The Simpsons

Season 11 Episode 1

Beyond Blunderdome

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 1999 on FOX



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    • Mel Gibson: I'm getting too old for this crap.
      Homer: How old ARE you, anyway?
      Mel Gibson: Well, I've been told I can play anywhere from 28 to --
      Homer: Sheesh, sorry I asked.

    • Lisa: I'm proud of you dad! Buying an electric car will help clean the air and to protect the Earth's supply of…you're faking this to get the gift, aren't you?
      Homer: But I like the nice things you said about me.

    • Gibson: Come on, Homer; let's just give them the stupid movie!
      Homer: Movies aren't stupid. They fill us with romance and hatred and revenge fantasies. Lethal Weapon taught us that suicide is funny!
      Gibson: That really wasn't my intention . . .
      Homer: And before Lethal Weapon 2, I never thought there could be a bomb on my toilet and now I check every time!
      Marge: It's true, he does!
      Gibson: Movies really mean that much to you, Homer?
      Homer: They're my only escape from the drudgery of work and family. No offense!

    • Tour Guide: And on your left is the notorious spot where Hugh Grant . . .
      Marge: Eww.
      Tour Guide: . . . filmed the movie, Nine Months.
      Marge: Ewwwww!

    • Gibson: (reading Homer's review) Your movie is more boring than
      church. All you did was yak, yak, yak. You didn't even shoot anybody -- Damn! I knew it!

    • Marge: Homer, let's make love.
      Homer: Uh, okay. Uh, you're thinking about me, right?
      Marge: Of course, Homey. Aren't you thinking about me?
      Homer: I will now!

    • Homer: I don't get it, Mel. How can you be so calm and cool? My stomach's full of vomiting butterflies!

    • Homer: No time talk! Need steal car! Must save powerful but controversial movie!

    • Edward Christian: Who are you, anyway?
      Homer: Do the words "excecutive producer" mean anything to you?
      Mel Gibson: Excecutive producer?
      Homer: We'll talk.

    • Homer: Mel Gibson is just a guy, Marge, no different from me or Lenny.
      Marge: Were you or Lenny ever named "Sexiest man alive"?
      Homer: Hmm... I'm not that certain about Lenny.

    • Marge: Look! They're making a movie! Robert Downey Jr is shooting it out with the police!
      Bart: I don't see any cameras.

    • Mel Gibson: (Reading Prof. Frink's review) Liked it despite the abscence of flubber... Glaven?

    • Mel Gibson: John Travolta flew me over in his jet. Now I have to help him move next weekend. He deliberately waited until we were in the air to ask me.

    • Homer: Here comes two!

    • Gibson: I'm looking for Homer Simpson.
      Homer: And I've been looking for you too, pal.
      Bart: Pound him, dad!
      Lisa: Bart, don't!
      Bart: Quiet! Dad's gonna get his butt kicked by Mel Gibson. Knock his teeth out, Homer!

    • Homer: Well, that was a stinker.
      Marge: I liked it. It was nice to see a movie where people solved their problems with words instead of bullets and chasing.
      Homer: Oh, you're just saying that because your boyfriend was in it. I'll bet that you would have hated it if me and Lenny was Mr. Smith.
      Marge: Will you stop acting so jealous?

    • Marge: Hey, we never opened that envelope to see what our gift is.
      Homer: We didn't? That's odd. Seems like we would've done that right after we left the car place.
      Marge: I know, but we didn't.
      Homer: (holds up envelope) Well, here it is, so we can open it and find out now.
      Marge: Perfect!
      Homer: (opens the envelope, and pulls out two movie tickets) Aw, movie tickets -- that hardly seems worth destroying a car.

    • Marge: Boy, that quiet engine sure makes conversation a lot easier.
      Homer: Yeah, it's got a lot of other problems, too.
      Lisa: Look, Dad, you're heading for the harbor!
      Homer: Relax; we're in an electric car. (Homer drives off the pier, landing in the harbor. The car is unfazed.) See? Everything's fine. (gasps) Dolphins! (the dolphins swim too close to the car, and are zapped) Oopsie. (a group of mermaids swim up) Hi, girls! (they meet the same fate as the dolphins) Aw. (the family drives up onto dry land) Salt water seems to be good for it. (The car blows up.)

    • Saleswoman: Thinking of saying goodbye to gas?
      Bart: You betcha. (Burps)
      Marge: Bart! (Flatulent noise) Well, that shut me up.

    • Wolfcastle: Shut up, old lady! And stop kicking me there!

    • Anne Heche and Ellen Degeneres: We're lesbians!

    • John Travolta: Hurry up! Geez!

    • Mel Gibson: My problem is people love me so much, they never criticize me. I speed all the time, but the cops never pull me over. If I don't pay my taxes, the IRS pays them for me.
      Marge: Oh, you poor thing.
      Mel Gibson: It's Hell being Mel.

    • John Travolta: But you promised to help me move! Aw Jeez!

    • Gibson: You want me to replace the villain with a dog? I mean nobody will know what's going on.
      Homer: They will if you set up that the dog is evil. All you do is have to show him doing this. (lowers eyelids and glances around in shifty-eyed fashion) The people will suspect the dog.
      Gibson: Maybe this wasn't a good idea, Homer. I'm sorry I dragged you out here. Let me pay your bus fare home.
      Homer: Uh, uh, uh. Now here's your biggest problem of all.
      Gibson: The filibuster scene? That was Jimmy Stewart's favorite.
      Homer: And it was fine for the 1930s; the country was doing great back then. Everyone was into talking. But now, in whatever year this is, the audience wants action. And seats with beverage holders. But mainly action.
      Gibson: You really think it's boring?
      Homer: Oh, Mel, it's the most boring piece of garbage I've ever seen. And it's not easy for me to say that.
      Gibson: Hmm. I guess it is a little flat. Okay, let's reshoot the ending. I'll call the hair and makeup ladies, and you see if the Teamsters will work for free.
      Homer: Piece of cake. Now where's that kid with my latte?

    • Homer: Boring!
      Marge: It's not boring. He's passionate about government.
      Homer: At least the Jimmy Stewart version had the giant rabbit who ran the savings and loans.

  • Notes

    • Blackboard Joke: Fridays are not "Pants Optional."
      Couch Gag: The family runs in to see themselves from The Tracey Ullman Show.

  • Allusions

    • Homer: At least the Jimmy Stewart version had the giant rabbit who ran the savings and loans.
      Homer confuses three different films of James Stewart: the original Mr Smith Goes To Washington (1939), Harvey (1950) in which he talked to an imaginary rabbit, and It's a Wonderful Life (1946) in which Stewart's character runs a savings and loans bank.

    • Homer and Mel crash through a billboard advertising a movie called She's Having A Baby . . . Again! Presumably this is the sequel to the 1988 movie She's Having A Baby, starring Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth McGovern.

    • Title: Beyond Blunderdome
      This episode's title is a spoof of the 1985 film Mad Max 3: Beyond Thunderdome, in which Mel Gibson was the star.

    • Mel tossing away his U.S. Senator badge at the end of the Mr. Smith... remake is similar to Clint Eastwood tossing away his police badge at the end of the 1971 film Dirty Harry.

    • Homer: (sniffles) You had me at "hello."
      When Mel asks Homer to come to Hollywood, Homer echoes the famous line that Renee Zellwegger says to Tom Cruise in the 1996 film Jerry Maguire.

    • Mel: I'm getting too old for this crap.

      After their studio cart crashes, Mel says this to Homer. It is what Danny Glover often says to Mel in their Lethal Weapon films.

    • Rainier Wolfcastle is seen filming Saving Irene Ryan, a reference to both the 1998 film Saving Private Ryan and the actress Irene Ryan who starred as "Granny" in the television sitcom The Beverly Hillbillies.