The Simpsons

Season 3 Episode 23

Bart's Friend Falls in Love

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 07, 1992 on FOX

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  • Milhouse falls in love.

    Bart is upset when he finds out Milhouse is dating a girl, Samantha Stanky. He becomes more upset when Milhouse starts spending more time with Samantha rather than him. The last straw comes when Bart finds Milhouse and Samantha making out in Bart's treehouse. This causes Bart to create a plan to sabotage the love between the two. It works but Bart feels regret for doing it. Milhouse is unhappy and Samantha is sent to an all-girls school. Milhouse gets his last kiss from Samantha before she returns from recess. This is an OK episode. It's kind of surprising seeing Milhouse in love before Bart. Plus, it dispels the whole Milhouse is gay rumor.
  • Lisa orders a cassette called "Subliminally Slim" to help Homer

    This was a lot of fun. Not only is the main story simple and well delivered but the surrounding stories and dialogue crackle with inventive wit.

    I really liked the way Samantha was introduced into the story. With only twenty-two minutes to play with sitcom writers do need inventive ways to introduce new plots and characters quickly. So here Bart consults Milhouse's new magic eight balls about whether they will still be friends by the end of the day. The ball replies "No" and Bart questions aloud what could come between them. The shot then cuts straight to Samantha as she is being welcomed aboard by Principal Skinner.

    From there Bart is fairly accommodating to his best friend's new relationship. He spends a lot of time with them and tolerates her presence until he can take it no more. He rats them out, feels guilty, confesses and is forgiven. It's a straightforward tale of jealousy and friendship.

    However, along the way, the details were really good. Milhouse does a good childish job of conveying his excitement to the cynical Bart about having a girlfriend. Then we have Bart trying to replace Milhouse by spending time with Martin. That neatly demonstrated why it's not easy to find a new 'best' friend and also allowed us a glimpse at Martin's life once more. Bart tells Martin that he is looking for a friend who won't leave him for a girl. I couldn't help but laugh at the cheeriness of Martin's declaration that he was "as unpopular with the ladies as I am with the chaps!" Finally when Bart calls Samantha's Dad to sabotage their relationship we get a fun line showcasing Bart's mastery of understanding adult interactions. Samantha's Dad naturally wants to know who is calling to which Bart replies "Let's just say I'm a concerned prude with a lot of time on his

    In fact before Samantha even met Milhouse we got a fun scene with Principal Skinner (see Best Moment) where we learned more about his time in Vietnam and how he feels about the treatment he received. It's little moments of characterization like that which open the door for future stories and jokes. Once she entered the classroom the kids were treated to a sex education video introduced by Troy McClure. This was as amusingly exaggerated as you would expect. McClure announces "I'm here to provide the facts about sex in a frank and straightforward manner. And now here's 'Fuzzy Bunny's Guide to You Know The animated bunny's then date and mate to which Edna remarks "She's faking it" and concludes with them having babies. In the confused world of rabbit-human animated educational characters though McClure says that "Fluffy gave birth to fourteen beautiful

    The B plot saw a concerned Lisa try to get Homer to lose weight. As ever Lisa looks sweet for trying to help her father and damn it if Homer doesn't stream roll that sentiment by being so funny. After listening to two outrageously glutinous commercials Lisa explains to Homer that he could learn to eat less through subliminal messages. He doubts this claim and responds "Oh that's just a load of rich creamery However, he dutifully listens to the tape which due to the lazy shipping company is actually a vocabulary builder. We are soon treated to scene after scene of Homer using robust phrases while eating more than ever. At one point he sees Bart looking suspicious but ignores him and grabs a six-pack. What he said though was "Now there's a Machiavellian countenance. Ooh! A sextet of It was an ideal B plot, providing quick laughs whenever needed.

    The writers even squeezed in a joke about humans evolving the fifth finger someday, a nice meta-joke. The final good point to note is the opening Indiana Jones parody where Bart steals Homer's jar of change. It was well animated and very entertaining.
  • this is a great ep

    in this ep of the simpsons there having sex ed at the springfild school and so milhous sees and it and starts to fall in love with a girl and barts gets jealious becasue he does not have much time for bart anymore. and bart decides to break them apart and gets her to go to cathlic school. and homer is having problems losing weight and lisa feels worried so she decided to have marge order some sublimal weight loss tapes but it turns out it was sublimal vocaulary and hoemers vocab increses instead of losing weight this had some hilirous parts in it and this was a good ep
  • a milhouse episode

    the first scene in this episode is one of my favourite opening scenes where bart steals homer's change jar and homer chases him to the "raiders of the lost arc" theme with hilarious obstacles such as the play darts and the door-a-matic and homer running on the spot with a rake in his hand. the rest of the episode had some great ideas such as the 8-ball, the sex education video (fuzzy bunny) and the bart-milhouse fight but i didn't particularly like the milhouse-samantha romance plot. but because of the humour and memorable scenes, my rating is 8.8, a good episode for jokes.
  • Milhouse in Love

    Milhouse falls in love with a beautiful girl named Samantha Stanky. They soon spend all their time with each other making Bart jealous enough to get Samantha's father to find out about them, and so her father switches her to a Catholic/Christian school. Milhouse is now totally bummed all the time, so now Bart realizes that he must find Samantha again and reunite Milhouse with her one final time.

    A pretty good episode in some parts. The opening parody was well-done, some very clever jokes, a good, strong plot. The sub plot in this episode was also really funny and well-done
  • A great episode with an excellent storyline. The plot (Milhouse falling in love) and the subplot (Homer trying to lose weight and building his vocabulary) are both well-written.

    This episode is an example why I like The Simpsons so much.

    The main plot: Milhouse is falling in love with a girl who just moved to Springfield. He's hanging out with her all the time and neglecting his friendship with Bart.

    The subplot: Lisa is afraid Homer will get fatter and fatter and eventually die from his obesity. So she decides to order a cassette that subliminally helps you lose weight while you're sleeping.

    Favorite scene: When Homer watches 'Smartline' (hosted by Kent Brockman) you see a report on obesity in the USA. Then you see stereotypical 'fat & happy' Americans: Don DeLuise, Santa Claus.

    Then there is a dramatization of what kind of diseases Santa would have when he'd be a real person. You see him lying in the hospital with the reindeers standing next to him crying and Kent Brockman narrating: "If Santa was alive he would have to deal with kidney stones, hard breathing, and impotence." Then, the doctors are loading the defibrillator and trying to reanimate him.

  • Fantastic Episode!

    This episode has one of my all time favoutite scenes of the show. That scene alone gives this episode a high score.

    Its the first scene and it could quite possibly be the best movie ripoff the simpsons have ever done!!!

    Indiana Jones is the the victim and being a fan of those movies I never get sick of watching the scene over and over in great detail.

    The main plot was unforunately not as entertaining for me. (It had a lot to live up to) but Homer and his built up vocabulary makes this a memorable episode. It basically carries things from then on.

    Homer has a very dumb voice so hearing words like machavelian and lamentably are extremely funny.
  • Clever episode; absolutely hilarious in parts

    I liked this episode because it was very clever and funny. I loved Homer building his vocabulary. He sounded so funny saying all those big words. The best line was after he weighed himself. Also very funny was Bart telling Milhouse they are living in the age of cooties. Reminds me of people talking about the dangers of AIDS and STDs. The highlight of the episode, though, was definitely the sex-ed video. I am a huge Troy McClure fan, and I think this is the funniest he's ever been. Overall, it was a strong episode and was enjoyable, unlike the episodes they are currently putting out. Season three was a very funny season and this episode was no exception.
  • Milhouse finds the one of his dreams!!!! Great episode yet again feel bad for Milhouse though

    After a close encounter (Indiana Jones style Indiana Bart), Bart Simpson manages to retrieve Homer's jar of change to take to school. His best friend, Milhouse, in the meantime, has chosen to take his Magic 8 ball. Bart asks the ball whether he and Milhouse will still be friends by the end of the day, and the ball predicts no. Both are puzzled by how this could happen.

    A new girl from Phoenix, Arizona, called Samantha Stanky starts at Springfield Elementary School and Milhouse falls in love with her. She also starts falling for him. To Bart's dismay and anger, Milhouse and Samantha start a relationship and, rather than playing with Bart after school in his treehouse, Milhouse brings Samantha with him and spends the entire time kissing her. They ignore Bart, leaving nothing for him to do but leave. Marge finds this incredibly sweet (although she hopes they are not "opening their mouths, are they?"). In order to restore the previous status quo, Bart calls Samantha's father and lets him know what's happening, and Mr. Stanky rushes to Bart's treehouse and takes her away before she can even explain. She is sent to St. Sebastian's school for Wicked Girls, an all-girls convent school. Bart lets Milhouse know that he told on him and Samantha and they fight over Bart's actions. Milhouse visits Samantha at the convent school and Bart apologizes to her, but she say it is OK - she loves Saint Sebastian's. However, she still has feelings for Milhouse and gives him a goodbye kiss, despite her knowingly violating school rules.

    Meanwhile, Lisa is watching a documentary on the health problems of obesity. She is fearful that Homer's obesity will lead to an early death. On Lisa's suggestion, Marge orders a subliminal weight-loss tape for Homer. Humorously enough, the company is out of the tapes and sends Homer a "Vocabulary Builder" tape. Homer ends up eating more than ever, but his vocabulary is through the roof. However when he realises that the tape does not work he gets rid of it and his vocabulary quickly returns to normal (or maybe worse than that).
  • Bart is jealous of Milhouse's new relationship.

    A new girl, Samantha Stanky, moves to Springfield and joins Bart and Milhouse's class. After class, Milhouse walks her home. Bart is stunned when Milhouse shows up in the treehouse with Samantha. Bart goes to get some girl-type comics from Lisa and when he returns Milhouse is kissing Samantha. Meanwhile, Lisa is scared Homer's overeating will shorten his life. She gets Marge to order some loose wight tapes. Unaware he has been sent vocabulary tapes, Homer puts on the headphones and falls asleep. When he wakes up, he is articulate. To Bart's dismay, Milhouse and Samanthat spent all their free time together. Bart tells Samantha's father about her relationship and her father orders her to never see Milhouse again and enrolls her in a Catholic school. After 2 weeks of listening to the tapes, Homer gains 13 pounds and throws them away. He quickly loses his new vocabulary skills and even forgets the most basic words. Bart tells Milhouse what he did and they fight. Afterwords, they go to Samantha's new school where she and Milhouse kiss for the last time.