The Simpsons

Season 3 Episode 21

Black Widower

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 1992 on FOX

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  • Due to her fear of never finding the right man and dying alone, Marge's sister Selma tells the family she found a new boyfriend through a prison pen pal program. That boyfriend is none other than Sideshow Bob.

    The second of many episodes to feature Robert Terwilliger is nothing short of hilarious. There is no shortage of laughs in this well written episode which is loaded with laughs. The Emmy awards ceremony where Sideshow Bob took home an Emmy will have you laughing from start to finish. There were some formula plot devices however. Bart being the only person who believes Bob has a devious plan and Bob swearing he is a changed man are two of them. As is the case with many Sideshow Bob episodes, those flaws are very easily overcome by the overall episode. Hysterical.
  • Sideshow Bob returns... to kill Selma!

    In this episode, Sideshow Bob returns for his second evil plot, this time his target is Bart's aunt Selma. Firstly, Bob appears to have changed for the better, making the family more comfortable when they decide to get married. Bart, throughout the whole episode, doesn't believe him, and he's right: He's actually trying to kill Selma, with an ingenius plan he'll put forth once they begin they're honeymoon together. This was a very funny episode throughout, as the suspicions became more and more obvious, from how Bob didn't want to make love to Selma, to how he went back up when the plan didn't go right exactly. I also liked how Bart figured out Bob's plan, showing that he can be smart when he wants to. Overall, a great episode. 10/10 A+
  • this was a good ep

    in this ep of the simpsons sidshow bob returns and he starts to make people he has changed and get people to thing he is a nice guy the only one he cant fool is bart and bart thinks he is up to something and he wants to find out when sideshow bob fall in love with selma bart thinks something is going on him and lisa try to figure it out when they find out bob has not changed and he wanted to murder selma for the money this was a good ep itought for the second bob ep
  • Second Bob Episode

    Selma decides to marry her prison pen-pal, who is none other then the infamous Sideshow Bob. Bob appears to have changed for the better, but Bart remains skeptical about the whole thing and thinks Bob is planning something big. In the end, Bart is right, and he tells the whole Simpson family Bob's plan was to murder Selma and get her money. In the end Bob goes back to jail and everything is better.

    Another good episode, I feel in the classic era Bob episodes are generally the best of their season. This one might not have been best of season 3, but it is great no doubt
  • The return of Bob is even better then the origin of Bob... Most defiantely a great episode!!!

    The Simpsons are set to have dinner with Aunt Selma and her new boyfriend, who they are forewarned is an ex-con; the man who arrives on Selma's arm is Bart's archenemy Sideshow Bob. During dinner, he relates the story of his time spent languishing at the Springfield prison: the cells are overcrowded, and his ChapStick is co-opted; he wins an Emmy, which is confiscated ("awards for excellence in entertainment are contraband"). He spent much time seething with desire to exact revenge on Bart, but after receiving Selma's response to his Prison Pen Pal ad, he is inspired to become a model prisoner and earns his release. Bob's tale of supposedly turning over a new leaf wins over the family, except Bart, who remains suspicious. Bob thanks Bart for putting him on the path which led him to Selma, and surprises the family by asking Selma to marry him. She eagerly accepts.

    Sideshow Bob makes an appearance at a Krusty the Clown telethon and makes amends; Lisa encourages Bart to be as forgiving as Krusty, but he refuses to believe Bob has changed. When Selma discovers that Sideshow Bob detests her beloved MacGyver and cannot hide his hatred, it is nearly a deal-breaker. Homer explains his solution for his and Marge's dissonant tastes in television: when Marge watches her non-violent programs, Homer goes out for drinks and returns "in the mood for love." Bob agrees to take a "vigorous constitutional" whenever Selma watches MacGyver.

    Most of Springfield appears to be in attendance at Selma and Bob's wedding, including derelict Police Chief Wiggum. Selma takes to videotaping her honeymoon with Bob, including his tirade over the omission of the hotel room fireplace he had requested. She retires one evening to watch MacGyver in their suite, and as Bob is downstairs having a drink, we see their hotel room explode behind him. Bob feigns a frantic phone call to the front desk about the "accident."

    Sideshow Bob makes his way back to the room to survey the damage, only to find Bart, very much alive, awaiting him. We discover that Selma too is unscathed, Bart having saved her life at the very last moment. Bob is apprehended by police, vowing to return as soon as the Democrats are back in power. Everyone thanks Bart for not losing his mistrust of Sideshow Bob.
  • Sideshow Bob returns

    This is my second favorite Bob episode (Cape Feare is the best one). Selma announces that she has a new date and his name is...Sideshow Bob! Bart is the only person who won't accept this because he's the only one who knows that Bob is still a bad guy. Sideshow Bob plans to kill Selma (for reasons I'm not aware of) but Bart prevents his plans from working out. Overall, this episode had a great storyline that made it dark yet humorous. The best parts were when clips of Sideshow Bob's horrible prison life and Sideshow Bob bashing McGyver right in front of Selma, reducing her to tears. This episode is a perfect component to a perfect season.

    Grade: A-
  • Sideshow Bob tries to kill Selma.

    When Selma's prison pen pal is released from prison, she invites him to meet her family. To Bart's horror, Selma's pen pal and new beau is Sideshow Bob. Sideshow Bob is acting nice, but Homer doesn't trust him. Sideshow Bob asks Selma to marry him. Selma marrys him and they go on a honey moon. Bart cannot help, but think something is wrong. He calls the cops on Bob right before he kills Selma. Bart explains Bob's plan. Sideshow Bob asked for a room with a fireplace. Selma lost her sense of smell in a bottle-rocket accident, and she would not be able to smell a gas leak. Bob would turn on the fireplace and the gas would leak out. Selma would lite a cigarette and it would blow up Selma, leaving Bob her life savings. Bob vows to get Bart back.
  • Sideshow Bob returns

    Patty and Selma come over to the Simpson house for dinner. Everyone, except Marge, is horrified and tries to flee. Unfortunately, they can't and are stuck with dinner with Patty and Selma. During dinner, Selma makes an announcement that she is in love with Sideshow Bob. This terrifies Bart who has had a traumatic experience with Bob before. The whole family tries to convince Selma to reconsider this before she marries Sideshow Bob. She ignores and happily marries Sideshow Bob, much to the chagrin of everyone else. Things seem to be fine until Bart and Lisa start to figure out Sideshow Bob's dastardly plan. Good episode with Sideshow Bob.
  • sideshow bob's second appearance

    this episode marks the second appearance of kelsey grammer, voice of Robert Underdunk Terwilliger, a.k.a Sideshow Bob. this episode would get a rating of 10 in this review, sideshow bob being a great character and this being a hilarious installment. however, the episode plot, although mysterious and humourous, missed one important aspect: motive. the episode never clearly reveals why sideshow bob wanted to kill bart's aunt. why not go after bart if it's for revenge? if not, why did he want to kill selma bouvier? apart from this plot hole, the moral of never losing your mistrust is obvious (since marge actually says that in the episode) and the jokes are more frequent than the first sideshow bob appearance in which the writers were too pre-occupied in getting the mystery solved within twenty-two minutes. all in all, black widower was a terrific episode.