The Simpsons

Season 11 Episode 1

Beyond Blunderdome

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 1999 on FOX

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  • The eleventh season begins with Homer and company going to Hollywood to "help" Mel Gibson with his next movie.

    "Beyond Blunderdome" has a few laughs here and there and does feature a very good guest performance by Mel Gibson (Yes, I said that.) but overall this was not a very good episode. Once again we see yet another very predictable episode. It could not have been more obvious that Homer's recommendations to improve Mel Gibson's remake of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" would actually destroy it and that Mel would regret his decision to listen to Homer in the first place. The best part of this episode is the beginning at the test screening for Mel's original cut. The people running the screening and telling Mel Gibson what he wants to hear provide the most laughs in that sequence and though out. It's all downhill from there. In the end, skip this episode, there are much better ones in the eleventh season.
  • Mel Gibson!

    Homer and Marge see a test screening of Mel Gibson's version of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. Everyone loves it, except Homer, who found it to be "more boring then church."

    So Mel obsesses over Homer's review. He decides he needs Homer to help him improve the film {because he also felt it was a lame film}.

    So Mel flies the Simpsons to Hollywood, where Marge and the kids roam around and Homer helps Mel, by making it much more violent and making it make little to no sense.

    After showing some executives, they hate it, so they plan to destroy the film. So Mel and Homer steal it and show it to Springfield- all of whom hate it because of the ending and the much violent aspect.

    Mel and Homer depart ways.

    A typical, very typical, Scully season episode. Homer works with a new celebrity "friend" and the rest of them are barely used. Very low on humor, also.
  • Season 11 Premiere

    One day when watching TV, Homer sees a commercial for a car that dosn't run on gas. The Simpsons take that car for a test drive, only because Homer wants the free gift that comes with the test drive. The gift turns out be tickets to a remake of "Mr. Smith goes to Washington". Everyone says the movie is great, except for Homer. Mel Gibson soon starts to change the movie with the help of Homer's advice. The final movie is a terrible mess, and the producers don't want it to see the light of day. But Mel grabs it and soon it hits theaters.

    This was a very funny episode. I loved the Robert Downey Jr joke, Homer and the dog with twitchy eyes, and much more.

    Overall Grade:A+/95%
  • Homer helps Mel Gibson fix Mr. Smith goes to Washington.

    Well where to begin with this episode? There were some great jokes in this episode like the pilot of the plane was John Trovolta, and the ending with the dog with the evil eyes was hilarious. Not to mention the revamped Mr. Smith Goes to Washington was just a hilarious and crazy parody of the original. Also, when Homer and Mel moon the movie directors, and Homergets hit by that car I couldn't stop laughing. IMO Mel Gibson was just a fantastic guest star because I think that he worked very well with the character that it Homer. In conclusion, solid episode B
  • great episode! The simpsons go to Hollywood!

    Season 11 is just one of the best seasons I have seen. This episode just makes it better. Its laughter for everyone, homer simpson making a movie is the best and the funniest, what does he know about making a movie. A dog with twitchy eyes. Also homer was the only one who rejected towards the film and to mel Gibson, the only one who was telling the truth because everyone else liked him but homer. Marge real liked him, so like the film or not Marge would comment on it as great. The best quote in this episode to me was when bart said to Marge" hey mum, take a photo so I can show milhouse at school" while driving round at high speed around Hollywood.
  • Episode with memorable jokes and a great storyline.

    The Episode begins with Homer watching TV and seeing a commercial for an electrical car, which if you buy you get two tickets to Mel Gibbson's Mr. Spitz Goes to Washington. Everybody loves the movie or pretends to love it except Homer who sends in a bad review on the comment card. So Mel Gibbson comes to go get Homer to go fix the ending of his movie because Mel feels nobody criticizes him because he is famous. Homer and Mel make Homer's vision of the ending and show it to the directors who try to stop them from showing it to the public. In the end everybody hates Homer's ending and everything is back to normal.
  • Homer Simpson and Mel Gibson team up to create the "worst ending ever" on a classic film.

    Homer sees the remake of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" and despises it because it has no action. Mel Gibson is disturbed by this revelation so he and Homer go to Hollywood and put action into the film. The ending turns out to be extremely violent and audiences hate it. The best parts in this episode were the electric car crashing into the water and killing the sea creatures and the violent ending was funny as well (it's funnier if you've seen the movie.) While being a great episode, it had a little too much bathroom humor for my taste.

    Grade: B
  • Beyond Mad Max

    At the screening of Mel Gibson’s new movie “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” in Springfield, Homer gives his comment about the movie, which Mel’s takes it very literally and edit the ending of the movie according to Homer (with blunder) in Hollywood. Cameo appearance by Comic Book Guy as an Internet spy in this episode was the best ever. The first act was tolerable with the electric car and the screening of the movie. The second act where Gibson and Homer retook the ending and showing it to the studio executives was the climax of the episode. Nothing much to say about the chasing scene expect for some gags here and there especially the billboard that say’s “I’m having a baby…again”. The ending was quite predictable but amusing. Travolta wasn’t doing much expect flying his jet for Gibson. The plot is centered on Gibson rather than blunder man Homer. Marge and the kids have no significance role in this one. Gibson just steals the show with gags form his movie.
  • A great episode

    I guess homer's restraining order fell apart as he is in this episode with mel gibson, helping him make a hilarious movie. one scene i believe is definitely worth mentioning is:

    homer: movies aren't stupid! they fill us with romance and hatred and revenge fantasies. lethal weapon taught us suicide was funny.
    gibson: that really wasn't my intention
    homer:and before lethal weapon 2, i didn't know there could be a bomb on my toilet. and now i check every time.
    marge: it's true, he does.
    gibson: movies really mean that much to you homer?
    homer:they're my only escape from the drudgeries of work and family (sees family). no offense.

    The laughs never stop and this is definitely the best possible episode to start season 11 off.