The Simpsons

Season 14 Episode 3

Bart vs. Lisa vs. The Third Grade

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2002 on FOX

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  • this i like

    What i liked- "You can't trick us, we're from the learn to fart state!", "Young man, you aren't in this class. What are you doing here?" "Laughing at jerks." "Homework? On a field trip? What have you been huffing?" Willie complaining about the people on the memorial all having long names, the fanny packs, the punch buggy game on the bus, the end to act 1, amongst other things. decent episode. had a fair amount of laughs and the plot was nice. 4/5
  • Another one of my favorite episodes

    In this episode the simpsons get tried of their cable and get satellite dish. then Bart and homer get a addiction to the tv and Bart and lisa take a big test at school. Then Lisa gets the biggest score and goes to the 3rd grade man I love the 3rd grade. And Bart makes fun of Lisan and Skinner say that Bart goes to the 3rd because he got the lowest score. In the 3rd grade Bart is the smartest kid. then on a map test while Lisa gets an A-. Bart says that the test was easy and recites all of the answers. Lisa proclaims that Bart cheated but the teacher changes Bart's grade to an A+. Then something about a buddies thing, the flag and I don't remember it all.
  • Bart and Lisa in the same grade.

    I personally felt that this was a very very well done episode. I just thought the gags were right on, and the plot seemed very well done even tho it might not have been "original." Despite this the episode was very good. It was good to see Bart finally excel at something that was academic, and I felt his stuggle with his sister was hilarious especially on the field trip. Also I loved when Bart ruined Lisa's flag for Springfield I thought that it was typical of Bart to do something like that, and I found in very funny. Anyway this was just a great episode, and I would suggest watching it.
  • A very nice episode.

    Not very very funny. But average.
    This episode is a very nice episode.
    It's not very funny, a bit above the average.
    I liked the part in the test, when Bart is imagening and starting to dream and sing "Hava Nagila" XD

    This episode's idea wasn't something, and that is what makes it not a GOOD episode. But it's absoulotely a nice one. There were a few really nice parts that i've really liked. I'm new here, so i'm not sure if I can tell which parts are good, but if you read it the tell me in a private messege please =]. When i'm thinking about this episode i'm telling myself; Wow, a very funny and a nice idea, but it's not a perfect idea for an episode, and that's why this episode gets "8" and not "10".

    Anyway i've really enjoyed this nice episode :D.
  • This episode proves that 99.9% of episodes from seasons 10-18 are hilarious as ever!!!!!

    Annoyed with reality tv taking over, The Simpsons purchase a satellite dish to get extra channels. Brainwashed by the amount of television available, Bart fails to prepare for a schoolwide Big Achievement Test and gets an incredibly low score. Lisa gets the highest and is moved up to third grade, while due to Bart's score he is moved down, also to third grade. Bart finds himself the smartest in the class, as he learnt it all the previous year, while Lisa struggles. The two are paired up on their field trip to Capital City. Due to a fight they miss the bus back to Springfield and find themselves lost in the woods. Bart realizes his sister is alright and apologises for all he has done wrong in the past. A group of locals find the pair and drive them back home where Skinner promotes Bart back to the fourth grade and Lisa, although given the choice to stay in third, goes back to second.
  • I liked this episode

    The daydream scene was my favorite. Pikachu and Bender in the same room, who would have thought. I also liked the part where Bart became smarter than Lisa I don't know why. Um... ya... I just wanted to say that and i'm only at forty-five words... um... llama... pudding... strong bad halloween armm leg coach pfargtl high school k e y b o a r d l l a m a j o e y g l a d s t o n e l a l a l a okay, i think thats about enough words now, bye bye
  • The dangers of cable

    this episode was hilarious especially all the cable chanels that homer and bart watched. bart being moved back to third grade instead of just repeating was hilarious as was the third grade teacher who believed that the buddy system couldn\'t fail. groundskeeper willie etching the names of all the students lost on field trips in to a wall was terrific aswell. homer somehow having the same brainwave as bart by saying \"we\'re from the learn to fart state\" after bart sabotaged lisa\'s flag by writing that very thing was strange buut worked in the comical sense. i don\'t thinki disliked any scenes in this episode, especially not the \"punch bug\" scene.
  • One good episode, this is.

    It's true. This ep rocks. Lisa gets moved up to the Third Grade-And Bart gets Moved Down to the Third Grade. They struggle to be with each other in class, in soon they both get lost on a school journey because of them fighting. It's really ncie taht Lisa and Bart help out each other to save their lives. I love it. And, when they hold hands is cute too. For one of the first eps I saw-This was a great episode.
  • A okay episode of The Simpsons.

    This episode was okay. Overall, it was a bit disappointing. There were several funny moments, but there was no spark to the episode - it just plodded along. It felt like the writers couldn't be bothered.

    The funny moments which stick out in my mind are the opening; the bit when Bart and Lisa's desks were clamped together; and Bart's new flag. The twist in the episode, where Bart and Lisa are discovered in the forest by the hillbillies was strange, but worked in this episode.

    The ending, though, did not work. In fact, the episode did not really have an ending: Milhouse says, "The status quo? Aye Carumba!" and then Skinner calls him sad. The end. The episode has funny moments, but it does not really go anywhere.
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