Biff from Back to the Future and he’s pretty successful too. Millhouse as Lisa’s secretary and Kearney as her secret service agent (trying to eliminate Bart) is pretty good. Looks like everyone is doing great in their future except Bart. Homer searching for Lincoln’s gold is hilarious but it’s kind of awkward for this episode. Somehow I feel Bart is annoying to WATCH when he’s all grown up and still creating havoc in Lisa’s life… after all this years. Even though this is one of the funniest episode in this season, it lacks strong story telling, the emotion for Bart’s future wasn’t there as “Lisa’s Wedding”. Looks like the writers is REALLY running out of ideas foretelling another Simpsons future.
  • a look into the future...again

    although this episode wasn't as good as the previous future episode "lisa's wedding" it was still a terrific one with great gags such as "Crazy Talk" and "smell ya later" replacing goodbye in the future. homer's search for lincoln's gold was a great B story which as bart points out doesn't make sense because they were supposed to see Bart's future. homer starting his count from a random spot and ralph as bart's future roommate and band member were great jokes as was ralph saying that he fell out of the helicopter numerous times. the end was a bit forced but the "you used to be cool" reactions saved the episode from a (gasp) 8.8 rating. always good to see what the future is like for the simpsons.
  • Entertainment Weekly was wrong

    I think that this is an underrated episode. True, the looking-into-the-future plot worked better in "Lisa's Wedding" and "Future-Drama", but I thought this was a very funny episode. Particuarly good spots were Bill Clinton's porno stash, Kearney as part of Lisa's secret service, and Homer's search for Lincoln's gold ("That lying, rail-splitting, theatre-going freak!").
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